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Best Hybrid Cannabis Strains of 2024

It’s safe to say that the market for hybrid strains is at an all-time high.  Hybrid strains are the result of crossing an indica with a sativa, producing a nice “middle-ground” high that’s neither too stimulating (sativa) nor too sedating (indica).  Hybrids can be 50/50 indica/sativa, or 80/20 in one direction or the other.

With the abundance of hybrids that’re emerging right now, we gotta take a second to cover the absolute best hybrid strains that are available at the moment – and ones that will supply a beautifully balanced high that you’ve been yearning for.

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Why Does Choosing the Right Strain Matter So Much?

Many novice cannabis enthusiasts underestimate just how much the strain makes a difference in how you feel while you’re high.  Every strain (aka cultivar) has a unique composition of cannabinoids and terpenes, each carrying its own properties, whether they be anxiolytic, energizing, pain-relieving, etc.

Usually, every strain really does give you a distinctive experience, as:

  • A sativa strain can make you feel stimulated, euphoric, and creatively minded.
  • An indica strain can make you feel sleepy and produce a powerful body high.  
  • A Hybrid strain is somewhere in the middle of the two.

What this essentially means is that when purchasing cannabis, you really want to pay close attention to the strain, especially if you have a specific goal in mind, like better sleep, stress relief, or improved focus.  For instance, if you’re looking for a boost in energy, a heavy hybrid is likely to give you the opposite result.  The good news is that there’s an abundance of information online that goes into great detail about what each strain is capable of.

What Actually Defines a Hybrid Strain?

Again, a hybrid strain refers to a type of cannabis plant that is bred from a combination of two or more different strain types, typically indica and sativa, although it can also include ruderalis in some breeding programs.  These strains are created to combine desirable traits from the parent strains, such as flavor, aroma, effects, and growth characteristics.

The goal of creating hybrid strains is often to produce a plant that has the best attributes of its parents, such as high THC or CBD content, specific terpene profiles that influence scent and flavor, or particular effects like relaxation, euphoria, or energy, that caters to diverse consumer preferences and possibly medical needs.

Hybrids can be indica-dominant, indica-leaning, sativa-dominant, sativa-leaning, or balanced, meaning they exhibit traits that lean towards one parent strain more than the other, or evenly blend characteristics of both. For examples:

  • Indica-dominant and indca-leaning hybrids are known for their relaxing and sedative effects, making them suitable for evening or nighttime use. 
  • Sativa-dominant and sativa-leaning hybrids tend to provide more energizing and uplifting effects, making them appropriate for daytime use. 
  • Balanced hybrids aim to offer a mix of these effects, making them versatile for various uses.

The creation of hybrid strains is a meticulous process that involves selecting parent strains with specific desired traits, cross-pollinating them, and then breeding the offspring over several generations to stabilize the desired characteristics.  This process allows breeders to enhance certain qualities, such as yield, potency, resistance to pests and diseases, and the ability to thrive in specific climates.

Our Picks for the Best Hybrid Strains of 2024

Now, let’s go over the 5 best hybrid strains that have something for everyone, as they cover all ends of the hybrid spectrum.

Hybrid Strain #5: Grape Zkittlez

Grape Zkittlez is a 60% indica, 40% sativa hybrid that comes from crossing Zkittlez with Grape Ape – two exceptionally popular cultivars that have been dominating the market for a while.  The strain yields moderately high THC levels of between 18-22%.  Quickly, you’ll be saying goodbye to any negativity as a wave of focused euphoria rushes through your awareness, leading you into a hazy high in which you’re still totally present, but also, nice and stoned.  You’ll also feel physically relaxed, without couchlock.

As for flavor, Grape Zkittlez is as tasty as it sounds, with candy-like grape notes with plenty of sweetness, and earthy undertones.  

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Hybrid Strain #4: Alien OG

A true 50/50 hybrid, Alien OG has been climbing the ranks in popularity thanks to its irresistible qualities.  It yields above-average THC levels of up to 28%, which is intensely potent, and comes from crossing Alien Kush with Tahoe OG.  The high feels extremely balanced and grounded, with a nice, warm, and fuzzy sensation through the body that eases the muscles, and a buzzing feeling in the mind that makes you feel blissfully happy and decently dazed.

The high can wipe out stress and tension in the mind and body, while offering up a flavor profile of sweet lemons and earthiness.

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Hybrid Strain #3: Blue Dream

Blue dream is an iconic strain that remains one of the best sellers on the dispensary scene, and it’s easy to see why.  This delicious strain tastes like fresh blueberries, and offers a 60% sativa/40% indica orientation.  It comes from crossing together Blueberry and Haze, meaning that its lineage is practically prestigious.

With about 20-24% THC, the high can be quite potent, and unbelievably balanced.  People say that Blue Dream makes them feel both uplifted and relaxed, focused and giddy, and very creatively minded.  It’s never going to cause couchlock, but its soothing properties are known to help people sleep, and its focus-enhancing effects can be super helpful without making you feel overly stimulated.

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Hybrid Strain #2: Apple Fritter

As delicious as it is bliss-inducing, Apple Fritter is a clear fan favorite, with a lineage that is worthy of the hype: Sour Apple and Animal Cookies.  This 50/50 hybrid yields about 22-28% THC, and the high is very strong.  It hits you hard and fast, just moments after you savor its mouthwatering taste of sweet apples, warm vanilla, and buttery fritter pastry.  

Apple Fritter’s ‘high’ pushes out any worry or negativity, bringing you into a state of cerebral joy.  The body effects, meanwhile, offer a soothing sensation from head to toe that can bring you into a state of deep, glorious relaxation.

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Hyrid Strain #1: Cat Piss

Cat Piss is a strain that is far, far more appealing than the name implies.  Its name comes from its hints of ammonia that are the result of its unique terpene profile.  This 50/50 hybrid yields moderate THC levels, with a sweet and spicy taste that has skunky undertones.

Cat Piss is beloved for its mood effects, allowing it to become a major cultivator on the medical market for that reason alone.  People say that its ability to get you feeling uplifted and calm is simply out of this world, and failproof.  Meanwhile, it presents a nice feeling in the body that can ease away aches and pains, without being heavy or sedating.  It really is a phenomenally balanced hybrid that you don’t want to miss out on.

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Since it’s All About Hybrids These Days, Bloomz Has Got You Covered!

One thing that we can’t stress enough is that the world of hybrids isn’t going anywhere any time soon, as demand for balanced cultivars keeps growing.  And, as for this year at least, these awesome strains are absolutely killing it on the hemp market.  Explore these stunning strains and tons more at Bloomz, where you will find some of the most sought-after hybrids around.

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