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Where To Buy THCA Flower Near Me

A lot of people are looking for THCA flower right now, offering the sublime delta 9 high we know and love, while being totally legal.  THCA flower is hemp flower specifically cultivated to yield high levels of THCA – aka tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, the raw form of delta 9 that becomes delta 9 when heated.  Because of a convenient loophole in the federal legal system (2018 Farm Bill), hemp-based products can contain unlimited amounts of THCA, while delta 9 is heavily restricted, even though THCA will turn into delta 9 once heated.

With THCA flower being such an in-demand product nowadays, you’re probably wondering where you can find it in your area. 


What’s the Law Regarding THCA Flower?

THCA flower is legal under federal law, because it adheres to the two “rules” about hemp products: it’s derived from hemp, and it contains no more than 0.3% delta 9 THC, since, even though THCA is the raw form of delta 9, there is no law restricting THCA levels in products.  

But, some states still don’t allow THCA flower to be sold legally, either because high-THCA products are banned, or because flower is banned.  THCA flower is, therefore, illegal in:

  • Alaska
  • Hawaii
  • Idaho
  • California
  • Minnesota
  • Mississippi
  • Montana
  • Oregon
  • Rhode Island
  • Utah

Essentially, if you reside in one of the states above, you can’t purchase THCA flower where you live, either locally or online.

Do Local Stores Carry THCA Flower?

Here’s the deal: THCA flower is pretty new, so it won’t be incredibly easy to find it in stores in your neighborhood.  But, if it is being sold locally, these are the kinds of stores where you’re the most likely to find it.

Vape Shops

Vape shops in your area may sell THCA flower, even though they mainly carry nicotine products.  Still, before you go ahead and drive to a vape shop, you should call first, since not all stores carry it.  And, since vape stores don’t specialize in hemp, there’s a good chance they won’t even realize if they’re carrying a generally low-quality product.  Basically, unless the store owner happens to be an expert when it comes to hemp like they are on nicotine products, there’s a good chance that the hemp products being sold aren’t up to your quality standards, since a store owner won’t know what to look for.

Gas Stations/Convenience Stores 

Gas stations and convenience stores do often stock hemp products on their shelves, but we really recommend avoiding them.  Their general quality standards are quite low, and it’s likely they aren’t putting a lot of effort into sourcing the best brands for the THCA flower they carry. Besides that, keep in mind that people going to gas station and convenience stores aren’t usually buying hemp, but other products.  So, THCA flower can end up sitting on shelves for a super long time, expiring by the time it makes its way to you.

Dispensaries/Hemp Stores 

If you’re lucky enough to live in an area that has a local hemp dispensary or shop, then this is the best place to get THCA flower, since these stores specialize in hemp, and therefore have to make sure they’re carrying the highest quality possible.  Dispensaries/hemp stores are going to give you the biggest selection of products too, letting you look through all kinds of strain choices to find what suits you best.

What Should I Be Paying Attention to When Shopping for THCA Flower?

The reality is that THCA flower is super in-demand right now, but it also exists in a highly unregulated industry.  To avoid cheap, fake, unsafe, or overall dissatisfying flower, look for these things below.

  • The Reputation of the Brand: There are lots of companies out there who have been satisfying customers for years and are super likely to be carrying the absolute best THCA flower on the market.
  • Lab Reports: Always look for third-party lab reports before buying a hemp product, by checking the company’s website.  These reports come from a state-licensed lab, and show the potency, purity, safety, legal compliance, and compound breakdown of the THCA flower.
  • Freshness: Here’s the thing – THCA flower is only good if it’s fresh.  The longer it sits on a shelf, the more it loses its potency and its delicious terpene flavor.  So, find a retailer that generally gets a lot of traffic, and who moves their hemp products fast, so you’re always getting a THCA product that is fresh.
  • Good Strain Options: There’s no such thing as a “bad” strain, but some strains are more effective, potent, and generally enjoyable than others.  And, besides that, we all have our preferences between indica, sativa, and hybrid varieties.  Don’t settle for a strain that doesn’t suit you, when you can easily find a brand that offers a really good selection of top-shelf THCA options to choose from.
  • How the THCA Flower was Made: THCA flower is generally made during the cultivation process.  The hemp plant is exposed to environmental conditions that force a high level of THCA to naturally occur.  This means that a flower product that’s simply sprayed or dipped into THCA distillate is going to be lower in quality than authentic THCA flower.  If you can find a company that talks about how they make their flower, that’s really helpful.
  • Organic Flower: On top of everything else, organic THCA flower is always the way to go, since it’s not going to contain pesticides.

What About Buying THCA Flower Online? 

Here’s the thing: unless you happen to have a dispensary nearby that specializes in hemp, and carries THCA flower, you’re likely to be let down by what you find while shopping locally.  For one thing, local stores are unlikely to have a really big selection of strains to choose from, so you might end up settling for something that doesn’t totally suit your needs.  Besides that, higher overhead costs associated with storefronts means paying more for flower that you can just as easily get online.

Online retailers are more likely to carry fresh flower due to higher visibility, which means more potent, flavorful THCA flower.  And, quality standards are usually higher online, since there are more brands competing in the online marketplace than in your local neighborhood.

Plus, it’s online where you will find the best deals, bundles, and bulk-purchase options, all while you’ll be treated to the convenience of ordering top-shelf THCA flower without having to leave your home.  Basically, buying your flower online gives you loads of advantages that you just can’t find on the local market.

Bloomz Will Ship Premium THCA Flower Right to Your Door!

Ultimately, THCA flower can be hit or miss depending on where and who you’re buying it from.  But, the easiest way to avoid disappointment is just to look for a reputable brand online, who will ship it to your home.  As you now know, online retail gives you loads of advantages, including the assurance that you’re getting the best product possible.

Bloomz offers THCA flower in all kinds of strains, with fast and free shipping, and lab reports to show off the exceptional quality levels you’re looking for.  Check out Bloomz THCA Flower, and you won’t have to worry about whether or not it’s being sold in stores near you.


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