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Best Cannabis Strains For Occasional Weed Smokers?

If you’re the type of cannabis user that partakes occasionally but isn’t a heavy user, you’re in luck.  We’re going to talk about those perfect “middle-ground” strains that are good for someone with a decent tolerance, who isn’t ready to get totally obliterated, but still wants something substantial.  We’ll be highlighting 5 of the best strains on the planet for occasional users, so hang tight as each one really has something special to offer.


Why the Cannabis Strain is Such a Big Deal 

People who don’t have a lot of experience with cannabis may underestimate just how much the strain you pick can affect the outcome of your high.  But, if you choose the wrong strain for your needs, you’ll know.  Each cannabis strain has a unique profile of cannabinoids and terpenes, and this is why each strain’s dominant effects are different, whether they be more energizing or sedating, more social or introspective, etc.

This is why two strains can feel very different from each other, and even taste drastically different from one another.  There are three key types of strains.  Sativa strains are more energizing and focus-enhancing, while indica strains are more body-heavy and sedating.  Hybrid strains come from crossing a sativa and indica, and so you get a balance between the two.

As you probably know, it’s easy to choose the wrong strain by accident.  For instance, if you’re looking for a strain that can help you get better sleep at night, an ultra-potent, energizing sativa may be the wrong choice.  The good news is that today’s market makes it easy to learn about a strain before buying it, with an abundance of information available online so you can have a strong idea of what to expect in terms of effects, potency, and flavor.

Top 5 Cannabis Strain Picks for Occasional Enthusiasts 

Now, let’s go over 5 strains that are good choices for anyone who partakes occasionally, and wants to enjoy their high while keeping their tolerance in mind.  These 5 strains are all top-shelf, meaning that they’re the best of the best in terms of quality, flavor, and effectiveness.

Occasional Weed Smoker Strains #5: Apple Jack 

Let’s start out with Apple Jack, the perfect 50/50 hybrid.  This strain has serious crowd-pleasing appeal, not to mention a sublime candied apple flavor.  Its parents are absolute icons, Jack Herer with White Widow.  Its moderate 20% THC is manageable, yet totally capable of giving you the high that you’re looking for.

The balanced, soothing high enhances your ability to feel creative and focused, all while promoting feelings of utter relaxation and calm in the body and mind.  Rather than feeling overstimulated, you’ll feel alert, aware, and completely optimistic in your ability to take on projects and partake in artistic pursuits.  It never gets too sedating, so you can stay in the moment, but your body will feel absolutely at ease while your mind soars above the clouds.

Try: Bloomz THCA Flower in Apple Jack

Occasional Weed Smoker Cannabis Strains #4: Blue Dream

Blue Dream is one of the most popular strains ever, since it seems to appeal to pretty much anyone who gets their hands on it.  Its flavor of fresh blueberries is delicious and distinctive, while being a 60% sativa-dominant hybrid.  It comes from crossing together Blueberry and Haze, and its balanced high is something that users can’t get enough of, always aiming to keep some on hand.

With about 20-24% THC, the high can be quite potent, and unbelievably balanced.  People say that Blue Dream makes them feel both uplifted and relaxed, focused and giddy, and very creatively minded.  It’s a soothing strain that eases the mind and body without causing couchlock, so that you can easily finish whatever it is that you started.

Try: Bloomz Delta 8 THC Flower in Blue Dream

Occasional Weed Smoker Cannabis Strains #3: Guava Cookies 

A particularly tasty strain is Guava Cookies, which is a 70% sativa-dominant hybrid that yields a moderately high 20-22% THC, and a cross between Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) and C99 Pineapple Willy.  It tastes like delicious sugar cookies slathered in sweet guava jam, which alone makes it a strain everyone should try at least once.

Guava Cookies is a great strain for anyone looking to feel uplifted and alert, offering mood-balancing euphoria along with a boost in motivation and concentration.  While the high does eventually get sort of lazy, the first couple of hours can give you major artistic inspo before lulling you into a state of physical tranquility.

Try: Bloomz THCA Flower in Guava Cookies 

Occasional Weed Smokers Cannabis Strain #2: Monster Cookies

Monster Cookies is an 80% indica-dominant hybrid that hits the spot in more ways than one.  It offers up 21% THC, and it’s a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Grand Daddy Purp, two of the best-selling strains of all time.  It has a flavor profile of freshly baked sugar cookies and juicy grapes, and that’s not surprising considering its parents.

The high is definitely a hazy one, with a warm and tingly feeling that starts in the forehead.  The tingling spreads throughout the body, relieving every muscle of tension, and leaving you feeling totally stoned without causing actual couchlock.  It never gets too lazy, but you will notice a feeling of blissful calm that lasts for a couple of hours.

Try: Bloomz HHC Flower in Monster Cookies

Occasional Weed Smoker Cannabis Strain #1: Green Goblin

Green Goblin is a cross between Skunk #1 and Northern Lights, and a 65% sativa-leaning hybrid with lots and lots of happy customers.  It’s potent in its psychoactive effects, as it’s got 24% THC.  It’s known for its powerful cerebral effects that can make you feel like you’re spaced out, but before it gets there, you’ll be treated to a long-lasting blast of euphoria and alertness that helps you complete all kinds of tasks with a sense of optimism.

We want to mention out that Green Goblin can be a very giggly strain, meaning that you’ll likely find yourself feeling giddy as you enjoy a nice, big boost.  In terms of its flavor, you’ll notice a sweet and earthy taste that’s very pungent, as is its aroma, which is in no doubt related to the influence of its skunkier parent.

Try: Bloomz Delta 8 THC Flower in Green Goblin

If You’re a Cannabis Dabbler, These Cannabis Strains Have Got You Covered 

Anyone who likes to enjoy some cannabis from time to time will love treating themselves to these 5 exceptional strains that are never overwhelming, but still deliver a nice, moderate high, complete with satisfying effects and delicious flavor.  At Bloomz, you can get your hands on these 5 standout cultivars and many, many more.


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