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Green Goblin Strain Review

Sounding like some sort of villain out of a comic book, Green Goblin has been dominating the West Coast, and now it’s finally making its way across the country to entice us with its exquisitely potent sativa-dominant effects.  If you’ve never heard of this strain before, you’re not alone – while California and Oregon keep it in heavy circulation, it’s relatively unknown elsewhere, at least until now.  

Let’s share all the info you need to decide whether or not Green Goblin is your new favorite hybrid.


What is Green Goblin?

Green Goblin is a 65% sativa/35% indica hybrid that comes from crossing Northern Lights with Skunk #1 – two hugely popular, old-school legends that give you a good idea of what kind of enjoyment you’re in for.  The THC level tends to be on the high side, usually around 25%, which is key if you’re someone who’s unsure of your tolerance.  If you’re a THC beginner, go easy with this one.  It also yields a bit less than 1% CBD, so don’t expect something full of CBD benefits.

What Does Green Goblin Look Like?

Green Goblin buds are known for their vibrant lime green flavor which makes them stand out immediately, and likely influenced the name.  The buds are small, tight and dense, and have sparse flecks of fine amber-brown hairs, and a virtually unnoticeable coating of extremely fine and thin crystal trichomes that barely influence their appearance.

What Does Green Goblin Taste and Smell Like?

As it turns out, the taste of Green Goblin is pretty nondescript.  People describe it as earthy and sweet, with no particular dominant notes captivating the taste buds.  The same goes for the aroma, which has a grassier note than the flavor, while being known for its extreme pungency.

What is the High Like?

Now, we can get to the fun part.  As a sativa-dominant hybrid, you can expect that big and bold burst of euphoric energy that makes you feel more focused and motivated.  If you’re looking for the type of bud to sit back and giggle with your friends, this is the one, as laughing fits mid-sentence are almost an inevitability.  It can help you feel that sense of youthful innocence, when the world wasn’t so complicated, and you could spend hours talking about absolutely nothing with your buddies and having a great time.  At the same time, this is a good strain for creative juices if you’re enjoying it solo, as it could very well inspire you to make some striking art, music or poetry.

Overall, you can count on a reliably happy high from beginning to end, with little to nothing being able to disturb your sense of inner bliss.  In terms of the body effects, Green Goblin offers a warm, tingly body high that never causes couchlock, but can aid in physical relaxation along with, of course, relief from aches, pains and muscle tension.

Overall, we recommend Green Goblin for individuals who:

  • Want stress relief
  • Want pain relief
  • Want a good social strain
  • Want a sativa-dominant hybrid 
  • Want a good morning/afternoon strain
  • Want a functional, focused high
  • Want euphoric/mood-boosting effects
  • Want a warm and tingly body high
  • Want a powerful amount of THC 
  • Want a creative boost

What’s it Like to Grow Green Goblin?

Green Goblin is actually a pretty easy strain to grow, and its seeds and clones are more readily available than you might think, although you may need to get them shipped out from the West Coast where they’re far more accessible.  The strain doesn’t ask for much in return for a generous yield within about 50 or so days.

The strain is actually known for flowering faster than many others, which is good news if you want to see a quick return.  Trim it regularly, especially at the bottom, to thin it out and allow airflow to prevent pests and diseases.   

Green Goblin: Easygoing, Giggly, and Happy – What More Could You Ask For? 

Green Goblin is a great way to enhance your morning or daytime activities, whether they be social or solo.  It can sharpen your brain all while eliminating negativity, and let’s face it – all of us could use a little more unabashed euphoria in our day-to-day lives.  Luckily, it’s becoming easier to find than ever across the country, and you can treat yourself to its amazing effects at Bloomz if you’re seeking out fresh Green Goblin flower buds in either THCA Flower, Delta 8 Flower, THC-P Flower, or HHC Flower.


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