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Grape Zkittlez Cannabis Strain Review

Just when you think that you’ve tried every strain on the market, a whole bunch of new ones pop up (or in this case, over the hemp rainbow) that sound even more enticing than the last batch to enter circulation.  Case in point: Grape Zkittlez, with its dreamy true-to-its-name flavor, along with those absolutely glorious effects that make it an easy crowd pleaser.  This indica-dominant strain is actually quite rare, and so you’ll find less info about it than you would with more popular cultivars, but we’re here to share everything that we do know about its magnificent abilities, taste and more. 


What is Grape Zkittlez Cannabis Strain?

Grape Zkittlez is classified as an indica-dominant hybrid, and while its indica to sativa ratio is not really known, it’s likely somewhere in the 70/30 area.  It’s the result of crossing Zkittlez BX (Zkittlez + Granddaddy Purple) with Purple Punch.  So, as you can guess, that’s a whole lot of purple making up its genetics.  It’s also been established that this is an extremely potent strain in terms of its THC content, although the exact THC amount isn’t known, either, but guesses are that it’s 25% or higher.  Also is a a strain that has several awards to its name.

What Does Grape Zkittlez Look Like?

As you may have guessed, Grape Zkittlez is a gorgeous flower with lots of rich and deep purple hues.  This is artfully blended with some sage green, making it striking in its color.  Atop the buds are long, fine orange hairs, paired with a heavy coating of sugary glaze-like crystal trichomes that make the buds look frosted and glittery.

What Does Grape Zkittlez Taste and Smell Like?

It’s pretty easy to draw your own conclusions as for the taste and smell of Grape Zkittlez, but still, allow us to describe, since there is more complexity and richness than you might imagine.  Aroma-wise, notice a gassy, grassy aroma with notes of juicy berries and sweet grapes, along with a twist of citrus to balance things out.  But, when it comes to the flavor, you’re in for something that’s straight-up grape candy, along with gassy undertones and a hint of tartness, along with a sprinkle of green, aromatic herbs on top for good measure.  People describe it as a flavor similar to grape cough syrup – the kind that actually tastes good – and they’re not wrong.

What is the High Like?

Grape Zkittlez is a tantalizing strain in terms of its effects as much as its flavor.  It’s the type of warm, dreamy high that makes you feel like you’re floating on a cloud.  It can take a while to get started if you’re used to the heavier-hitting cultivars, but be patient because the climb is guaranteed to bring you into a state of intense bliss.

Its indica dominance is apparent from beginning to end, starting with uplifting euphoria that makes you feel invincible.  All the meanwhile, you’ll feel surprisingly clear-minded for such a THC-heavy cultivar.  It’s smooth sailing, with the ability to maintain conversation and focus on tasks all while secretly feeling blissed out beyond belief.  

One thing you can count on is a feeling of unbelievable comfiness in the body, where you can lay in any position and feel zero tension or strain.  The warm and tingly effects are really special here, and reason alone to try it.  Meanwhile, your nervous system will get a nice break from stress and worry as nothing can bring you down.

Overall, we recommend Grape Zkittlez for individuals who:

  • Want stress relief
  • Want pain relief
  • Want better sleep
  • Want an indica-dominant hybrid 
  • Want a good evening/nighttime strain
  • Want a functional but relaxing high
  • Want to quiet their mind
  • Want a warm and tingly body high
  • Want a grape-like flavor 
  • Want relief from nausea

What is it Like to Grow Grape Zkittlez?

Grape Zkittlez is a super rare strain on the market, and its clones and seeds are even rarer.  What this means is that we don’t have a good grasp on how to grow it, other than that it prefers to be grown indoors or in a greenhouse, since it seems to be temperamental to inconsistent outdoor conditions. 

Grape Zkittlez: The Newest Purple Strain to Hit the Spot 

Grape Zkittlez is totally worth trying if you’re looking for a new indica-heavy cultivar to bring you a sense of peace without knocking you out in the process.  If taken late at night, it can put you to bed, but if you take it at any other time, you’re likely in for a body high and cerebral rush without the haziness that takes you out of your routine.  Plus, at Bloomz, Grape Zkittlez is waiting for you in the form of our top-shelf infused hemp flower in either THCA Flower, Delta 8 Flower, THC-P Flower, or HHC Flower.


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