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Indoor THCA Flower vs. Indoor THCA Snowballs: Which Is Better?

THCA flower has undoubtedly become a huge deal on the hemp market, offering a legal way to enjoy what’s ultimately no different from weed flower.  And, as you may have noticed, the market is evolving to offer more options than ever before, including the latest addition to Bloomz catalog: THCA snowballs.  

Now, one of the many things about the flower products at Bloomz that makes us stand out is the fact that all of our products are cultivated indoors – that includes THCA flower buds and THCA snowballs.  Today, we’ll be explaining the differences between the two, while shedding light on the reasons why indoor-grown is the way to go.


Contender #1: Indoor THCA Flower

THCA flower is flower that is high in THCA, or tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in fresh, undried cannabis.  Maybe you’ve only heard of THCA recently, but you probably didn’t know that it’s actually the dominant chemical compound you’re handling when you have marijuana in your hand.  It;s when the flower is heated that you end up with THC.

Basically, the THCA in flower becomes delta 9 when you smoke it, vape it, or otherwise heat it, like when you’re making edibles.  And, hemp-derived THCA flower is the same as weed in terms of its chemical makeup, while being federally legal due to the fact that unlike delta 9 THC, THCA is not restricted by US law.

So, where does THCA flower come from, if it’s not marijuana?  THCA flower is specially bred from industrial hemp plants, and cultivated to yield above-average THCA levels, compared to what you’d ordinarily find in raw hemp buds.

Indoor THCA flower simply means THCA flower that’s grown indoors, rather than outdoors or in a greenhouse.  And, it’s not like industrial hemp can’t be grown outdoors, as it has been for thousands of years.  The reason why indoor growing is a thing is because not every cannabis grower is lucky enough to live in a climate that is perfect for growing cannabis, so that its flowers can reach their full potential.  

Each breed of cannabis (aka its strain) has unique requirements when it comes to factors like heat, humidity, sunlight, and soil quality.  And, it’s very rare that cannabis cultivators live in a climate that can accommodate all of the strains they wish to grow.

Indoor cultivators are treated to all kinds of benefits over growing outdoors, as you might imagine.  An indoor growing environment can be automated to supply each strain with precisely what it needs to not only thrive, but exceed expectations in terms of cannabinoid development, bud size, trichome count, and more.  Basically, indoor-grown flower is viewed as superior when it comes to quality, because the environment is artificially manipulated to produce better-quality buds overall.

Key Pros & Cons:


  • Indoor growing practices allow for more control over the outcome of the flower, and it can accommodate a wider array of strains.
  • Indoor-grown THCA flower may be more cost-effective, as the process of growing indoors can cut down on costs and waste due to a more predictable and easily manipulated growing environment.
  • Indoor-grown THCA flower is ideal for beginners and moderate flower users who don’t have an incredibly high tolerance to THC, as snowballs are far more potent than standard buds.


  • Anyone craving an above-average THC level may prefer indoor THCA snowballs over indoor THCA flower.

Contender #2: Indoor THCA Snowballs

We’ve covered what indoor-grown THCA flower is, so what are snowballs?  Snowballs are a pretty new addition to the market, and it exist to serve the growing population of cannabis enthusiasts seeking higher potency levels while still enjoying the natural effects of flower.  

THCA flower snowballs (also known as snow caps) refer to THCA flower buds that are rolled in finely crushed THCA diamonds, and so each bud has a nice coating of pure THCA.  THCA diamonds are the purified form of THCA, so basically, each bud is like a mega-dose of THC.  Like the THCA in the flower, the THCA diamond coating turns into pure delta 9 when it’s smoked, vaporized, or otherwise heated.

THCA diamonds look like crystals (hence the name), because purifying cannabinoids turns them into a crystalline form, and grinding them up gives them a snow-like appearance, which is why snowballs are aptly named.  Diamonds are sought after for their high potency and purity, by delivering a pure form of THCA that can be used in various ways, including smoking, vaping, dabbing, or as an addition to other cannabis products to increase potency – like flower.  

You’ll notice that THCA snowballs have the same flavor and aroma as THCA flower buds described above, since cannabinoids do not smell or taste like anything.  They are the same size, and sold by weight, just like regular buds.

Now, as you probably guessed, indoor THCA snowballs are just snowballs made with indoor-grown THCA flower – the same flower we just described above.  This means that the industrial hemp was cultivated indoors, using a climate-controlled setup to yield the best buds possible, before rolling those buds up in pure THCA diamonds. 

snowballs’ claim to fame is that their THCA potency is far higher than what you’d get in regular buds.  

Snowballs can yield an unbelievable 50-70% THCA, compared to regular buds that typically don’t exceed 30% – and even 30% is phenomenally strong compared to the more average 20% or so that we’ve seen at a steadier level over the last couple of decades.  So, with that being said, THCA snowballs are best saved for those who do have a very high THC tolerance.

Key Pros & Cons


  • Still giving you indoor-level quality for maximum satisfaction in terms of flavor, aroma, potency, strain choices, etc.
  • Incredible potency level that’s much higher than what is possible with standard flower buds.
  • Beautiful aesthetically speaking, as the buds look like they’re covered in snow.
  • Still an all-natural, 100% hemp-derived product.
  • Still legal under federal law due to a lack of restrictions regarding THCA levels in hemp products.


  • The potency may be too high for some individuals.
  • Easier to end up with a fake product, as what may be advertised as THCA diamond dust could be another type of ingredient altogether, or very poorly extracted THCA diamonds.  Thankfully, choosing a reputable brand to buy from means this won’t be an issue.

Indoor Growing Brings the Best Out of Both THCA Flower and THCA Snowballs

THCA flower has really evolved in the last couple of years, implementing more advanced growing practices such as the implementation of automated indoor cultivation equipment, and inspiring new takes on flower, such as ultra-potent snowballs.  At Bloomz, we strongly believe that indoor-grown is the way to go, which is why you’ll find both our flower and snowballs have been grown in our pristine indoor facility.  Our flower comes in top-tier strains, and it’s always sold fresh.  Check out Bloomz THCA Flower and Snowballs today!

Indoor-grown THCA flower is ideal for beginners and moderate flower users who don’t have an incredibly high tolerance to THC, as snowballs are far more potent than standard buds. THCA Snowballs incredible potency level that’s much higher than what is possible with standard flower buds. Still giving you indoor-level quality for maximum satisfaction in terms of flavor, aroma, potency, strain choices, etc.


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