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Apple Fritter Cannabis Strain Review

If you’re all about those balanced hybrid strains, then Apple Fritter is a must on your list of cultivars to try.  There’s a reason why this strain is hugely successful, and even well-liked by people dealing with everything from mood swings to chronic pain – not to mention insomnia.  It’s also a tasty strain, as you probably guessed from its name.  

Let’s look at Apple Fritter more closely, since we’re certain your mouth will be watering in no time.


What is Apple Fritter Cannabis?

Apple Fritter is a true hybrid – aka a cultivar that’s 50% sativa/50% indica.  It comes from crossing Sour Apple with Animal Cookies, a pairing that you can imagine offers a flavor profile that’s out of this world.  The strain made the High Times’ 2016 list of
“World’s Strongest Strains”, which’s no surprise as it yields about 25%-28% THC, usually on the higher side.  So, keep that in mind if you’re a bit of a newbie who hasn’t yet built up a strong tolerance to THC.

What Does Apple Fritter Look Like?

An attractive bud, Apple Fritter has nugs that are in the shape of spades, somewhat large and boasting a deep, dark and rich olive-green color with waves of rich purple throughout.  Bright, almost neon orange hairs speckle the buds along with a very thin layer of frosty white trichome crystals.

What Does Apple Fritter Taste and Smell Like?

With a name like Apple Fritter strain, you know you’re in for a treat.  And considering its parents, it’s no surprise that this baby tastes absolutely divine.  You’ll savor notes of big, bright and juicy apples cooked in sugar until stewed to perfection, paired with a nutty and creamy cake-like undertone that offers waves of rich vanilla.  The result is a flavor that is extremely dessert-like, and great for those with a sweet tooth.  The aroma is extremely similar to the flavor, although it has stronger notes of fresh herbs that add to its fragrant appeal.

What is the High Like From Apple Fritter Strain?

It takes just about no time for Apple Fritter to do its thing.  And, believe us when we say, the high is potent and fast-acting, knocking you off your feet shortly after exhaling.  Immediately, there’s a distinctive lifting effect that makes you forget about whatever was bothering you when you first reached for it.  In no time, you’ll be riding the wave of euphoria that makes you feel like body and mind are vibrating at a higher frequency.

The body high comes in quite early, in fact, starting with a warm and tingly body sensation that makes you lose all awareness of pain and tension in the muscles.  At this point, you’ll feel like nothing can bring you down, with feelings of stress and depression melting away.  If you enjoy this cultivar at nighttime, you’re very likely to fall asleep, as after a certain point, it becomes difficult to hold onto any thoughts.  We don’t recommend this strain for socializing, because things do get quite hazy, which can make it hard to interact with people in a coherent way.

Overall, we recommend Apple Fritter for individuals who:

  • Want stress relief
  • Want pain relief
  • Want better sleep
  • Want a very potent strain
  • Want a good evening/nighttime strain
  • Want to partake alone
  • Want to quiet their mind
  • Want a warm and tingly body high
  • Want a deeply tasty dessert-like flavor

What is it Like to Grow Apple Fritter Cannabis Strain?

Apple Fritter is a medium-sized plant known for its bushy and dense structure.  It’s a plant that needs to be topped regularly, and even improves with low-stress training.  Overall, its flowering time is 9-10 weeks, and its yield can be very impressive.

If you’re going to grow Apple Fritter outdoors, count on mid-October for harvest.  Typically, when grown outdoors, it yields about 16 ounces per plant, but keep in mind that’s only if the conditions are ideal, as this strain prefers a hot and humid environment with plenty of sun.

Of course, you can also grow it inside, to control its surroundings.  With indoor growing, you can get about 13 ounces per yard.  Just keep in mind that this strain is susceptible to pests and fungal diseases, so keep an eye on it. 

Apple Fritter: As Appetizing as a Freshly Baked Treat

Apple Fritter is a fantastic choice for anyone who wants a very powerful hybrid strain that can knock out stress, discomfort, racing thoughts and pretty much any other problem you may have.  And, its flavor really takes its appeal to a whole new level.  Quickly becoming one of the most sought-after cultivars of all time, you can enjoy it at Bloomz in a flower form to get as much satisfaction out of it as possible in either THCA Flower, Delta 8 Flower, THC-P Flower, or HHC Flower.


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