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Best THCA Flower Brands of 2024

Did you know we’re seeing more hemp enthusiasts gravitating towards flower, offering the purest form of the hemp plant that there is?  Flower has gotten especially popular now that companies have started offering psychoactive flower products, by infusing raw hemp flower with the distillate of, say, delta 8 THC, HHC, or THC-P.  One type of flower that stands out, however, is THCA flower.

THCA flower is hemp flower that isn’t infused with tetrahydrocannabinolic acid distillate, but rather it’s bred to yield high levels of THCA, naturally.  This creates a chemical composition that’s basically identical to marijuana, hence its incredible appeal.  You can understand why then, we gotta take a closer look at the best THCA flower that can be purchased on the hemp marketplace.

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What Drives Hemp Companies to Produce THCA Flower?

The production of THCA flower by hemp companies is driven by several factors, reflecting both the market demand and the unique characteristics of THCA itself.

Hemp-derived products are legal under federal law in the United States, provided they contain less than 0.3% THC on a dry weight basis, according to the 2018 Farm Bill.  Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid is a non-psychoactive precursor to THC, and its presence in hemp flowers does not necessarily mean the flower itself is psychoactive. 

This legal distinction allows companies to produce and sell THCA-rich flowers within a legal gray area, provided the total THC content remains within legal limits after decarboxylation (the process of converting THCA to THC through heat).

Reason #2: Market Demand for Non-Psychoactive Alternatives

Yes, there’s a growing market for cannabis products that don’t produce the traditional “high” associated with THC.  Consumers interested in the potential therapeutic benefits of cannabis without the psychoactive effects are drawn to THCA productsTHCA has even been studied for its potential anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective, and anti-emetic properties, making it appealing to a segment of consumers seeking more holistic alternatives.

Reason #3: Innovation and Product Differentiation

As the cannabis and hemp markets become increasingly saturated, companies are looking for ways to differentiate their products and capture niche markets.  Supplying THCA hemp flower allows companies to tap into the growing interest in minor cannabinoids (compounds in the cannabis plant other than THC and CBD) and provide a unique product that stands out from standard CBD flower offerings.

Reason #4: Consumer Curiosity and Education

As consumers become better educated about the different cannabinoids and their effects, there’s a growing curiosity about less common compounds like THCA.  Hemp companies are responding to this curiosity by producing THCA-rich flowers, catering to a more informed and discerning customer base.

Reason #5: Agricultural and Production Advantages

For hemp growers and producers, cultivating THCA-rich flower can be an effective way to utilize their crops fully, especially if the plants naturally produce high levels of THCA.  This can optimize production efficiency and product offerings without needing to significantly alter existing cultivation practices.

What We’re Looking for When Rating THCA Flower

When it comes to ranking the best THCA flower out there right now, there are certain factors that we pay close attention to, since flower can vary in so many ways.  Let’s go over the key points that make a difference when it comes to quality and customer satisfaction.

Consideration #1: Premium, Top-Shelf Quality

First off, how the THCA flower was cultivated and processed determines its quality grade.  We look for premium, top-shelf quality flower, which means that it was bred according to strict standards, trimmed to remove seeds and stems, and handpicked for flavor, aroma, and potency.  There are many ways to cultivate flower (indoor growing, outdoor growing, greenhouse growing, etc.), but what matters most is the attention to detail to which each individual plant is paid.

Consideration #2: Good Choice of Strains 

Of course, we’re looking at the variety of strains that the THCA flower is sold in, to make sure that there are plenty of exceptional sativa, indica, and hybrid options to choose from.  Some strains are more highly regarded than others because of their potency, taste, and effects.

Consideration #3: Third-Party Lab Reports

We go over third-party lab reports to ensure that the company is being honest about the purity, safety, quality, legality, and potency of their flower products.

Consideration #4: Brand Reputability

We check reviews for a brand by viewing their website, in order to find seed-to-sale transparency.  Doing it this way ensures that the company is consistently delivering satisfying THCA flower.

Consideration #5: Freshness

THCA Flower should be sold as fresh as possible, because the fresher the flower, the better the taste, and the more potent the effects.  Companies with a low product turnover rate typically sell flower that’s surpassed its freshness peak.

Consideration #6: Flavor & Aroma

Flavor and aroma are major attributes that consumers pay attention to, so we make sure to only select THCA flower products that are renowned for how good they taste and smell.

Consideration #7: Potency

Checking THCA flower’s potency is crucial because companies selling weak THCA flower aren’t going to satisfy customers who are seeking out a solid high, to put it simply.

Top THCA Flower for 2024 

Now, without further ado, let’s cover our favorite THCA flower on the market, ranking the best brands carrying it at the moment.  Naturally, each of these brands has checked off the boxes that we just listed.

THCA Flower Company/Brand #5: Cannabuddy

Cannabuddy offers a really nice selection of THCA flower strains, including some rarities like Sex Panther, Deathstar, and Han Solo, along with fan favorites like Pineapple Express and Wedding Cake.  The potency of THCA in their buds matches that inherent to weed strains, and we love that they offer both loose buds and pre-rolls.  The flower comes with third-party lab reports, and it’s trimmed with care for some aesthetically beautiful buds – all while bursting with delicious, natural terpene flavor.

THCA Flower Company/Brand #4: Backwoodz

Yet another brand delivering fresh, premium THCA flower is Backwoodz, and they’ve gained a lot of popularity since launching their product.  This flower comes in tons of strains, like Thin Mint Cookies, Laughing Buddha, Purple Runtz, Jack Herer, and more, and they also deliver plenty of pre-rolls and “smalls” (aka small buds).  The flower is super-potent, and it’s cultivated using the light dep technique – that is, strategic light deprivation that offers more control over each yield.

The brand is very straightforward about their process, providing third-party lab reports on their website.  They’re consistently rated highly in reviews, so you really can feel confident grabbing THCA flower from them.

THCA Flower Company/Brand #3: Exhale Wellness

Next up is the THCA flower from Exhale Wellness, and we love that you can buy this flower in bulk if you so choose, for a great price.  Popular strains that they offer include Godfather OG, Han Solo, Gelato, Mac 1, and Ice Cream Cookies, although that’s definitely not all that they carry.  The flower is grown organically, and it has undergone extensive third-party testing.  The brand tells you how much THCA is in each bud right there on the product page, and it’s safe to say that the flower is quite potent.

THCA Flower Company/Brand  #2: Bay Smokes

Bay Smokes is a longtime favorite brand with a huge selection of hemp products, focusing mainly on psychoactive cannabinoids.  Their THCA flower has been a very welcomed addition to their catalog, and they carry a really wide variety of strains, from budget-friendly options to exotic cultivars.  They also carry indoor-grown and greenhouse-grown flower.  Some favorite strains include Truffles, Golden Papaya, Lemon Cherry Gelato, and Ice Cream Runtz.

THCA Flower Company/Brand #1: Bloomz

Finally, we have Bloomz, who has produced some of the most exceptional THCA flower, and even has raised the bar for the entire industry.  Bloomz offers a large selection of flower products, including the standard indoor grown line, along with the Gold Line, which uses boutique, exotic methods to deliver the most prestigious strains and meticulous growing practices.  There are also plenty of pre-rolls for good measure.

As for strains, Bloomz has knocked it out of the park, with countless options.  Some key favorites include Airheadz, Guava Cookies, Ice Cream Cake, Apple Jack, Violet Fog, Alien OG, Cat Piss, and Kush Cake – but the list goes on.  The buds are sold extremely fresh, and the lab reports show just how potent they are.

THCA Flower From These Impressive Brands Has The Versatility to Meet Your Needs!

Overall, the THCA flower available on the market can differentiate in terms of providing immense satisfaction.  Plus, some companies offer better strains, flavor, potency, and quality than others.  Besides that, not all companies even breed high-THCA flower – some infuse it with THCA distillate, which is not the better option.

Luckily, you can treat yourself to premium THCA flower at Bloomz.  Here you will find the best strains, and the strictest cultivation and processing methods.  With potent servings of THCA in each bud, you won’t be disappointed.

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