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How Long Do THCA Flower Snow Caps Last Do They Have an Expiration Date How Should You Store Them Properly Coupon Discount

How Long Do Snow Caps THCA Flower Last? Do They Have an Expiration Date?

THCA, or tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in fresh, undried cannabis.  As the cannabis plant dries and ages, THCA slowly converts to THC, the compound known for its psychoactive effects.  THCA snow caps (also known as snowballs) are sort of an enhanced take on standard THCA flower, as each flower bud is rolled in a powdered form of THCA diamonds.  What this means is that the potency of THCA snow caps is much, much higher than that of ordinary flower, for a high that’s really out of this world.

But, THCA snow caps that haven’t been stored properly, or have expired due to age, just aren’t going to give you much of a high.  And, because we know that nobody wants to spend money on THCA snow caps just to end up with a nonviable product, we’re here to talk storage tips, expiration date windows, and more.


Do THCA Snow Caps Have a Shelf Life/Expire?

First things first: both THCA flower and THCA diamonds, the two components of THCA snow caps, have a shelf life, and that’s about  6-12 months, after which point, the compounds in the plant naturally degrade.  The cannabinoids and terpenes in flower are organic compounds which naturally break down with age, and by the end of this process, they lose all effectiveness, making flower pretty much useless, as well as lacking in flavor and aroma, which are appealing as well.  

Products that are made with an extract of cannabis, such as gummies, tinctures, and vapes, can last for about 24 months, but flower products are less chemically stable, which is why the shelf life is shorter.  So, if you’re going to be purchasing THCA snow caps or other flower in bulk, just make sure you’re mindful of how long you will have to use it before it’s no longer fresh.

Could Consumption of Expired Snow Caps Be Dangerous?

Now you know that THCA flower products, including snow caps, are fresh for about a year, after which point the compounds start to break down.  Now, we know that, say, eating expired vegetables or meat can cause legitimate bodily harm, so what about flower products like THCA snow caps?  Luckily, it doesn’t work like that.  Snow caps, and all flower products, do break down after a certain point, but do not develop toxic properties in the process, because they’ve been cured shortly after harvest.  

The only exception is flower that’s growing mold due to improper storage – basically, exposing it to moisture for a prolonged period of time – which is something you should be able to tell right off the bat by appearance and smell.  Of course, if your snow caps are moldy, you should never, ever attempt to consume them in any way, as this can cause major health effects.  

Overall, the only thing that will happen when you consume old THCA snow caps is that you won’t get the effects you’re looking for.  That alone is enough of a reason to simply get rid of it, and then purchase more.  Naturally, it also means that you should make a point to only buy as many snow caps as you’ll realistically use within 6 months or so.

How to Be Sure the Snow Caps You Just Bought are Fresh, and Not Almost Expired

We want to mention that the shelf life of snow caps begins when the product was cured, not when you purchased it.  In other words, there’s always something of a risk that comes with buying snow caps that are already close to expiring, because they’ve been sitting on shelves for longer than you think.  And, it’s actually not required for these products to have an expiration date, making things more confusing.  On top of that, when buying online, you can’t check to make sure that the aroma is fragrant, which is a clear sign of freshness.

The best way to buy only fresh THCA snow caps online is to go with a brand that’s very well-known/established and is trusted.  Online stores that’re popular and have a good reputation throughout the industry are going to have a fast product turnover rate, so that snow caps don’t really get a chance to sit in a warehouse and age before being sold.  Besides that, they’re less likely to risk their reputation by selling expired THCA snow caps/snow caps.

What are the Best Methods for Keeping Your THCA Snow Caps Fresh?

If you’ve purchased THCA snow caps recently, you want to enjoy the full extent of their flavor and effects, right?  Well, the key, in this case, is knowing how to store the product properly.  Storing it in the wrong way can mean that their compounds have degraded long before the technical expiration window has passed.  

Luckily, proper storage is a piece of cake, and this info below applies not just to snow caps, but to all flower products.  We do want to mention that periodically, you will need to check on your THCA flower snow caps for any signs of mold or odor changes, and be open to adjusting storage methods if need be, should your snow caps seem to change in their properties where you’ve been keeping them.

Tip #1: Airtight is the Way to Go

Of course, an airtight container will keep the flower fresh, so make a point to store it in a jar or something of that nature – including the package it originally came in.  Glass or metal containers with airtight seals are preferred.  Choose a container size that fits the quantity of your THCA flower snow caps closely, keeping excessive space to a minimum so that as little oxygen is interacting with the product as possible.  Basically, since oxygen can degrade cannabinoids over time, limiting air exposure is crucial for preserving freshness.  We also want to mention that glass, steel, and silicone are all great for storage, but plastic is not, as it can cause the contents to degrade faster, and can leech chemicals into the snow caps that affect their flavor and quality.

Tip #2: Darkness is Cannabis’ Friend 

A dark area like a closet, a cabinet, or a drawer is best for your THCA snow caps, since light causes compounds in hemp to break down quickly.  To put it even more simply, prolonged exposure to light, especially UV light, can degrade cannabinoids and terpenes.

Tip #3: Keep It Away from Heat

Another thing to avoid is heat, which can also cause the rapid deterioration of the compounds in hemp, leaving you with THCA flower that’s basically useless.  You want it at a temperature that’s consistently below 70°F (21°C).  Excessive heat can dry out the cannabinoids and terpenes, diminishing quality and potency.

Tip #4: Manage the Humidity Levels

Avoid humidity, which can destabilize those cannabinoids and terpenes, and worse, attract mold to your flower.  Then again, you don’t want an area that’s too dry – like below a heating vent – because that will just make your flower dry out.  Maintain a relative humidity (RH) level between 58% – 62% to preserve the freshness and prevent mold growth or drying out, as this percentage has been proven to be perfect for storing cannabis products.  If your snow caps came with humidity packets, keep them with the snow caps while not in use.

What Can Be Done if THCA Flower Snow Caps Have Gotten Too Moist or Too Dry?

Let’s say your THCA Snowcaps flower isn’t expired, but it did end up either drying out or getting too moist/sticky.  In the event of dry flower, for instance, simply place a lettuce leaf in the container alongside the buds.  The moisture of the lettuce will get absorbed by the flower.  If the flower is too moist, for example, use a dry paper towel sheet inside the container will absorb the excess moisture.  Now, there are some other methods you could try, in order to adjust the moisture level.

If the THCA Flower Snow Caps are Too Moist:

Your THCA snow caps can develop mold or mildew should the humidity get too high, and that can be genuinely dangerous when it comes to consuming them.  Besides that, wet flower is hard to smoke, so stick to these tips to correct overly moist product.

  1. Air Drying: Place the flowers in a dry, well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight.  Spread them out on a paper or mesh screen to allow air circulation around them.  Check regularly to ensure they are drying evenly and not too quickly, which can affect their quality.
  2. Rice Method: Rice can be used as a desiccant to remove excess moisture.  Place the moist THCA flower Snowcaps in a container with dry, uncooked rice.  Make sure the flower isn’t in direct contact with the rice to avoid dust contamination.  Check daily until the desired dryness is achieved.
  3. Silica Gel Packs: Similar to the rice method, silica gel packs can absorb moisture effectively.  Place the THCA flower Snowcaps in a container with a few packs, ensuring they don’t directly touch the flower.  Monitor the moisture level daily.

If the THCA Flower is Too Dry:

Dryness doesn’t pose any danger, but smoking dry snow balls is going to be a pain, since they’ll burn immediately, and give you a super harsh taste, along with a fast-burning session that hardly gives you a meaningful amount of hits.  Here’s how to correct flower that has gotten too dry:

  1. Humidity Packs: Using humidity control packs designed for cannabis can help.  These packs release or absorb moisture to maintain a specific humidity level, typically around 62%.  Place the packs in an airtight container with the THCA flower and check periodically.
  2. Fruit Peel Method: Adding a piece of fruit peel (like orange or apple) to the container with the flower can reintroduce moisture.  Make sure the peel doesn’t directly touch the THCA Snowcaps to prevent mold growth.  Leave it in for a few hours, up to a day max, depending on how dry the flower is.
  3. Lettuce Leaf: Similar to the fruit peel method, a fresh lettuce leaf can add moisture without transferring strong odors.  Check the moisture level frequently to avoid over-hydration.
  4. Bread Slice: A slice of fresh bread can also be used to add moisture back into dry THCA flower snowcaps.  The bread provides a gentle and slow release of moisture.  Monitor closely to prevent mold growth.

The THCA Snow Caps at Bloomz are as Fresh as Can Be!

THCA snow caps are the next big thing to take over the hemp marketplace, and the good news is that they’re incredibly effective and potent – as long as they’re fresh.  And, keeping them fresh means understanding the basics in flower storage, to keep those cannabinoids and terpenes nice and strong for months to come.  At Bloomz, we sell our THCA snow caps freshly cured and coated with pure THCA diamonds, so go ahead and explore our selection of premium THCA Flower Snow Caps today!


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