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How To Take THCA Snow Caps

There’s something new entering the THCA marketplace: THCA snow caps, aka snowballs, which offer the same high-THCA flower buds we know and love, with an additional boost of THCA in the form of crushed up diamonds, which coat each flower to give the appearance of snow-dipped balls of cannabinoid and terpene goodness.

THCA snowballs are extremely popular, as they offer a far higher concentration of tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, the raw form of delta 9 THC, which becomes THC once it’s been heated.  Today, we’ll talk about the best ways to enjoy THCA flower snow caps, since we’re pretty sure you’re already eager to get your hands on them.

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The 101 on THCA Snow Caps 

THCA, or tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in fresh, undried cannabis.  As the cannabis plant dries and ages, THCA slowly converts to THC, the compound known for its psychoactive effects.

THCA flower snow caps or snow caps are THCA flower buds that have been rolled in ground THCA diamonds, so that the entire exterior of each bud is covered in a layer of pure THCA.  Naturally, this increases the potency of the product by a whole lot, since tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, as we all know, becomes delta 9 THC once it’s heated.

THCA flower snow caps have the same flavor and aroma qualities as standard THCA buds, and that’s because cannabinoids have no flavor or aroma qualities to influence the product.  They can also be used interchangeably with THCA flower, meaning that you don’t need to do anything differently to enjoy them.

Just like THCA flower, THCA snow caps are pretty versatile, meaning that you can choose from a variety of ways to take them.  Today, we’ll be looking at the most popular options, all of which require some form of heating, to turn that THCA into psychoactive delta 9 THC.  Given that, we want to mention that when heating THCA snow caps, you’ll want to control the temperature to avoid overheating.  Why?  Well, because overheating can destroy the terpenes and cannabinoids, affecting the flavor and potency.

Method #1: Smoking THCA Snow Caps

The most traditional method by far is smoking the snow caps, which can be the most bioavailable and potent option of all.  Smoking involves combustion, in which a direct fire source is applied to the flower buds, to create smoke that is then inhaled through some type of mechanism.

Smoking is executed through a few different methods.  It’s popular to place the buds in a pipe of some kind, whether it be a small one-hitter or a large bong that uses water filtration.  Another option is to grind up the snow caps and roll them in papers, or even buy pre-rolls, which have done the grinding and rolling parts for you.  Of course, people have gotten creative with smoking, crafting everything from pipes made out of a cored apple, to large gravity bongs that deliver insanely powerful hits of smoke.

Pros of Smoking THCA Snow Caps:

  • The most potent method of all (smoking is the most bioavailable method as the lungs absorb the compounds efficiently, and the smoke carries a denser concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes than vapor).
  • Fast-acting compared to other delivery methods (onset within minutes, like with vaping).
  • Versatile (various methods to smoke, with a wide variety of pipes and papers available).
  • The “old-school” method that many people favor out of tradition.

Cons of Smoking THCA Snow Caps:

  • May lead to coughing and irritation due to the harshness that’s inherent with smoke.
  • It’s hard to travel with because you need to carry a larger setup with you, including the buds, a smoking device or papers, a grinder, and other instruments.
  • You can’t control the temperature to which the snowballs are exposed, and so you can’t customize each pull of smoke like you can with a vaping device.

Method #2: Vaping THCA

Vaping has become a popular alternative to smoking flower buds, thanks to the development of dry herb vaporizers, which range from small, pocket-sized devices to large desktop systems that produce enormous amounts of vapor.  Many popular dry herb vaporizers (aka “flower vaporizers”) allow you to control the temperature to which the flower is exposed, offering more control over your experience through the customization of the output on the device.  Vaping is also the more popular option among those who want to consume flower discreetly, since vapor is not as noticeable as smoke since it dissipates quickly.

Pros of Vaping THCA Snow Caps:

  • Fast-acting and potent, as inhaling the compounds offers the highest level of bioavailability.
  • Easy to customize in terms of output, airflow, etc.
  • Plenty of devices to choose from to accommodate different needs.
  • More portable and travel-friendly than smoking.
  • Fewer respiratory effects than smoking.

Cons of Vaping THCA Snow Caps:

  • Not as potent as smoking.
  • Requires maintenance as devices need to be cared for.
  • Can malfunction on occasion.

Method #3: Baking/Cooking THCA

Last but not least, you can make edibles with THCA snow caps, which is the same process as making edibles with any cannabis flower.  It starts by infusing the snow caps in butter, and then using that butter in place of the fat in a recipe.  This offers an entirely different delivery method from smoking or vaping, as you’re ingesting the cannabinoid rather than inhaling it, which means you’re experiencing the effects in a more unique sorta manner.

Pros of Baking/Cooking with THCA Snow Caps:

  • Longest-lasting effects (6-8 hours).
  • A stronger body high.
  • A fun new, creative hobby.
  • No respiratory effects.
  • No Vape or Smoke Hardware Needed

Cons of Baking/Cooking with THCA Snow Caps:

  • Longer onset time (up to 2 hours).
  • Greater risk of drowsiness than other delivery methods.
  • Requires basic culinary skills.
  • Requires making an infused butter, which can be a process that takes a couple of hours.

Some Final Safety Tips to Know Before Using THCA Snow Caps

Whenever using a product like snow caps, you want to be aware of certain safety precautions beforehand.  THCA snow caps are not dangerous, nor are any hemp products, but still, there are always some things to keep in mind to make sure that you have a smooth experience from beginning to end, without being exposed to any real risks in the process.

Safety Tip #1: Avoid Driving at All Costs

Here’s the thing: THCA snow caps may be legal under federal law, but driving when you’re high is still strictly illegal, even if the product itself is permitted.  That’s because driving while intoxicated on any substance can cause impairment, like a delayed reaction time and poor spatial awareness, which can lead to serious harm to you or another person in a vehicle.

Safety Tip #2: The Equipment Matters

Of course, you want to make sure that whatever equipment you’re using with your THCA snow caps is safe.  This means avoiding any poorly manufactured vaporizers, or ones that have been damaged, as well as avoiding the use of pipes and other glass pieces that are cracked or chipped.  

Safety Tip #3: Basic Kitchen Safety Practices Should Be Applied

If you’re going to be making edibles at home, we’re sure that’s not your first time in the kitchen.  But, we do have to say that it’s important as ever to practice kitchen safety practices, when handling knives, using heat sources, and so on.

Safety Tip #4: Storage and Handling

Yes, you need to store THCA snow caps in a cool, dark place to prevent them from melting or degrading.  An airtight container is ideal to keep them fresh and to avoid contamination.  When it comes to handling them, make sure to use clean tools, so as to prevent introducing contaminants.  Avoid touching them with your hands to maintain their purity and prevent melting, too.

How Do You Want to Enjoy Your THCA Snow Caps?

THCA snow caps can be enjoyed using the same methods we use for standard flower buds, and that’s a huge bonus, as it means that snow caps are super versatile.  The key is choosing which method makes the most sense for you, by weighing the pros and cons.  If you can’t wait to try THCA snow caps with your favorite delivery method, then head over to Bloomz, as here, you can grab the highest-quality indoor-grown THCA Flower Snow Caps so that you can experiment with all of the methods we touched upon today.

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