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Do THCA Snow Caps Smell?

THCA snow caps are getting a lot of attention right now, referring to THCA flower buds rolled in crushed up THCA diamonds.  The result is an unbelievably potent THCA product that provides you with a delta 9 high that’s beyond belief.  

Aside from receiving a coasting ot THCA diamond dust, THCA snow caps (also known as snowballs) have all of the same properties of regular flower.  So, with that being said, what are THCA snow caps supposed to smell like?


What’s the Difference Between THCA Snow Caps and THCA Flower?

Before we dive into the aroma of THCA snow caps, we first need to talk about the key differences between this product type and THCA flower, since that has everything to do with the smell that you can expect.

First, let’s start with THCA flower.  THCA flower is hemp flower that’s specially cultivated to develop high levels of THCA, aka tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, which is the raw precursor to delta 9 THC.  When THCA is heated, like through smoking or vaping, it converts into delta 9 THC, which is why THCA flower is basically a legal form of weed.  

THCA flower buds are chemically identical to weed thanks to the unique growing practices that they undergo until the plant is mature.  The buds yield the same amount of THCA as marijuana, and it comes in the same strains. 

Now, THCA snow caps simply add to THCA flower buds.  They are coated in a layer of crushed up THCA diamonds, with diamonds being the purified cannabinoid, naturally turned into a crystal through extensive purification.  The coating of THCA diamonds brings the overall THCA concentration up to roughly 50-70%.

How Should THCA Flower Smell?

The foundation of THCA snow caps is THCA flower, so let’s talk about what that’s supposed to smell like, whether or not it’s rolled in THCA diamonds to produce snow caps.

Factor #1: THCA Strain Type

THCA flower, like all cannabis flower products, comes in a huge variety of strains.  And, as you probably know, each strain of cannabis has its own distinctive aroma profile.  That’s because every strain has a specific composition of terpenes, and it’s the terpenes in cannabis that carry the plant’s aroma molecules.  Each terpene has a specific scent, so the composition of terpenes is going to make up the complex aroma profile of each particular strain.

Strains can vary quite a bit in terms of aroma.  Some have strong notes of citrus and skunkiness, while others literally smell like desserts, candies, or cereals.  Today, breeders put more effort than ever into creating strains that have unique and delicious aroma and flavor profiles.

Factor #2: Overall THCA Freshness

How fresh the flower is will play a big role in the pungency and complexity of the aroma.  The longer flower ages, the more it loses its scent, little by little.  At about the 6-month point, THCA flower tends to lose a large portion of its aroma pungency.

Factor #3: Cultivation Practices

Yes, how the flower was cultivated certainly matters.  Subtle differences in things like light exposure, heat, humidity, and nutrient intake can affect the pungency and quality of the smell of THCA flower.

Do THCA Diamonds Alter the Aroma of Flower?

Now, back to our original question: what do snow caps smell like?  Is the smell any different from regular flower buds?  To understand the answer, we need to know the aroma properties of THCA diamonds, the second component of THCA snow caps.

THCA is a cannabinoid, not a terpene.  And, it’s the terpenes of the plant that are responsible for the aroma of those flower buds.  THCA diamonds, therefore, have zero aroma properties, and so coating flower buds in diamonds has zero effects on the overall aroma of the product.

What this basically means is that THCA snow caps should smell no different from THCA flower.  In fact, if there is a big difference in aroma, that’s a great indicator that the product is actually fake – that is, what’s coating the buds is not pure THCA diamond dust, after all.

What Can Be Done if Your THCA Diamonds Smell “Off”?

Alright, let’s say you take a whiff of your new THCA snow caps, and something about the smell just isn’t right.  There are a few reasons why that can be the case, so let’s go over that now.

The THCA Snow Caps are Fake

If your snow caps have an odd, unfamiliar odor to them, consider that you might have a fake product on your hands – that is, THCA flower rolled in something that isn’t technically THCA diamonds, or has some kind of chemical additive that is changing the aroma of the overall product.  Obviously, if that’s what you suspect, you should not use those snow caps, and throw them out right away – while considering reaching out to the manufacturer.

The THCA Snow Caps are Old

Like we said, when flower is no longer fresh, it starts to lose its aroma’s pungency and complexity.  Now, the same would obviously apply to THCA snow caps.  If you’re not getting the depth and strength of aroma you’d expect from a flower product, it’s probably past its peak of freshness.

The THCA Snow Caps are Moldy

Finally, if there’s a mildewy or rancid smell, that means that there’s a good chance your flower has gotten moldy due to high moisture exposure.  If your flower is moldy, please throw it out, as it can be very dangerous to consume.

THCA Snow Caps Should Always Smell Like THCA Flower  

At the end of the day, there’s no reason why THCA snow caps shouldn’t smell exactly like THCA flower.  And, if there is a notable difference in smell, that’s a good sign that something about your product is off.

Bloomz is proud to offer THCA Flower Snow Caps that smell absolutely delicious, thanks to our boutique cultivation methods that yield abundant terpenes.  We offer our snow caps in some of the tastiest strains of all time, which give them a delicious aroma, while carrying only fresh buds that are coated in ultra-pure diamonds, to ensure maximum satisfaction from the first whiff.


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