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Best HHC Flower Brand of 2024

It’s hard to top infused hemp flower when you’re craving a high straight from the source.  In fact, one of the most popular flower products currently available on the hemp marketplace is HHC flower – infuses raw hemp flower buds with hexahydrocannabinol distillate.  Now for those who don’t know, HHC is a cannabinoid that behaves very similarly to delta 9 THC.  Essentially, HHC is a hydrogenated form of a cannabinoid, which is achieved using a specialized process.  In other words, HHC does not occur in nature.

The process sounds simple enough.  A controlled amount of hydrogen is introduced into the chemical structure of a specific cannabinoid, and this combination is exposed to a catalyst such as nickel, which yields a chemical reaction that changes the cannabinoid on a molecular level by giving it distinctive chemical properties that it does not possess in its natural and unadulterated form. 

It’s thus converted into a cannabinoid analogue of its former self, allowing it to retain the properties with which it’s associated but changes the manner through which they are absorbed into the body.

With that being said, since HHC flower isn’t always made equally, we need to cover some brands that are doing it right.  Keep in mind that these products are all legal under federal law, and thus, can be purchased online for your convenience.

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What Drives Hemp Companies to Produce HHC Flower?

The production of HHC flower by hemp companies is driven by several factors, reflecting both market demands and the regulatory environment.  However, as the cannabis industry evolves, the motivations for producing HHC flower and other more unique cannabinoid products will likely continue to expand, driven by advancements in research, consumer feedback, and general changes in the legal landscape.

Reason #1: Market Demand for Novel Cannabinoids

With the saturated market of CBD products, companies are constantly looking for ways to differentiate themselves.  Hence, there’s a growing consumer interest in exploring different cannabinoids beyond THC and CBD.  HHC offers a novel experience, potentially attracting consumers looking for alternatives to traditional cannabis products, while also tapping into a niche market.  In fact, consumers looking for alternatives to THC due to legality, drug testing concerns, or personal preference may turn to HHC as an option.

In regions where THC is heavily regulated or illegal, HHC might occupy a legal gray area, making it an attractive product for both consumers and producers.  Since hexahydrocannabinol is synthesized from hemp, which is federally legal in the United States under the 2018 Farm Bill, it can be marketed and sold in a wider array of markets compared to THC-rich cannabis.  However, some states might have certain restrictions with this cannabinoid, so that’s something you will need to look into.

Reason #3: Innovation and Product Differentiation

As the cannabis and hemp markets become more competitive, companies are constantly seeking to innovate and differentiate their product lines.  Offering HHC products, including flowers, allows companies to stand out and cater to users of many preferences.

Reason #4: Economic Viability

The process of producing HHC flower involves chemically modifying hemp-derived cannabidiol into hexahydrocannabinol.  This process lets hemp companies utilize their existing CBD-rich biomass in new ways, potentially increasing their product’s value and market appeal.

As cannabis legalization trends evolve globally, companies are positioning themselves to take advantage of new markets as they open.  Producing HHC flower allows them to establish a foothold in markets that are not yet fully open to cannabis but have legalized hemp derivatives.

What We’re Looking for When Rating HHC Flower

We take a lot into account when deciding which HHC hemp flower makes the cut.  There are a number of ways in which flower can vary in quality, and we want to make sure we’re promoting only the brands that are really going out of their way to do things right.

Consideration #1: Premium, Top-Shelf Quality

First off, how the flower was cultivated and processed determines its quality grade.  We look for premium, top-shelf quality HHC flower, which means that it was bred according to strict standards, trimmed to remove seeds and stems, and handpicked for flavor, aroma, and potency.  There are many ways to cultivate flower (indoor growing, outdoor growing, greenhouse growing, etc.), but what matters most is the attention to detail to which each individual plant is paid.

Consideration #2: Good Choice of Strains 

Of course, we’re looking at the variety of strains that the flower is sold in, to make sure that there are plenty of exceptional sativa, indica, and hybrid options to choose from.  Some strains are more highly regarded than others because of their potency, taste, and effects.

Consideration #3: Third-Party Lab Reports

We go over third-party lab reports to ensure that the company is being honest about the purity, safety, quality, legality, and potency of their HHC flower products.

Consideration #4: Brand Reputability

We check reviews for a brand by scanning through their website to find seed-to-sale transparency, as this way, we know that the company is consistently delivering satisfying HHC flower.

Consideration #5: Freshness

Flower should be sold as fresh as possible, because the fresher the THC flower, the better the taste, and the more potent the effects.  Companies with a low product turnover rate typically sell flower that’s gone beyond its “peak freshness”.

Consideration #6: Flavor & Aroma

Flavor and aroma are big factors that consumers pay attention to, so we make sure to only choose HHC flower products that are renowned for how good they taste and smell.

Consideration #7: Potency

Checking the potency of HHC flower matters, as companies selling weak HHC flower aren’t going to satisfy customers who are seeking out a solid high.  How much HHC distillate a brand infuses into their flower buds can make all the difference.

Top HHC Flower Brand for 2024 

Without further ado, let’s take a look at 5 exceptional brands selling top-shelf HHC flower, all of whom follow the criteria above perfectly.

HHC Flower Brand #5: Fern Valley Farms

Fern Valley Farms has gotten quite popular with the debut of their HHC flower, made with fresh, locally grown, and organically cultivated industrial hemp, and infused with pure, lab-tested HHC distillate in potent amounts that match what you’d find in a weed strain.  Some favorite cultivars include Bubba Kush, Lemon Octane, and Sour Suver Haze, among others.  The brand doesn’t just carry standard loose buds, but also offers smalls (small buds), moon rocks, pre-rolls, and more, covering all bases.

HHC Flower Brand #4: Exhale Wellness

Few hemp connoisseurs are strangers to Exhale Wellness, and their delta 8 flower goes above and beyond in terms of strain selection, with top-shelf choices like Northern Lights, Hawaiian Haze, Sky Walker OG, Zkittles, Pink Runtz, and many more.  Available in a wide selection of quantities, this flower is grown organically, indoors under strict supervision to ensure only the finest yields possible.  The buds are trimmed beautifully, and taste and smell simply amazing.

HHC Flower Brand #3: Cannabuddy

Cannabuddy’s HHC flower only comes in shake form for the time-being, but it’s regarded as some of the most exceptional HHC flower regardless, which is why it’s on our list.  And, you’ve got some great strains to sample, like Tangie, Sour Lifter, and Bubba Kush, all of which are absolutely iconic for their delectable flavor profiles and dreamy effects.  

HHC Flower Brand #2: Apotheca

The HHC flower from Apotheca is relatively affordable which is great for the budget-conscious, without skimping on quality.  These indoor-grown buds come in plenty of quantity options, and you can choose between Purple Punch and Sour Tangie, two of the most beloved strains of all time.  The HHC is extracted with care from organically grown industrial hemp – the same hemp that produces these beautiful buds.

HHC Flower Brand #1: Bloomz

Bloomz HHC flower earns its spot at the top of this list, since they’ve really gone above and beyond in every way, with indoor-grown industrial hemp cultivated under highly strict standards.  The third-party lab reports show just how potent the flower is, which’s good news for those who want a ‘high’ that’s quite similar to weed.  The flower is organic, and grown locally, for maximum quality.

The strains you can choose from are every bit as delectable as the buds’ effects, with favorites including Apple Fritter, Northern Lights, Green Goblin, Blue Dream, Grand Daddy Purp, and many more, offering a nice spectrum of affordable and popular choices to rare, exotic cultivars.  

You Deserve the Finest HHC Flower Around!

Not all HHC flower is created equally, and the reality is that some products are not worth your money at all.  We’ve done the hard work for you by choosing the very best of the best right now, all of which come with the convenience of allowing you to order online, and then wait for these fresh and tasty buds to show up at your door.  Without a doubt, Bloomz is delivering the finest HHC flower you can find, with strains that you’ll want to get your hands on, and potency that hits the spot.

The best HHC flower brand of 2024 is Bloomz, who has the top HHC Flower you can get anywhere. HHC Flower from Bloomz is taking the world by storm in 2024, and you can buy HHC Flower, HHC Joints, HHC Pre-Rolls and more here online here. Bloomz has the strongest HHC flower on the market.

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