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How Is THC-P Flower Made?

THC-P, aka tetrahydrocannabiphorol, offers the most powerful high that can be derived naturally from cannabis, so it’s not surprising that it’s become extremely popular.  Known for being 10x as intoxicating as delta 9 THC, and profoundly euphoric, it’s no wonder why it’s so in-demand.  While it’s available in all kinds of enticing product forms, including gummies, vapes, tinctures and even capsules, one product type that we consider a serious must-try is THC-P flower.

THC-P flower refers to raw hemp flower that’s been infused with THC-P distillate.  It sounds simple enough, but the process of creating absolutely top-notch, effective and deeply satisfying THC-P flower requires more effort than you may think.

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Sourcing the Best Raw Hemp Material Possible

When making any hemp THC-P product, the first step is always settling on the perfect farm, which takes a lot of time as well as knowledge of what makes one farm’s hemp harvest better than the others. 

It’s ideal to select a farm that’s as local as possible, which plays a big role in the freshness and effectiveness of the THC-P flower, and they should also be sure that the farm is certified as an organic one, since organically grown hemp is free of environmental toxins like pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and other unwanted growing agents that are chemical-based.

Harvesting Raw Hemp Flower Buds 

Experienced and reputable hemp farmers know exactly when to pick the flowering buds off of the hemp plant to harvest them.  There’s a sweet spot in terms of the maturity stages of the plant, when the THC-P buds happen to have the absolute ideal composition of chemical compounds like cannabinoids and terpenes.  

Once the THC-P flower buds have been harvested, it’s time to preserve them using a method known as dry-curing, in which the buds are stored in a dark, cool and dry place for a specific period of time, until they are cured, preventing the growth of mold from destroying them prematurely.

Creating THC-P Distillate 

Now that we have hemp flower buds ready to go, it’s time to get into the THC-P that gets infused into the flower.  It requires making an THC-P distillate – an isolated extract of pure tetrahydrocannabiphorol, derived from hemp, and producing it begins with a process called isomerization.  Hemp’s dominant chemical compound is cannabidiol (CBD), which makes up around 15%-20% of the plant.  By contrast, THC-P is a very trace compound, making the process of extracting a meaningful amount hard, not to mention costly.

Isomerization is done by rearranging the molecular structure of CBD to convert it into THC-P.  This can be done with all cannabinoids, since all cannabinoids in hemp are derived from cannabigerol (CBG), the “mother cannabinoid” that precedes every other cannabinoid.  Because all cannabinoids come from CBG, they all share the same molecular content, in different configurations.

Then, a distillation method is applied, exposing the extract to steam in various pressures and temperatures to “evaporate away” the undesirable compounds, until what remains is an extremely pure extract of just THC-P.

Infusing the Hemp Flower with THC-P 

Next, comes the infusion process, which turns raw hemp flower into THC-P flower.  Some companies do this by dipping each flower bud into THC-P distillate.  Others spray the flower buds with the distillate.  There’s also a a rarer method of crystallizing the distillate and sprinkling it onto the flower, which is known as “dusting”.  Each company prefers their own method, but the end result is the same: hemp flower that contains the right amount of THC-P distillate to deliver that magnificent high that THC-P enthusiasts are looking for.

Note: Keep in mind that some companies now infuse Live Resin as well into their hemp flower.

Third-Party Testing 

Now, we have THC-P flower that can be sold to eager hemp lovers.  But, before it’s ready to hit the shelves, there’s one crucial step that all companies must comply with, which is third-party testing.  This is when a company sends a sample of their THC-P flower to a state-licensed third-party testing facility, where it’s analyzed for qualities that are extremely important, such as federal compliance, purity, potency, and any possibility of contamination.  

The lab report detailing all of this information is then sent back to the manufacturer, and the manufacturer has a responsibility to publish the lab report on their website, which gives customers the assurance that the THC-P product is legal, safe and high in quality.  

Time for Packaging

Last step before THC-P flower can be sold is actually packaging the flower, which matters more than you may realize.  Flower has a relatively short shelf life of about 6 months, which is far shorter than, say, a tincture or a vape, since flower is raw.  So, it’s critical that a company makes sure that the flower is packaged in a way that prevents the product from breaking down. 

In other words, the THC-P hemp flower must be kept in an airtight container so that it’s not exposed to oxygen during storage and transit, which would make the product expire even sooner.  Of course, the package should also give you some information like the name of the brand, the name of the strain, and anything else that’s relevant to your experience as a user of the product.

Bloomz Does THC-P Flower Right, from Seed to Sale!

Crafting top-shelf THC-P flower takes a lot more effort than many of us give it credit for, starting out with choosing the perfect farm to grow and harvest hemp’s flower buds, all the way to selecting the right container to sell flower in so that it stays fresh for as long as possible. 

Bloomz is proud to say that we take each of the above steps very seriously, hence why our THC-P flower is able to provide so much incredible satisfaction.  You can read our comprehensive third-party lab reports on our website, and even know that you’re getting only top-shelf quality, which comes from domestic, organic farms and is infused with some of the purest THC-P distillate that exists in the industry.  Look through our selection of strains and find out why THC-P flower is such a particularly satisfying way to treat yourself to a hemp-derived high.

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