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Do THCA Moonrocks Smell?

THCA flower has become such a massive success that it’s paved the way for all kinds of “spinoff” products.  It offers a product chemically identical to marijuana flower, yet it’s completely legal under federal law.  Of course, THCA products actually get you high off of delta 9 THC.  You see, tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA) – a non-psychoactive precursor to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), converts into the psychoactive THC when exposed to heat, a process known as decarboxylation.  However, in its THCA form, it doesn’t induce the psychoactive effects associated with THC.

THCA moonrocks have fast-become an incredibly popular product on the hemp marketplace, consisting of THCA flower buds infused with THCA distillate and rolled in concentrated, terpene-rich kief.  And, while the product obviously shares a lot in common with your run-of-the-mill THCA flower buds, there are some distinct differences that are important to be aware of in order to know that you’re getting the real thing.  One thing you might be wondering is whether or not THCA moonrocks have a distinctive smell to be on the lookout for, compared to the smell of “regular” flower.


What’s the Difference Between THCA Moonrocks and THCA Flower?

Before talking about the aroma you can expect from THCA moonrocks, let’s compare moonrocks to flower, since that will help you understand where the smell factor comes into play.  THCA flower refers to hemp flower buds that are cultivated using special methods that lead to high levels of THCA – aka tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, which is the raw precursor to delta 9 THC.  When THCA is heated, like through smoking or vaping, it converts into delta 9 THC, which is why THCA flower moonrocks is basically a legal form of weed.  

THCA flower buds come in the same strains as marijuana, with the same potency in terms of the high you can feel.  Now, what are moonrocks?  Moonrocks, like we touched upon before, simply take these THCA flower buds and infuse them with an ultra-pure, concentrated THCA distillate, before rolling them in kief – the powdery byproduct that comes off of the buds’ trichomes, which are high in cannabinoids and terpenes.

THCA moonrocks therefore have all of the properties of THCA flower, with the addition of an extra coating of pure THCA crystals to bring up the potency of THCA, which, of course, means a higher potency of delta 9 THC once you use the flower.

What is THCA Flower Supposed to Smell Like?

Let’s focus on THCA flower for a moment, since that’s the foundation of THCA moonrocks.  THCA flower is typically going to have a pretty pungent aroma, with strong “green” notes and a complex overall aroma profile.  The thing about the aroma of flower is that it’s going to vary depending on a few factors, as seen below.

Factor #1: Type of Strain

Like most cannabis products, THCA moonrocks come in tons of strains.  And, as you probably know, each strain of cannabis has its own distinctive aroma profile.  That’s because every strain has a specific composition of terpenes, and it’s the terpenes in cannabis that carry the plant’s aroma molecules.  Each terpene has a specific scent, so the composition of terpenes is going to make up the complex aroma profile of each particular strain.

Strains really do vary when it comes to aroma.  Some have strong notes of citrus and skunkiness, while others literally smell like desserts, candies, or cereals.  Today, breeders put more effort than ever into creating strains that smell (and taste) absolutely delicious.

Factor #2: Freshness of THCA Moonrocks

How fresh the flower is will play a big role in the pungency and complexity of the aroma.  The longer flower ages, the more its scent starts to fade.  After around 6 months,, THCA flower tends to lose a large portion of its aroma pungency.

Factor #3: Cultivation Practices

Another big factor is how the flower was cultivated.  Subtle differences in things like light exposure, heat, humidity, and nutrient intake can affect the pungency and quality of the smell of THCA flower.

Do Kief and Distillate Alter the Aroma of Flower?

To answer this, we need to understand the aroma of THCA itself.  We said before that terpenes are the compounds that carry the aroma of the cannabis plant.  And, THCA is not a terpene, but a cannabinoid.  Cannabinoids including THCA are, in fact, totally odorless.  Kief is, however, high in terpenes, although again, the terpenes are no different from those already in the flower, so the aroma will simply be more pungent.

What this basically means is that THCA moonrocks should smell no different from THCA flower other than the smell being stronger.  In fact, if there is a big difference in aroma, that’s a great indicator that the product is actually legitimate, as any aromas that are not cannabis-like are an indication that the product contains impurities or additives.

What Can Be Done if Your THCA Moonrocks Smell “Off”?

So, let’s say you take a whiff of your new THCA moonrocks, and something just doesn’t seem right.  Here are the main reasons why that can be the case.

The THCA Moonrocks are Old

Like we said, when flower is no longer fresh, it starts to lose its aroma’s pungency and complexity.  Now, the same would obviously apply to THCA moonrocks.  If you’re not getting the depth and strength of aroma you’d expect from a flower product, it’s probably past its peak of freshness.

The THCA Moonrocks are Fake

Again, if you smell THCA moonrocks and they don’t smell like regular flower, that’s a good sign that the buds contain some kind of additive like a chemical preservative, etc.  You should never consume THCA moonrocks that you suspect are fake or added to in some way.

The THCA Moonrocks are Moldy

Finally, if there’s a mildewy or rancid smell, that means that there’s a good chance your flower has gotten moldy due to high moisture exposure.  If your flower is moldy, please throw it out, as it can be very dangerous to consume.

Bottom Line: THCA Moonrocks Should Smell Like THCA Flower 

THCA flower moonrocks should always smell just like THCA flower, except just with a bit stronger of a cannabis aroma.  That’s because the only components are cannabis-derived.

Count on delicious-smelling Bloomz THCA Moonrocks, which speak of the high quality of the flower itself.  Cultivated indoors, and always sold fresh, our moonrocks come in some of the tastiest and most aromatic strains in the world.  If you desire THCA moonrocks that smell and taste as good as they feel, explore our selection of top-tier strains today, including exotic strains that’re renowned for their exceptionally fragrant buds.

THCA Moonrocks is typically going to have a pretty pungent aroma, with strong “green” notes and a complex overall aroma profile. THCA flower moonrocks should always smell just like THCA flower, except just with a bit stronger of a cannabis aroma.  That’s because the only components are cannabis-derived.


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