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Best Light Dep THCA Flower

Light dep (light deprivation) THCA flower is cultivated using a specialized technique in which light is methodically deprived in order to bump up the harvest time.  This way, buds can be harvested before the nighttime temperatures drop too low during the autumn season, and overall, cultivators can maintain more control over the outcome of their THCA flower.

Light deprivation is a technique that takes incredible expertise to master, and it’s one of many indications of premium flower.  If you’re interested in finding out for yourself how light dep flower compares to other methods, we’ve got a list of the best options on the market right now.


Where Can I Find the Best Light Deprivation THCA Flower?

Not all light dep THCA flower is created equally, as it turns out.  Sure, a company can employ a light dep technique, but that doesn’t mean that it was pulled off flawlessly.  Failing to get the method just right can backfire, leading to improper development of cannabinoids and terpenes.  With that being said, let’s look at 5 brands that are doing it right.

#5: Mary Jae

Mary Jae’s THCA flower is grown using the light deprivation method, followed by a meticulous process of trimming and dry-curing by hand.  Available in various weights for loose buds along with pre-rolls, this flower yields high THCA concentrations, as customers want.  The THCA flower is third-party-tested, and comes in two strain choices: Grape Ape (indica) and White Widow (hybrid).  Overall, the buds look great, and the aroma is strong enough to indicate that the flower is sold fresh.

#4: Hella Slumped

Another brand offering real-deal light dep THCA flower is Hella Slumped, carrying their flower in 4 distinct sizes (by weight), and offering two strains: Gummy Arrow and Lemon Cherry Gelato.  The brand is known for the high concentrations of tetrahydrocannabinolic acid that they achieve through their expert cultivation methods, and their light deprivation process is something that they’ve mastered, to guarantee that each and every bud is bursting with fresh flavor, glistening trichomes, and the cannabinoid and terpene levels that consumers expect from premium THCA buds.

#3: Backwoodz CBD

The collection of THCA flower from Backwoodz CBD is enormous, offering loads of must-try strains, as well as pre-rolls, smalls (small buds), and more.  This is where you’ll find one of the largest varieties of THCA flower strains all in one place, and each bud has a gorgeous structure that tells you you’re handling premium product. 

The buds are organic, and lab reports are right there on each product page so that you don’t have to search far and wide to verify the sublime quality and safety of what you’re about to purchase.  The plants are cultivated to yield very high THCA concentrations, on par with marijuana flower levels, to keep customers completely satisfied.

#2: Bay Smokes

Bay Smokes is a brand that’s been trusted for a long time, known for their constantly growing catalog of the latest cannabinoid products to hit the market.  Their THCA flower is every bit as exceptional as their vapes, gummies, concentrates, etc., grown via an expert light deprivation method to yield the best-quality product possible. 

The flower is grown in a greenhouse, relying on temperature control, humidity control, and automated shading methods to provide the best environment possible for each plant.  Available in a variety of strains including many top-tier favorites, these THCA buds are beautifully fluffy thanks to their superior quality.  

#1: Bloomz Hemp

Finally, at the number one spot, we have Bloomz Hemp, with only the finest light dep THCA flower that’s grown using strict organic methods.  The flower is carefully cultivated using flawless climate control techniques to guarantee that each bud is flawless in its trichome count, flavor, aroma, and structure. 

Meticulously hand-trimmed and grown via boutique methods, the flower comes in a wide variety of must-have strains, and has undergone extensive third-party testing to prove its superior quality.  The flower yields high levels of THCA for nothing but pure satisfaction.

Enjoy Premium Light Dep THCA Flower 

Light dep THCA flower is a gamechanger, offering better control over the final product through advanced and meticulous practices.  These 5 brands are producing some of the finest light dep THCA flower you’ll find anywhere right now, all while delivering the convenience of being available online so you can just choose your strain, checkout, and await its arrival to your door.


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