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Best THCA Pre-Rolls To Try In 2024

THCA flower is on every hemp lover’s mind nowadays, as it’s a form of hemp flower that’s cultivated to yield high concentrations of THCA – that’s the precursor to delta 9 that becomes delta 9 THC when heat is applied.  And, for those looking to enjoy THCA flower more conveniently, pre-rolls are where it’s at.  However, not all pre-rolls are created equally, and that’s why we’re here to cover some awesome pre-rolls you need to try in 2024.

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What to Pay Attention to When Shopping for THCA Pre-Rolls

Overall, THCA flower in those pre-rolls can differ as it pertains crucial indicators such as flavor, quality, and effectiveness.  So, here are the main things to always pay attention to, besides simply making sure it’s legal in your state (several states have banned THCA):

  • How It’s Made: There are actually a few ways to make THCA flower.  The top method by a long shot is actually cultivating high-THCA flower, made by exposing hemp flower to specific growing conditions that yield high levels of THCA without allowing them to oxidize into delta 9 THC.  But, inferior methods involve spraying hemp flower buds with THCA distillate.
  • Purity and Potency: Ensure the product has been tested for potency and purity.  This includes checking the levels of THCA, as well as ensuring there are no harmful contaminants such as pesticides, molds, or heavy metals.
  • Source and Cultivation Practices: Understanding where and how the flower is cultivated can be crucial.  Look for THCA flower that’s organically grown and sourced from reputable growers who use safe, sustainable farming practices.
  • The Paper Itself: Make sure the company is using natural, untreated rolling papers, which are cleaner, taste better, and are less likely to irritate the respiratory system.
  • Appearance: The appearance of THCA flower can vary widely depending on its genetics, growing conditions, and curing process.  The appearance of THCA in cannabis flowers can be described as follows:
  • Trichomes: These are tiny, crystal-like structures that cover the leaves and buds of the cannabis plant.  They are often sticky to the touch and are responsible for producing cannabinoids and terpenes.
  • Color: Cannabis flowers containing high levels of THCA typically have a vibrant green color, though this can vary depending on the strain. Some may have hints of purple, orange, or red, depending on their genetics.
  • Texture: The THCA buds are usually dense and compact, with a slightly sticky texture due to the trichomes.
  • Size: The size of the flowers can vary significantly depending on the strain and growing conditions. They can range from small and compact to large and fluffy.
  • Aroma: While THCA itself doesn’t have a strong odor, the trichomes where it’s concentrated can produce a potent and aromatic smell, which varies widely depending on the strain and can range from sweet and fruity to earthy and pungent.
  • Freshness: A fast product turnover rate means that THCA flower is always sold fresh.  And, fresh flower is effective flower, since the compounds oxidize with age, meaning the product loses its potency and flavor.
  • Strains: Speaking of strains, there aren’t any “bad” strains, but some strains are in higher demand than others because of how potent they are, and how enjoyable their high is.  So, naturally, you should look at the strains being offered by a company.
  • Lab Reports: Third-party lab reports confirm that a product has been tested by an unbiased laboratory for safety, purity, legal compliance, and potency.  Credible vendors will supply those lab test results or certificates of analysis (COAs).
  • Packaging and Storage: Proper packaging and storage are essential to maintain the quality and potency of the THCA flower.  Look for products that are stored in air-tight containers and kept in a cool (at room temperature), dark place.
  • Company Reputation: Always make sure that you’re buying from a brand that’s trusted by the hemp community, because of their high quality standards, and ability to keep customers consistently satisfied.  Look for customer reviews and feedback to gauge the reliability and quality of their products.

Best THCA Pre-Rolls to Buy in 2024

Now, let’s explore some hemp brands that are delivering the highest level of THCA pre-rolls in terms of quality, potency, and flavor.  These brands check all of the boxes we covered above, and consumers are raving about how satisfied they feel from these buds.  All of these companies employ third-party testing, in order to ensure that you’re getting the best of the best out there today.

#5: HippyMood

HippyMood has been delighting hemp enthusiasts with boutique THCA flower in pre-roll form, and you can tell the superior quality just by getting a whiff of each pre-roll.  The strains are all out of this world, with favorites including OG Kush, Green Crack, and Wedding Cake.  The flower is known for tasting exceptionally good, and they’re nice and potent to deliver a meaningful high just like customers want.

#4: Backwoodz CBD

The boutique THCA flower pre-rolls are out of this world, with lots and lots of strains to choose from, including classics and rarities.  The flower is certified organic, and lab reports are right there on each product page so that you don’t have to search far and wide to verify the sublime quality and safety of what you’re about to purchase.  The plants are cultivated to yield very high THCA concentrations, and that alone is guaranteed to satisfy you.

Bearly Legal has been around for a long time, known for being super trustworthy according to the cannabis community.  Their THCA pre-rolls come in blunt form, with 2 grams of flower in each one, along with smaller joints that are super handy.  There are lots of phenomenal strains to choose from, like Gelato, Trainwreck, Wedding Cake, and other sought-after favorites on the market.

#2: Bay Smokes 

Bay Smokes is an extremely popular company and has been for years, well-known for their enormous catalog of products, with all kinds of product types, strains, and more.  Their THCA flower pre-rolls comes in a number of connoisseur-friendly strains, including Wonder Bread, Blue Cherry Gelato, Mr. Nasty, and other holy grail offerings.  The pre-rolls are hand-rolled to perfection, while being organic to ensure you don’t inhale any unwanted environmental toxins like pesticides.  

#1: Bloomz 

Available in 3 and 6-pack options, the Bloomz THCA pre-rolls contain boutique flower grown indoors in small batches, where each plant is given tender love and care to guarantee the most potent, flavorful, and effective experience imaginable.  Slow-cured using an advanced process, and trimmed by hand, this flower really takes the concept of “premium” to a whole new level.  And, the strains are out of this world, including top-notch cultivars like Air Headz, Platinum OG, Han Solo, and many more.

These THCA Pre-Rolls Will Help You Start the New Year Off Right! 

Essentially, THCA flower pre-rolls offer a weed-like high in a convenient form, where you can just take a pre-roll out of the package and light it up.  And, as you can see, these amazing brands are really going above and beyond to deliver the best pre-roll experience possible.  With 2024 in full swing, it’s you get on a THCA ‘roll’ today!

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