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Exotic THCA Flower vs. Exotic THCA Snowballs

At Bloomz, we’ve seen firsthand just how successful THCA flower has become, and it’s easy to see why.  THCA flower offers a product chemically identical to marijuana, while being totally legal.  And, of course, as more and more consumers of cannabis are craving high-potency solutions to their needs, we’ve proudly debuted our exotic THCA snowballs, which take THCA levels to outstanding heights. 

Today, we want to compare exotic THCA flower to exotic THCA snowballs, as they naturally share a lot of things in common, and yet have some major differences that we need to point out for the sake of our customers being able to make an informed decision.  


Contender #1: Exotic THCA Flower

THCA, or tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in fresh, undried cannabisHowever, THCA naturally converts into delta 9 THC when it undergoes a process known as decarboxylation, in which the raw cannabinoid is exposed to enough heat for its chemical structure to change.  

Of all of the different kinds of THCA products out there, THCA flower has become the most successful, thanks to it being chemically identical to weed – all while being federally legal because of an overlooked legal loophole.  See, federal law restricts delta 9 THC in hemp products, but not THCA – the cannabinoid that, in its raw form, also makes up a large portion of raw marijuana flowers.

So, what does this mean? It means that THCA flower gets you high like marijuana, as smoking, vaping, cooking, or otherwise heating it to the threshold temperature turns THCA into delta 9 THC.  Exotic THCA flower is specially bred and cultivated to yield above-average THCA levels, compared to what you’d ordinarily find in raw hemp buds.

So, what makes some THCA flower “exotic?”  Exotic THCA flower is a category that basically translates to the highest level of quality possible.  Basically, “exotic” means that companies employ a small-batch approach, growing it indoors using the most meticulous levels of care possible.  In terms of breeding, the lineages of exotic buds are genetically superior, with prestigious names in their family tree, so to speak.  Exotic flower is also characterized by its phenomenal terpene count, which means better and stronger flavor and aroma.

Still, the term does have some rules attached to it, or else a company technically can’t call their flower “exotic.”  Basically, exotic THCA flower must adhere to specific standards from the time the seeds are planted to how the flower is trimmed.  Genetics must be exceptional, and each plant must be given extremely thoughtful care.  The aroma must be outstanding, and the buds must be visually larger and have a solid trichome count in order to be classified as exotic.

Key Pros & Cons


  • Maximum quality control that yields bigger, more flavorful/aromatic, and more potent buds.
  • Bred from some of the most prestigious strains of all-time.
  • Perfect for anyone seeking out flower that’s as similar to marijuana as possible.
  • A good “entry-level” choice compared to snowballs, due to the more manageable potency level.


  • Potency is comparable to weed flower, which is not a bad thing in any regard, but ultimately, those who want a more potent high will likely gravitate toward snowballs. 

Contender #2: Exotic THCA Snowballs

Now, we’ve discussed the basics on exotic THCA flower, but what about exotic THCA snowballs?  THCA snowballs are a new addition to the market, developed specifically to appease the growing number of cannabis enthusiasts who want stronger effects than what ordinary flower can provide.

THCA flower snowballs (also known as snow caps) are THCA flower buds that have been rolled in crushed up THCA diamonds, which coats each bud in an even layer of pure tetrahydrocannabinolic acid.  Naturally, this increases the potency of the product by a whole lot, since tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, as we all know, becomes delta 9 THC once it’s heated.

THCA flower snowballs ultimately taste and smell identical to the THCA flower buds we covered in the last section, and that’s because cannabinoids have no flavor or aroma qualities to influence the product.  And, as for their name, that’s pretty self-explanatory: these diamond-coated buds look they’re covered in snow, since THCA diamonds are naturally crystalline, and grinding them up gives them a snow-like appearance.  These concentrates are sought after for their high potency and purity, offering a concentrated form of THCA that can be used in various ways, including smoking, vaping, dabbing, or as an addition to other cannabis products to increase potency.

Getting to the “exotic” part, exotic THCA snowballs are simply snowballs that are made with exotic THCA flower buds instead of standard buds.  This means that the flower buds adhere to the same standards described earlier that distinguish “exotic” from other classifications of hemp.  So, THCA snowballs are the superior snowballs when they’re exotic, in that they have higher quality levels, better aroma and flavor, stronger effects, more aesthetic value, and come in some of the most exquisite strains you can find in the world.

So, are THCA snowballs that much more potent than regular flower?  The answer, without a doubt, is yes.  THCA snowballs can boast an amazing 50-70% THCA, compared to regular buds that typically don’t exceed 30% – and even 30% is phenomenally strong compared to the median 20% or so that we’ve seen on average over the last couple of decades.  So, with that being said, THCA snowballs are best saved for those who do have a very high THC tolerance.

Key Pros & Cons:


  • Still giving you exotic-level quality for maximum satisfaction in terms of flavor, aroma, potency, strain choices, etc.
  • Incredible potency level that’s much higher than what is possible with standard flower buds.
  • Beautiful aesthetically speaking, as the buds look like they’re covered in snow.
  • Still an all-natural, 100% hemp-derived product.
  • Remains legal under federal law due to a lack of restrictions regarding THCA levels in hemp products.


  • The potency may be too high for some individuals.
  • Easier to end up with a fake product, as what may be advertised as THCA diamond dust could be another type of ingredient altogether, or very poorly extracted THCA diamonds.  Thankfully, choosing a reputable brand to buy from means this won’t be an issue.

Which Flower Product Will You Decide On?

THCA flower and THCA snowballs both give you nothing but pure hemp compounds in their most natural forms, and even offer the high of delta 9 THC in a way that’s totally legal.  But, you have to keep in mind that THCA snowballs are going to get you a lot more stoned than standard buds, so it’s best to use them only if you have a high THC tolerance. 

Here at Bloomz, we’ve got both THCA Flower and THCA Snowballs, and both come in exotic variations so that you can savor the best quality possible.  Explore our THCA flower products and much more, to treat yourself to only the best-quality flower you can find online.


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