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What To Look For In A THCA Moonrocks Lab Report

THCA moonrocks have arrived to offer an outstandingly potent alternative to flower, taking THCA flower buds and infusing them with THCA distillate and coating them in pure kief, bringing the potency up to incredibly high amounts.  Naturally, THCA moonrocks have become a big ticket item in the last year as an influx of people are seeking out a powerful high that’s both all-natural and federally legal.

THCA moonrocks are easier to find than ever before, which’s ultimately a good thing for consumers who want to be able to have their pick of countless options.  And, as you may have guessed, quality levels can vary a lot on the market, as each brand has its own methods and standards.  Luckily, third-party lab reports exist to provide customers with assurance that what they’re getting is precisely what they’re looking for.


Why Does Third-Party Testing Matter So Much?

Any company that sells hemp products must have their products tested by a third-party lab, as required by law, but that doesn’t mean every company does.  Federal law requires that hemp-derived products are only legally allowed to possess up to 0.3% delta 9 THC, and the only way for a company to verify that this is the case is by submitting batches of their hemp extracts to an objective, state-licensed third-party testing facility, where it’s analyzed through a protocol that is standard throughout the entire industry.

Lab-testing isn’t just for proving that a product is compliant with the law.  It goes over many factors involving the product, including its purity, and whether or not it’s been contaminated, to show that it’s safe for human consumption.  A company can swear that they offer the purest, safest THCA moonrocks possible, but the reality is that you can never know for sure without looking at the lab report.  And, if a company isn’t publishing their lab reports on their website for customers to read, that’s a pretty bad sign, since it usually means that there’s something that the company wants to hide about their practices. 

Where Would a THCA Moonrocks Lab Report Be?

Companies should make a point to make their third-party lab reports as easy to find as possible on their website.  They’re likely to be in one of two locations: either on the product page or on a separate page where each lab report is listed together.  Every individual moonrocks product (like each strain, for example) should have its own individual lab report, so that you can find the report for the specific product you want to purchase.

In you can’t actually find the lab report on a company’s website, you can always contact the company and ask for access to them.  Just know that some companies require that you scan a QR code on the product’s label to access the lab report for that particular flower product.

How Can I Be Sure a THCA Moonrocks Lab Report is Authentic?

Although it’s incredibly rare, the truth is that a lot of companies do publish lab reports that have been altered somehow or are entirely illegitimate.  This can mean making a fake document altogether, or modifying/editing an existing, authentic one to change the information on it.  Thankfully, all lab reports are easy to trace back to the laboratory.

Any lab report should feature the lab’s name somewhere (usually the top left or top right corner of the sheet) along with a reference number.  To verify that a lab report is authentic, first you’ll want to look up the name of the lab, to make sure that it’s a real laboratory.  If you want to be fully sure, you can contact the lab and give them the reference number to make sure that the report is authentic.

What are Short and Long THCA Moonrocks Lab Reports?

Short and long THCA flower moonrocks lab reports refer to specialized laboratory analyses designed for this type of product.  To better break it down:

  • Short Lab Reports: Typically summarize the essential information regarding the potency and safety of the product.  This includes the concentration of THCA and THC, in addition to testing for contaminants such as pesticides, mold, and bacteria.  The goal of these reports is to quickly inform consumers about the strength and purity of moonrocks, ensuring that they are safe for consumption.
  • Long Lab Reports: Provide a comprehensive analysis of the product, offering detailed information that goes beyond just potency and safety.  This can include a full cannabinoid profile, identifying not only THCA and THC but also other cannabinoids like CBD, CBN, and CBG.  A terpene profile might also be included, which details the aromatic compounds present that contribute to the flavor and possible therapeutic effects of the moonrocks.  Furthermore, more exhaustive safety testing is typically reported, such as checks for heavy metals, residual solvents from the extraction process, and a more detailed look at potential microbial contamination.

Both types of reports are integral to maintaining transparency and ensuring consumer safety in the legal cannabis market. By providing both a summary and an in-depth look at the product’s chemical makeup and safety, producers can help consumers make informed decisions while also complying with regulatory standards.  The lab reports also serve as a quality assurance tool, demonstrating the producer’s commitment to high standards and helping to build trust with consumers.

What to Look for While Reading a THCA Moonrocks Lab Report 

We know that looking at a lab report for the first time can be overwhelming, with so many bits of information on one page, and plenty of terms you never heard of before.  Let’s go through each section to explain what it means, and what you should be paying attention to.

THCA Moonrocks Purity and Potency

One of the first things to heck when looking at a THCA moonrocks lab report is information about the purity of the product (whether or not it contains additives), and how much THCA is in the product (its potency/concentration, which should be higher than average because of the presence of THCA distillate and kief).  The purity level in particular is very important because it will tell you whether or not the distillate infused into the product is actually pure.

Now, don’t expect a 100% THCA product, as there are hundreds of individual compounds in a sample of THCA flower, including THCA moonrocks.  The potency of the THCA moonrocks should be above 30%, as this represents the entire THCA concentration of the product: the THCA in the flower, and the distillate and kief.

There should also be a section that tells you about the legal compliance of the moonrocks, as it will show the amount of delta 9 THC in the product, which should not exceed 0.3%.  Keep in mind that THCA decarboxylates (reaches the right temperature to convert from THCA into delta 9).  There may be the slightest trace of delta 9 in a lab report, because of this, as some of the THCA may slowly achieve the threshold temperature to convert.

THCA Moonrocks Safety

Safety is obviously a big factor to pay attention to, and there will be a whole section of a lab report for this.  This section is where you’ll learn whether or not the THCA moonrocks contain any impurities that could cause harm to the user, like specific types of microbes, heavy metals, environmental toxins (pesticides, etc.), solvents, or contaminants.  Naturally, you will want avoid any product that contains harmful impurities.


Another thing to pay attention to is the chemical composition as broken down into cannabinoids and terpenes.  THCA moonrocks should, of course, have an above-average THCA concentration, but there should be other cannabinoids in there as well – after all, hemp contains over 100 individual cannabinoids in varying amounts.  You should see a list of cannabinoid and terpene percentages that makes up that particular moonrocks product, which will vary based on the strain that you’ve chosen.  

THCA Moonrocks Lab Reports are Worth Looking for!

Like all hemp products, THCA moonrocks must be tested by a lab, and the lab reports offer a very valuable way to make sure you’re getting the product you deserve – not to mention a product that’s both safe and legal.  At Bloomz, you will find THCA Moonrocks that come with third-party lab reports, which’re easy to access on our website, in order to know you’re getting nothing but the cream of the crop.


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