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Wholesale Exotic THCA Pre-Rolls In Bulk

Exotic THCA flower is more than just a trend, as it offers a convenient way to indulge in THCA flower – that is, hemp flower that yields high THCA concentrations – while being treated to exotic standards, which means better genetics and higher overall quality.  Now, if you’re a heavy flower user, you’re going to want to pay attention, because we’re going to talk all about how to buy exotic THCA pre-rolls in bulk and save money at the same time.


What Should I Look for in Exotic THCA Pre-Rolls Before Buying in Bulk?

Exotic THCA pre-rolls are starting to pop up more and more, but that doesn’t mean that all of them are worth your money and energy.  But, remember that each online retailer has their own standards when it comes to growing, harvesting, and even rolling their flower, all of which can affect the outcome of your experience.  Not only that, but exotic flower must adhere to even stricter standards than regular flower.  Let’s take a look at the indicators that you’re getting the finest exotic THCA pre-rolls out there in 2024.

#1: Third-Party Lab Reports

Of course, like all hemp-derived products, you really want to peep those third-party lab reports before buying pre-rolls.  Third-party lab-testing allows manufacturers to give customers a guarantee that their flower adheres to strict safety and purity standards, while looking at things like the potency of THCA in the buds, the product’s safety, and the list of terpenes and cannabinoids found in the strain.  These lab reports should be easy to find on the brand’s website, so really make sure that you read them to know precisely what you’re getting before you go to checkout.

#2: Great Strain Options 

Exotic THCA pre-rolls come in a wide spectrum of strains, just like all flower products.  Basically, there’s no reason to settle for a strain that doesn’t suit you, when there’s always another brand out there that’s carrying strains that will capture what it is you’re looking for, in terms of not only effects, but flavor.  Look around until you find exactly what you’re looking for, because it’s out there if you look hard enough.

#3: Organic Hemp

One of the more overlooked factors is whether or not the hemp is organic, and that’s something that’s actually more important than a lot of people realize.  After all, we’re sure you don’t want to be consuming pesticides each time you enjoy some fresh exotic THCA pre-roll.  Most companies say on their website that they’re using organic hemp, and you can always contact the company to ask for more clarity if need be.

#4: Positive Exotic THCA Pre-Rolls Reviews

Even if an online company promises that they’re producing only the finest and freshest THCA pre-rolls, you always want to look for another opinion, and that’s why reviews are so incredibly valuable.  Check out the reviews to learn more about a company from the perspective of consumers.  Of course, if you hear claims that the THCA flower are subpar in any way, consider going with another brand.

#5: Excellent Value

Of course, if you’re going to be buying exotic THCA pre-rolls in bulk, you really want to make sure that the price is right.  Stocking up on pre-rolls that are overpriced simply isn’t worth it.  See what the company’s bulk options are, and compare them to make sure you’re getting solid value.

#6: Freshness Exotic THCA Pre-Rolls

Companies that have a low exotic THCA pre-rolls  product turnover rate, in which flower takes a long time to sell, can disappoint in the effectiveness department.  Flower won’t be effective if it’s not fresh, and it’s only really fresh for 6-12 months.  After that point, the compounds begin to degrade, which means weaker effects and flavor.

How Can You Buy Exotic THCA Pre-Rolls in Bulk?

Sure, you might find premium exotic pre-rolls on the market, but not all companies let you buy in bulk at a great price.  Fortunately, a lot of  companies do, but sometimes, you reach out to ask them directly.  Most of the time, THCA flower is sold by weight – 3.5g, 7g, 28g, etc. – and the key is finding a company that will sell you flower in a higher weight, with a reduced price per ounce for making a bulk purchase.  If you’re ever unclear as to whether or not that option is available, simply reach out to a company as they’ll be able to clarify whatever you need.

Buy Exotic THCA Pre-Rolls in Bulk at Bloomz!

The THCA flower at Bloomz now comes in pre-roll form, and we offer many exotic options for those seeking something a bit extra special.  As always, you’ll be able to look at our lab reports, while exploring some of the absolute best strains in the world.  And, best of all, you can grab them in bulk at a fantastic price, to enjoy loads of freshly rolled bud while saving money.  Don’t miss out on our bulk purchase deals to treat yourself to the volume you desire!

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