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THCA Hashrocks vs. THCA Moonrocks: Which Is Better?

A cannabis trend that we’re totally here for is that of “enhanced flower buds”, meaning that you take cannabis flower and enhance it with some type of cannabis byproduct, such as kief, distillate, diamonds, etc.  This way, the product stays all-natural, yet offers far more potency than what ordinary buds can provide, which is ideal for those with a generally high cannabis tolerance.  But what about matchups like sunrocks versus moonrocks?  How do they stack up against one another?  Find out.


The Matchup You’ve Been Waiting For: THCA Hashrocks vs THCA Moonrocks!

THCA flower is particularly popular, since it’s chemically identical to marijuana.  Plus, companies have come up with all kinds of ways to take THCA flower to a whole new level of potency.  Two primary examples are THCA caviar and THCA moonrocks, which are often confused for one another.

Contender #1: THCA Hashrocks

Let’s start with hashrocks, which are sorta a twist on moonrocks.  The key difference with hashrocks is that they’re made with hash rather than flower buds.  Moonrocks are cannabis flower buds infused with a cannabinoid distillate to bring up its potency, and then rolled in kief – the powdery byproduct of the trichomes that coat the buds, which is naturally high in cannabinoids and terpenes.

So, how do hashrocks differ?  Well, like we said, they’re made with hash – not flower buds.  Hash is an all-natural cannabis concentrate, and the first type of concentrate to ever exist, dating back at least hundreds of years.  It’s the result of pressing the flower through intense pressure, to concentrate the resins and oils of the product, resulting in a sticky and dark substance that’s commonly smoked.  

Hashrocks take hash and roll it into a ball, and then coat it in kief.  What this does is offer a more concentrated type of cannabis product, with a moderately high potency in comparison to moonrocks.  Hashrocks, like moonrocks, come in a wide variety of strains – any strain that you can get on the cannabis market.

The exact process is as follows:

  1. Starting with High-Quality Hemp Flowers: The foundation of a good hashrock is premium hemp flower.  These flowers are selected based on their cannabinoid content, particularly CBD for hemp-based products, as well as their terpene profiles which contribute to the aroma and flavor.
  2. Application of Hashish: The distinguishing feature of hashrocks is the application of hashish to the hemp flowers. Hashish, a concentrate made from the compressed resin of the cannabis plant, is rich in cannabinoids and terpenes.  The process often involves slightly warming the hashish to make it more malleable.  It’s then either wrapped around the hemp flower or applied in layers to ensure the flower is fully enveloped.  This step significantly boosts the potency and adds depth to the flavor profile of the final product.
  3. Coating with Cannabis Extracts: To further enhance potency and add a sticky surface for the next step, the hash-covered hemp flowers are coated with a cannabis extract. This can be CBD distillate or another compatible cannabis oil, chosen for its purity and cannabinoid concentration. The application is done with care to ensure an even coating that fully covers the hash and hemp flower.
  4. Rolling in Kief: After coating with cannabis extract, the next step involves rolling the product in kief. Kief consists of the tiny, crystal-like trichomes found on the cannabis flower, which contain a high concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes. This layer not only adds to the potency but also enhances the flavor and aroma of the hashrock.
  5. Curing Process: Once assembled, the hashrocks are left to cure.  This crucial step allows the flavors and cannabinoids from the different components to fuse, creating a cohesive and more potent product.  The curing time can vary but is essential for developing the desired characteristics of the hashrock.
  6. Quality Control and Packaging: After curing, each hashrock undergoes a thorough inspection to ensure it meets quality standards. This includes checking for an even coat of kief, ensuring the hash and extract layers are intact, and verifying overall potency and purity.  The final products are then carefully packaged for distribution, often in airtight containers to preserve their freshness and potency.

The production of hemp hashrocks is both an art and a science, requiring detailed knowledge of cannabis and hemp plant chemistry, as well as a meticulous approach to crafting. The result is a highly potent product that offers a unique and powerful experience for the consumer, combining the best elements of hemp flowers, hashish, extracts, and kief into one.

Who are THCA Hashrocks For?

Well, anyone who’s a fan of hash will love what hashrocks bring to the table.  People also rave how hash offers a stronger flavor, so fans of terpenes will probably enjoy hashrocks, since the kief amplifies that terpene content even higher.  Keep in mind that hashrocks can be made from any type of flower – marijuana, CBD flower, delta 8 flower, THCA flower, and so on.  Due to their high potency, hashrocks are generally recommended for experienced users and should be consumed with care.

Contender #2: THCA Moonrocks

THCA moonrocks are probably the most popular of the pack.  They consist of THCA flower that has been infused with THCA distillate, then coated in THCA flower kief.  Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA) is the raw form of delta 9 THC, and when heated, it becomes delta 9.  So, THCA moonrocks, and THCA flower for that matter, are actually giving you pretty much the same ‘high” as weed.

Question: how are THCA moonrocks made?  Well, it starts with cultivating THCA flower buds.  Industrial hemp can naturally yield high amounts of THCA through specific growing practices, in which the conditions to which the plant is exposed are manipulated so that a high amount of THCA ends up in the flower buds.  The flower buds are harvested, and then given the “moonrocks” treatment with the help of distillate and kief.

THCA moonrocks are the best product for someone who wants a high that’s as close to weed as possible.  In fact, THCA flower is chemically identical to marijuana flower, hence its incredible popularity.

Advantages Over THCA Hashrocks

Comparing THCA moonrocks to THCA hashrocks, the advantages center around the specific methods of production and the unique characteristics of each.  While both are high-potency cannabis products designed for experienced users, there are distinct benefits to choosing THCA moonrocks over THCA hashrocks.

Enhanced Flavor Profile

Again, THCA moonrocks are typically made by coating high-quality cannabis buds with a THCA-rich concentrate and then rolling them in THCA kief.  This multi-layered process not only boosts potency but also significantly enhances the flavor profile.  The combination of flower, concentrate, and kief allows for a complex and rich taste that can be more appealing to users who prioritize a flavorful cannabis experience.

Higher Potency and Diverse Cannabinoid Profile

The layering of cannabis flower, concentrate, and kief ensures not just a high THCA content but also a wide range of cannabinoids and terpenes.  This diversity can lead to a more nuanced and potentially more beneficial therapeutic effect due to the entourage effect, where the combination of various cannabis compounds synergizes to enhance the overall effects.

Long-lasting Effects

Due to the intense potency and comprehensive cannabinoid profile, THCA moonrocks tend to produce long-lasting effects.

Versatility in Consumption

Moonrocks can be smoked in various ways, such as in joints, bongs, or vaporizers, offering users flexibility in how they consume the product.  The presence of the flower base in moonrocks makes them easier to handle and incorporate into different methods of consumption.  Typically, hashrocks might require more preparation to consume due to their dense, compact nature.  They might not be as versatile or easy to break apart for use in as many consumption methods as moonrocks.

Aesthetic and Experience Appeal

The visual appeal of moonrocks, with their glistening coating of kief and concentrate over the bud, can enhance the overall experience for some users.  The process of preparing and consuming moonrocks can also add to the ritualistic aspect of cannabis consumption, which many users appreciate.

THCA Moonrocks Have Launched into 1st Place!

THCA moonrocks offer advantages in terms of flavor complexity, potency, cannabinoid diversity, and versatility of use over THCA hashrocks. They cater to users looking for a premium, intense experience with cannabis, combining the best aspects of high-quality flower, concentrate, and kief into a single, potent product. However, the choice between moonrocks and hashrocks will ultimately depend on personal preferences regarding consumption methods, desired effects, and flavor profiles. 

You can try Bloomz THCA Moonrocks for yourself, which come in several awesome strains, and provide only the finest, freshest, and most potent hemp derivatives possible: our organic THCA flower, our 99% pure THCA distillate, and freshly harvested kief.  Prepare to take your flower to the next level today!

Let’s start with THCA hashrocks, which are sorta a twist on THCA moonrocks.  The key difference with hashrocks is that they’re made with hash rather than flower buds.  Moonrocks are cannabis flower buds infused with a cannabinoid distillate to bring up its potency, and then rolled in kief. THCA moonrocks tend to produce long-lasting effects.

The visual appeal of moonrocks, with their glistening coating of kief and concentrate over the bud, can enhance the overall experience for some users. THCA moonrocks offer advantages in terms of flavor complexity, potency, cannabinoid diversity, and versatility of use over THCA hashrocks.


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