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The Strongest Delta 8 Flower of 2024

Delta 8 THC is the cannabinoid that sort of started it all, when you think about it.  When delta 8 first hit the hemp market several years ago, it was the first legal, non-delta-9 psychoactive cannabinoid to emerge, showing that there are ways to get high off of cannabis without breaking federal law.  To this day even, it remains an extremely popular option, due to its soothing high that’s mellower than delta 9’s.

So, anyone then who is a delta 8 THC fanatic should stick around, as we will be covering some of the most potent delta 8 flower products that you can get on the market today.  Each of these products below offer top-shelf quality, exceptional strain choices, and, of course, enough delta 8 THC to get a really meaningful high out of each session.  Keep in mind, delta 8 flower is raw hemp flower infused with pure delta 8 THC distillate, offering a psychoactive effect that’s out of this world.

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What Exactly is Delta 8 Flower?

Again, delta 8 flower refers to hemp or cannabis flower that has been specifically treated or bred to contain high levels of delta 8 THC, a cannabinoid closely related to delta 9 THC, the most abundant psychoactive compound in marijuana.  Unlike delta 9 THC, Delta 8 THC is known for producing slightly milder psychoactive effects, with users reporting a clear-headed high, less anxiety, and fewer psychoactive intensity levels.  And, while delta 8 THC and delta 9 THC have similar names, they’re distinctly different compounds with distinctly different characteristics, and there are clear-cut reasons why delta 8 THC was made fully federally legal by H.R. 2: The Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018 and delta 9 THC was limited to a maximum content of 0.3% by dry weight.

Delta 8 THC occurs naturally in cannabis plants but in very low concentrations, making it less common than delta 9 THC.  To produce delta 8 THC flower, cannabidiol (CBD) extracted from hemp is often chemically converted into delta 8 THC through a process known as isomerization.  This delta 8 THC is then infused onto hemp flowers to create a product that offers psychoactive effects, though these are generally considered to be less potent than those produced by traditional cannabis products containing delta 9 THC.

How We Ranked Our Delta 8 Flower

Plenty of companies offer delta 8 THC flower, so how did we decide which products deserve a place on our list?  Of course, we paid attention to the actual delta 8 strength in the product, but we also considered a number of additional variables that affect whether or not a particular product is deserving of a spot below.

Premium, Top-Shelf Quality

A product’s quality grade is largely determined by how it was cultivated and processed.  We look for premium, top-shelf quality delta 8 flower, which means that it was bred according to strict standards, trimmed to remove seeds and stems, and handpicked for flavor, aroma, and potency.  Cultivators can use various methods to grow flower, whether indoor, outdoor, or in a greenhouse, and some have stricter quality control standards than others.

Good Choice of Strains 

Of course, we’re looking at the variety of strains that the delta 8 flower is sold in, to make sure that there are plenty of exceptional sativa, indica, and hybrid options to choose from.  Some strains are more highly regarded than others because of their potency, taste, and effects.  In this case, paying attention to strains is extra important since some promote a more powerful high than others.

Third-Party Lab Reports

We go over third-party lab reports to ensure that the company is being honest about the purity, safety, quality, legality, and potency of their delta 8 flower products.

Brand Reputability

We made a point to read reviews left for a company, and we looked through their website to ensure that they offer transparency, as this way, we know that the company is consistently delivering satisfying delta 8 THC flower.


Delta 8 flower should be sold as fresh as possible, because the fresher the flower, the better the taste, and the more potent the effects.  Companies with a low product turnover rate typically sell flower that’s past its peak of freshness.

Flavor & Aroma

Flavor and aroma are big factors that consumers pay attention to, so we make sure to only choose THCA flower products that are renowned for how good they taste and smell.


Finally, we check the potency of delta 8 (usually found in the lab reports, if not on the product page), to be sure that the actual concentration of the cannabinoid is enough to produce powerful effects.

The Most Potent and Powerful Delta 8 Flower for 2024 

Let’s dive into the most potent delta 8 flower products on the market to try out in 2024.  All of the flower below follows the criteria above, while having a reputation throughout the industry for producing some of the strongest psychoactive effects possible.

Potent and Powerful Delta 8 Flower Company/Brand #5: Happy Hemp

Happy Hemp’s delta 8 flower is sold by the ounce in an airtight, resealable pouch, offering up delicious-looking, fragrant, and high-potency buds cultivated using top-notch methods.  The strain selection is quite small, but we love their Sour Diesel flower, since the effects are truly out of this world in terms of their ability to uplift and energize.

Bearly Legal’s delta 8 flower is exquisite in its potency and its flavor, speaking of its pristine quality.  It doesn’t hurt that it comes in some pretty powerful strains like Lifter, Lemon Octane, Citrus Diesel, and others, all of which are known for their outstanding effects.  The brand clearly shows the potency of delta 8 in their lab reports, so you can verify that this flower is very strong.  As a nice extra detail, the buds are cryo-fused to maintain maximum freshness of flavor and potency.  

Potent and Powerful Delta 8 Flower Company/Brand #3: ATLRx 

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, ATLRx has won over enthusiasts with a fabulous lineup of delta 8 products, including some pretty outstanding delta 8 flower.  There are plenty of high-potency strains to choose from, like Candyland, Sour Jack, Forbidden Fruit, Bubba Kush, and more.  The lab reports are easy to find on the website, and the buds are grown indoors for total control over the growing process, allowing for better flavor, more visual appeal, and higher terpene counts, all while being infused with plenty of pure delta 8 distillate.

Potent and Powerful Delta 8 Flower Company/Brand #2: Wild Orchard Co.

Wild Orchard Co. is a longtime favorite on the market, and sister brand to CBD company Hempzilla.  Wild Orchard’s Delta 8 THC Flower boasts outstanding flavor that speaks of its freshness and abundance of trichomes that add to its potency.  Sold in both loose buds and pre-rolls, this flower comes in sought-after strains like Blue Dream, Birthday Cake, Baklava, Gelato, and Gorilla Glue (the highest potency option).

Potent and Powerful Delta 8 Flower Company/Brand #1: Bloomz

Bloomz produces the most powerful delta 8 flower, period.  Grown indoors, the flower is organic, and careful attention is paid to each individual plant to ensure nothing but the best quality possible.  The buds are infused with 99% pure delta 8 distillate, and the lab reports speak for themselves when it comes to the incredible potency that you’ll get out of each individual, flavorful bud.

Meanwhile, you can choose from top-shelf strains that promise strong and satisfying effects, like Apple Fritter, Green Goblin, Strawberry Shortcake, Northern Lights, Grape Zkittlez, and more.

Treat Yourself to the Strongest Delta 8 Flower on Today’s Hemp Market!

Delta 8 flower can really vary in potency depending on where you buy it from, as each company has their own unique process.  But, if a strong high is what you’re chasing, these amazing delta 8 flower products are the way to go.  Bloomz offers the most potent delta 8 flower of all, thanks in large part to a high-purity delta 8 distillate, incredible trichome counts from the best indoor cultivation practices, and a high product turnover rate that allows the flower to be sold completely fresh at all times.  

The Strongest Delta 8 Flower of 2024 is Binoid, Happy Hemp, Bearly Legal, ATLRx, and Wild Orchard. The strongest flower and strains can be found at Binoid, the largest brand with the most cannabis strain products available for an excellent high.

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