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CBD Affiliate Program

What is the Binoid CBD Affiliate Program?
CBD Affiliate marketing is an easy way for anyone to earn income simply by introducing new customers to Binoid CBD. Those new customers can be your friends, family, or online/social network. When someone from your network makes a purchase on, we pay you a commission. It’s that simple!

How do I earn money as an affiliate partner?

As a Binoid CBD affiliate partner, you have unique access to many different brands and products for a great price to your network. Within our affiliate portal, we will provide you with a referral link and coupon code that is uniquely yours. Then, simply share your unique link and/or code with your network. You can share it via email, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, your website, blog, or any other social media network.

You can even share it offline by printing it on your business card or other printed materials. For every person who clicks on your unique affiliate link and/or uses your unique coupon code to make a CBD Oil purchase at, you receive a commission on that sale.

How much can I earn?
Binoid CBD’s affiliate program pays you 25% commission on every sale at that comes from someone using your unique affiliate link and/or 10% discount coupon code.

Can I offer Binoid CBD products at a discount?
Yes! As a Binoid CBD affiliate partner, you will receive an exclusive coupon code redeemable for 10% off all products at You will still earn your usual commission on sales using this coupon code.

How will I get paid?
Commissions are paid monthly via our tracking and payment system using the method of your choosing through our GoAff portal. You have two options for receiving your commission payments from us: Electronic Funds Transfer or PayPal.

How do I generate sales?
The best way to introduce new customers to Binoid CBD is to share your personal story and show how CBD is a part of your daily life, and how it changed you after using. Once your friends, family, and followers see how much you enjoy Binoid CBD products, they will feel more comfortable and confident to try it for themselves.

We have found that networking on social media brings a great return. Simply posting your affiliate link and coupon code in your instagram or social media bio with a link and images of Binoid CBD products gets many buyers attention. Use the 10% discount to your advantage! In fact, if you start selling enough products we can increase your discount over time for your customers. Feel free to use your personal story using CBD products, this is usually enough to start a conversation or motivate your audience to give it a try.

Each time they visit using your affiliate link or 10% discount code and make a purchase, you will earn a commission. The best part is you are helping people live a happier, healthier life with plant medicine.

What if I need help?
We are here to support you. We can provide you with various types of creative assets for your website and/or social media pages. You are also welcome to share our photos and content from Facebook, Instagram, or our blog, just be sure to tag us and give credit for the photos used where credit is due.

In addition, we send our affiliate partners regular emails with tips on creating content and generating sales. Please feel free to reach out to our Affiliate Marketing team anytime by email at 

Do I need to have a website?
No! Many affiliates are very successful in promoting their referral link or promo code in social media posts, emails, and similar outlets. Many of our affiliates create YouTube videos to share how they use Binoid CBD and include their links in the description below the video.

Do I have to buy and stock products?
No! All you have to do is send people to to buy, and we will do the rest, including fast and free shipping direct to the customer. If you are interested in becoming a wholesale partner to buy and resell large quantities in your retail or online store, please provide your contact information at and a member of our Client Relations team will contact you. Our brands and products are trusted in over 30,000 retail stores and locations worldwide! 

Where do I sign up?
Just click the button below and create your account and you’re ready to go!

A few restrictions: We do not pay affiliate commissions on wholesale orders. You cannot earn commissions on orders for your own personal use. We are unable to manually credit commissions, so it is imperative to ensure that your referrals are using your link or promo code every time they place an order. Additionally, we do not accept use of coupon code hacking on coupon code websites.


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  1. Hey I am a affiliate for binoid is this the same company, or should I create a second account here

    1. Hi! You would create a second account here so it can be tracked separately!

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