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Monster Cookies Strain Review

Monster Cookies – even the name of the strain intrigues us enough to put it at the top of the must-try list.  And, considering its parents, its every bit as worthy of the hype it’s been receiving.  Not only that, but its flavor is out of this world, leaving you yearning for just a little bit more.  Given the fact that it’s one of the rarer “Cookies” cultivars, let’s give it a close inspection to tell you what you’re in for, from the appearance of its buds to its luscious flavor, and, of course, the main attraction: its high.


What is Monster Cookies?

Monster Cookies is an indica-dominant hybrid that has some debate as to its exact indica to sativa ratio.  It’s likely between 60/40 up to 70/30, according to most who have tried it.  Monster Cookies comes from crossing Girl Scout Cookies, one of the most popular cannabinoids of all time, with Granddaddy Purple, an absolute legend known for its intense indica effects.  Together, they make for the perfect pairing, as anyone with this strain in their possession will soon find out.  And, despite its two very potent parents, some claim its THC levels are actually below 20% — but this is something we can’t fully confirm, since information on this relatively rare cultivar is ultimately lacking.

What Does Monster Cookies Look Like?

So, what do the buds look like?  They’re described as being medium in size, and they have a super dense structure thanks to their indica dominance.  They’re also known for being particularly sticky, probably thanks to the influence of Granddaddy Purple.  They are mainly forest green in color, but they boast gorgeous blue and purple waves thanks again to the Granddaddy Purple influence.  There’s a nice coating of sugary white trichomes as well, which are quite accentuated in this cultivar.

What Does Monster Cookies Taste and Smell Like?

Let’s get to the flavor and aroma, both of which are absolutely monstrous.  In terms of its aroma, you’re going to get a surprising whiff of spiciness during the smoke thanks to OG Kush, a grandparent in the strain’s lineage.  There’s also an earthy and sweet profile in the fragrance, with hints of grape and lush berries.  Flavor-wise, it’s all about sweet and juicy berries and grapes, with a nutty, vanilla cookie-like note underneath from the “Cookies” influence.  Keep in mind that fragrance-wise, it’s extremely pungent, so you may need to be extra mindful when you’re storing it.

What’s the High Like?

Monster Cookies is a bit slow to build – it’s a creeper when it comes to its high, but don’t let that fool you.  It really will give you a powerful couchlock-inducing high within a relatively short period of time once that initial haziness kicks in, so don’t keep taking more and more thinking you got a week strain.  Once the high does peak, you’ll almost definitely want to stay put in a cozy position on the couch or bed.

Interestingly, its cerebral effects aren’t as strong.  But, that’s not to say you won’t likely feel a deep sense of relaxation, in both your mind and your limbs.  This is the strain you want when you’re ready to unwind and let go of some major stress or frustration.  Yet, you won’t lose the ability to be sociable and giggly, with euphoria being a major theme throughout.  Just keep in mind that it can get trippy pretty fast, so you don’t want to smoke this one right before work, or when you’re out and about.  It’s also particularly good for both sleep and pain.

Overall, we recommend Monster Cookies for individuals who:

  • Want stress relief
  • Want pain relief
  • Want a good social strain
  • Want to feel euphoric  
  • Want a good anytime-of-day option
  • Want intense body relaxation
  • Want better sleep
  • Want to try a new “cookies” variety

What is it Like to Grow Monster Cookies?

It’s actually impossible to buy Monster Cookies seeds for the time-being, which means you’ll have to rely on finding a good clone.  If you do, know that the strain can do great both indoors and outdoors, although if growing outdoors, it wants a Mediterranean climate that’s hot and a bit humid, with temperatures that stay around 70 degrees during the day.

This short and bushy plant will want to be topped regularly, and also is trimmed at the bottom so that air and light can flow freely.  It flowers within about 8-9 weeks indoors, and if you’re growing it outside, plan to harvest it in late September or early October. 

Its yield is average, and its flowers can be heavy, so you might need to support them with some stakes.

Monster Cookies: The Latest Cookies Strain to Captivate the Cannabis World 

Monster Cookies is every bit as tasty as it is euphoric and relaxing, and if you’re seeking out the ultimate body high, you’ve found it.  While it’s generally rare, it’s making its way onto the larger market as we speak, and you can sample it for yourself at Bloomz, in order to enjoy freshly potent Monster Cookies flower buds in either THCA Flower, Delta 8 Flower, THC-P Flower, or HHC Flower.


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