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Best Cannabis Strains For Frequent Weed Smokers In 2024

Some of us cannabis enthusiasts don’t partake all day every day, but still use it frequently – like every weekend, or a couple of hits before we hit the hay.  If you fall into this category, you’re going to love our list of strains for frequent enthusiasts.  We’re covering 5 great strains that can satisfy you as someone with a developed cannabis tolerance, who doesn’t necessarily want the most intense strains out there, but still wants to ride a nice wave of psychoactive goodness.


Why the Cannabis Strain is Such a Big Deal 

If you’re not someone who’s really dove into strains before, you don’t know what you’re missing out on.  The truth is that each strain of cannabis is totally one-of-a-kind through its distinctive profile of cannabinoids and terpenes, which can vary quite a bit.  The result is a variety of strains (aka cultivars) which each have their own dominant effects, whether those be sleep-enhancing, energy-boosting, creativity-inspiring, etc.

This is why two strains can feel very different from each other, and even taste drastically different from one another.  There are three key types of strains.  Sativa strains are more energizing and focus-enhancing, while indica strains are more body-heavy and sedating.  Hybrid strains come from crossing a sativa and indica, and so you get a balance between the two.

Many of us have, at some point, chosen the wrong strain by mistake.  Maybe we were looking for a strain to help us feel nice and sedated at nighttime, and thus, ended up with a powerfully energizing sativa.  The good news is that today’s market makes it easy to learn about a strain before buying it, with an abundance of information available online so you can have a strong idea of what to expect in terms of effects, potency, and flavor.

Without wasting any time, let’s dive right into our top picks for strains that frequent users will absolutely love.  These strains all boast top-shelf status and are certain to satisfy your needs beyond belief.

Frequent Weed Smoker Cannabis Strain #1: Kush Cake 

Kush Cake is a magnificent 65% indica-dominant hybrid that is the offspring of Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie, so if you’re a fan of both of them, you know you’re in for a treat.  It’s just as delicious as the name implies, offering the taste of rich and sweet fluffy cake soaked in a lemon glaze, with notes of mint, spices, and cherries.  

This strain is incredibly euphoric, and that’s a big part of its popularity.  It offers 22-24% THC, which will get you plenty high, and you’ll find yourself feeling like nothing can bring you down, while a feeling of utter tranquility brings you into a state of couchlock before long.

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Frequent Using Strain #4: Northern Lights

If you’ve never had the pleasure of sampling the legend that is Northern Lights, you absolutely must try it.  It’s one of the few 100% indica strains that can compete with the new wave of hybrids dominating the market.  It’s made through the crossing of Afghani landrace strains, and it offers THC levels that hover around 16-21%.  It has a sweet, citrusy, and earth flavor that longtime enthusiasts can recognize right away, and it delivers when it comes to the indica effects that so many people are seeking out to help them find a sense of peace and tranquility.

Northern Light’s body high can absolutely knock you out, allowing you to feel incredibly relaxed from head to toe, while the mind remains in a state of calm euphoria.  It’s perfect for those who want a nighttime strain that can send them into pure, sleepy bliss.

Try: Bloomz THC-P Flower in Northern Lights

Frequent Weed Smoker Cannabis Strain #3: Gelato 

A 55/45 hybrid that keeps selling out in dispensaries is Gelato, a favorite of all time.  Its flavor is outstanding by design, tasting like freshly churned gelato with swirls of berries.  It’s got a 20% THC level, and its parents are Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, which are intensely popular in their own rights.

As for the high, it’s super heady in nature, delivering a calm and breezy euphoria that makes you feel blissful.  The body high is equally relaxing and can even give you major soothing effects from head to toe that can wipe out any discomfort without making you totally unmovable.

Try: Bloomz THCA Flower Pre-Rolls in Gelato

Frequent Weed Smoker Cannabis Strain #2: Platinum OG

The offspring of OG Kush, Master Kush, and an unknown cultivar, Platinum OG is above-average in its potency, with 21-24% THC.  It’s a 75% indica-dominant hybrid that’s great as a great nighttime strain since it can make you feel nice and drowsy, with a warm and fuzzy body high that can help you feel peaceful and ready for “lights out.” 

The euphoria effect is outstanding, making you feel deeply happy for hours on end.  Flavor-wise, it’s delicious, tasting like coffee, warm spices, and diesel, and that gives you clues into its prestigious lineage.  

Try: Bloomz THCA Flower Pre-Rolls – Platinum OG

Frequent Weed Smoker Cannabis Strain #1: Ice Cream Cake 

Ice Cream Cake is a phenomenal strain that satisfies just about everyone who gives it a try.  Its THC level is at 20-25%, and it’s a 75% indica-leaning hybrid with parents Gelato with Wedding Cake.  Its fruity, cake-like, and creamy flavor is something that must be tried to be believed, as it’s easily one of the most delicious strains ever.

This is a strain that is phenomenal for alleviating tension in the body while sweeping away stress.  The high starts with burst of euphoric giddiness that feels like you don’t have a care in the world.  It’s also a very sedating strain, so prepare for couchlock as you get cozy on the couch.

Try: Bloomz THCA Flower in Ice Cream Cake 

These Cannabis Strains are Perfect for Anyone Who Enjoys Cannabis Frequently

No doubt, these impressive strains are phenomenal in terms of flavor and effects, with potency levels that are perfect for frequent partakers.  They’re also some of the most highly valued strains on the market for a reason, and so anyone who likes to explore different cultivars won’t be disappointed.  Grab them at Bloomz and check out all of the other strains we carry!


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