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THCA Snowballs Wholesale and Bulk

THCA snowballs have become an instant must-try on the hemp scene, consisting of THCA flower buds rolled in THCA diamond dust for incredible potency.  And, fans of flower are absolutely obsessed, seeking out snowballs rather than ordinary buds nowadays.  Now, if you’re the kind of partaker who goes through a lot of snowballs, then you might want to consider finding an online brand that sells in bulk, so you can save money.


What Should I Look for in THCA Snowballs Before Buying in Bulk?

It’s easier than ever nowadays to find companies who carry THCA snowballs, with demand growing by the day, and more companies releasing their own.  Still, factors like how the snowballs is cultivated, processed, harvested, cured, and packaged all impact quality, and the quality and purity of the diamonds also matter.  Let’s take a look at the indicators that you’re getting only high-grade snowballs now.

#1: Third-Party Lab Reports

As always, take the time to check those third-party lab reports.  Third-party lab-testing allows customers to have a guarantee that their snowballs follow the important safety and quality standards, while looking at things like the potency of THCA in the snowballs, the product’s safety, and the list of terpenes and cannabinoids found in the strain.  These lab reports should be easy to locate on any company’s website, so really make sure that you read them to know precisely what you’re getting before you add to cart.

#2: Great THCA Snowball Strain Options 

THCA snowballs come in a variety of strains, just like any other kind of flower.  So, don’t think that you have to settle for strains that doesn’t actually grasp what kind of high you’re looking to achieve.  There’s always another brand out there that’s carrying strains that will capture what it is you’re looking for, in terms of both flavor and dominant effects.  Look at different brands to see the full scope of what’s out there, strain-wise.

#3: Organic Hemp

One thing that a lot of people don’t even know to look for is whether or not the hemp was grown organically.  But, we’re sure you don’t want to be consuming pesticides each time you enjoy some fresh THCA snowballs bud.  Most companies will happily tell you on their website or not they’re using organic hemp, and you can always contact the company if you have any additional questions.

#4: Positive THCA Snowballs Reviews

Even if an online company promises that they’re making premium snowballs, you should seek out a second opinion, and that’s why reviews are so incredibly valuable.  Check out the reviews to find out more about a company from the perspective of consumers.  Of course, if you hear claims that the THCA snowballs are subpar in any way, consider another retailer altogether.

#5: Excellent Value

Of course, if you’re going to be buying in bulk, you really want to make sure that the price is right.  Grabbing a ton of THCA snowballs that end up being excessively expensive just isn’t worth it.  See what the company’s bulk options are, and compare them to make sure you’re getting a great deal.

#6: THCA Flower Freshness

Companies that have a low product turnover rate, in which snowballs take forever to move, can disappoint in the effectiveness department. THCA snowballs have to be sold fresh to be effective, with an averageshelf life of 6-12 months.  After that point, the compounds begin to degrade, which means weaker effects and flavor.

How Can You Buy THCA Snowballs in Bulk?

Finding quality THCA snowballs is important, but what about ones that are sold in bulk, at a decent price?  The good news is that many companies do provide bulk-buying options, but sometimes, you have to ask.  In most cases, THCA snowballs are sold according to weight – 3.5g, 7g, 28g, etc. – and the key is finding a company that will sell you snowballs in a higher weight, with a reduced price per ounce as a nice perk.  If you’re ever unclear as to whether or not that option is available, simply reach out to a company as they’ll be able to provide you with all the info you need to know.

Buy THCA Snowballs Wholesale in Bulk at Bloomz!

Bloomz is proud to make our own top-shelf THCA snowballs in bulk options for those who want to save.  Our snowballs are made with organic hemp, and come in tons of strains while having undergone strict third-party testing for quality assurance.  If you want exceedingly high quality levels without breaking the bank, Bloomz is a good choice.

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