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Strongest THCA Flower Brands and Strains of 2024

Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA) is the raw form of delta 9 THC, known as its precursor.  In the raw cannabis plant, cannabinoids exist in these raw, acidic forms.  Only when they are “activated” through a process known as decarboxylation, which involves heating the cannabinoids to specific temperatures, are they converted into their more familiar forms.  

THCA, being a different cannabinoid from THC, has inherent properties that’re unique prior to decarboxylation.  Hence, why researchers are beginning to study its potential therapeutic uses, independent of its relationship to THC.  Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid is the dominant cannabinoid in raw marijuana, before the plant is heated, and makes up about 0.3% of the hemp plant.

Now, we’re seeing THCA flower getting loads of hype over the last few years, being a legal way to enjoy what’s almost chemically identical to weed.  That being said, some THCA flower is more potent and powerful than others.  Why?  Because this has to do with its THCA concentration, coupled with the freshness and overall quality of the product, which determines how strong its effects can be.  

Find some potent and powerful THCA flower can be a challenge, but luckily for you, we have come up with a list of the most potent and powerful THCA flower products you can get on the market.

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What Exactly is THCA Flower?

THCA flower is hemp-derived, and it’s bred to contain high levels of tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, which again, turns into delta 9 THC once heated.  Because THCA is completely legal under federal law, THCA flower can be sold legally, while producing the same effects as marijuana.

How We Ranked Our THCA Flower

Did you know there is more THCA flower on the hemp marketplace than ever before?  So, you might be wondering then, how did we decide which products deserve a place on our list?  In addition to taking a look at how strong the THCA flower is, we considered all kinds of factors that impact whether or not a particular product is deserving of a spot below.

Premium, Top-Shelf Quality

A product’s quality grade is largely determined by how it was cultivated and processed.  We look for premium, top-shelf quality THCA flower, which means that it was bred according to strict standards, trimmed to remove seeds and stems, and handpicked for flavor, aroma, and potency.  Cultivators can use various methods to grow flower, whether indoor, outdoor, or in a greenhouse, and some have stricter quality control standards than others.

Good Choice of Strains 

Of course, we’re looking at the variety of strains that the THCA flower is sold in, to make sure that there are plenty of exceptional sativa, indica, and hybrid options to choose from.  Some strains are more highly regarded than others because of their potency, taste, and effects.  In this case, paying attention to strains is extra important since some strains yield higher THCA levels than others.

Third-Party Lab Reports

We go over third-party lab reports to ensure that the company is being honest about the purity, safety, quality, legality, and potency of their THCA flower products.

Brand Reputability

We made a point to read reviews left for a company, and we looked through their website to ensure that they offer transparency, as this way, we know that the company is consistently delivering satisfying THCA flower.


THCA Flower should be sold as fresh as possible, because the fresher the flower, the better the taste, and the more potent the effects.  Companies with a low product turnover rate typically sell flower that’s past its peak of freshness.

Flavor & Aroma

Flavor and aroma are big factors that consumers pay attention to, so we make sure to only choose THCA flower products that are renowned for how good they taste and smell.


Obviously, we check the potency of the THCA, to be sure that the actual amount of THCA in the buds is enough to produce powerful effects.

The Most Potent and Powerful THCA Flower for 2024 

If you’re craving the strongest THCA flower effects possible, let’s check out these standout products below, all of which adhere to our strict standards for quality and safety, while yielding potent servings of the cannabinoid in question.

Potent and Powerful THCA Flower Company/Brand #5: Bay Smokes

Bay Smokes is an incredibly popular brand known to offer many potent, psychoactive hemp products in a wide variety of product forms.  Their THCA flower has been a huge hit, with a great choice of strains that has something for everyone – including some highly potent cultivars – all of which are grown either indoors or in a greenhouse for superb quality control.  

Potent and Powerful THCA Flower Company/Brand #4: Cannabuddy

Cannabuddy carries some outstanding THCA flower strain choices, many of which are extremely potent, such as Sex Panther, Deathstar, Han Solo, and Wedding Cake.  The potency of THCA in their buds is something that you’ll see a lot in the reviews.  We love that the flower comes in both loose bud and pre-roll form, too.

Potent and Powerful THCA Flower Company/Brand #3: Backwoodz

Backwoodz has gotten lots of love from the community for their special THCA flower.  You can check out a really fantastic selection of strains, like Thin Mint Cookies, Laughing Buddha, Jack Herer, and more, and explore loose buds, pre-rolls, and smalls (small buds).  The THCA flower is very potent, and we love that it’s grown through light dep, a process in which strategic light deprivation techniques offer more control and predictability over each yield.

Potent and Powerful THCA Flower Company/Brand #2: Greenlife Remedies 

A hemp dispensary in Charlotte, North Carolina, Greenlife Remedies has become a go-to throughout the country thanks to their fresh, top-quality products, including their THCA flower.  Greenlife’s THCA flower is sold in a gigantic array of strains, and each product has its THCA concentration listed right there on the product page, so you know exactly how potent it is.  

Potent and Powerful THCA Flower Company/Brand #1: Bloomz

Finally, we have Bloomz, where you’ll find absolutely exceptional THCA flower, with potency levels that go above and beyond.  Bloomz offers a large selection of flower products, including the standard indoor grown line, along with the Gold Line, cultivated via boutique, exotic methods to deliver the most outstanding strains with magnificent potency levels and overall quality.

The strains you can choose from will completely satisfy your need for a powerful high, with many top-shelf choices including Guava Cookies, Ice Cream Cake, Platinum OG, Apple Fritter, Violet Fog, Alien OG, Kush Cake, Strawberry Gary, and more.

Anyone Who’s Ready for a Strong Delta 9 High Needs to Try Bloomz THCA Flower Today!

Here’s the bottom line: not all THCA flower is made equally, and if what you want the most is a very strong high each time you go in for some fresh bud, you want to make sure that not only does the flower have a high THCA strength, but also, that it’s high in quality, cultivated using the finest methods and sold before it starts to degrade with age. 

Fortunately, these awesome THCA flower products offer just that, with Bloomz producing the most potent THCA flower of all – for maximum strength of effects.  Explore the strains from Bloomz and treat yourself to the powerful high you deserve.

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