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How To Read A THC-P Flower Lab Report

THC-P, or tetrahydrocannabiphorol, is super popular thanks to its powerful high that’s about 10x as strong as delta 9 THC.  And now, companies are infusing pure THC-P distillate into flower, offering a full spectrum hemp product complete with a phenomenal high.  Still, whenever you buy THC-P flower, it’s critical that you check its lab report first, to make sure that it’s authentic, safe, pure, potent, and compliant with the law. 


Why Third-Party Testing Matters

Lab-testing is one of the most critical aspects of being a THC-P flower manufacturer.  And, it’s actually required by law.  Federal law states that all hemp-derived products are only permitted to contain up to 0.3% delta 9 THC, and the only way for a company to prove that this is the case is by submitting batches of their hemp extracts to an unbiased, state-approved third-party testing facility, where it’s extensively analyzed.

Lab-testing doesn’t just confirm that a flower product is legally compliant.  It looks at all kinds of aspects of both the flower and the THC-P distillate, including its purity, and whether or not it’s been contaminated, to prove that it’s safe for human consumption.  A company can promise that they offer the purest and safest THC-P flower possible, but the truth is that you can never know for sure without looking at the lab report.  And, if a company isn’t making their lab reports accessible to the public, that’s a big red flag, since it usually means that there’s something about the company’s products that they don’t want you to know.

Where is the THC-P Flower Lab Report?

Every THC-P company should make their third-party lab reports available on their website.  Usually, this is going to be in one of two places: either on the flower’s product page, or on a separate, easily accessible page where all of the lab reports are listed together.  Each THC-P product should have its own individual lab report, so that you can find the specific product you plan to buy.

In the event that you can’t find a lab report on a company’s website, you can always contact the company and ask for them.  Also, keep in mind that some companies require that you scan a QR code on the physical product’s label to access that product’s lab report.

Confirming a Lab Report’s Authenticity 

Believe it or not, some companies have been caught faking their lab reports.  This can be done by either making a fake document altogether, or by modifying/editing an existing, authentic one to change the information on it.  But, fortunately, all lab reports can be sourced back to the laboratory that performed the testing.

All lab reports should contain the name of the laboratory somewhere, plus a reference number.  To authenticate a lab report, first you’ll want to look up the name of the lab, to make sure that it’s a real laboratory.  If you want more assurance, you can contact the lab and give them the reference number to make sure that the report is legitimate. 

What You Should Be Looking for in a THCP Lab Report 

One of the first things that you’ll be looking at when you read a THC-P flower lab report is the purity level of the THC-P distillate, and how much of it is infused into the formula.  The purity of the THC-P distillate is important since it tells you how much of the distillate is actually made up of the cannabinoid, as opposed to impurities.  You’ll never find a 100% pure THC-P distillate, since the process of distillation does not allow this to be physically possible, but you should see something around the 90-95% mark.  

Notice also that there will be a section that tells you whether or not the product is legally compliant, based on the amount of delta 9 THC in the product, which should not exceed 0.3%.

A lab report will also display information about the safety of the product, based on the presence of any microbes, contaminants, etc.  Check this over, because naturally, you don’t want to be buying a product that’s actually harmful in any way.

Never Buy THC-P Flower without Reading the Lab Report!

The bottom line is that THC-P flower can vary in quality, and even safety and legitimacy.  Because of that, always read a lab report before buying, and apply that to any hemp purchases you make – not just flower products.  Any company that’s legit will happily provide lab reports that are easy to find, and if they don’t, then you’ll want to stay away.

Bloomz is proud to show our lab reports to customers on our website, because we’ve nothing to hide.  In fact, we are proud of the exceptional purity of our THC-P, and the potency that’s placed into each hemp flower bud.  Explore our flower today, and just take a look at our third-party lab reports to know that you’re getting the absolute best that our industry had to offer.


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