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5 Severe THCA Show Caps Side Effects You Must Know

If THCA flower was the must-have hemp product of 2023, then THCA snow caps are the one to try in 2024.  Offering up a more potent flower product than ever, they consist of THCA flower buds rolled in crushed up THCA diamonds, to bring the THCA concentration to a beyond-belief level – sometimes topping out at 70%, or even higher.

Now, THCA snow caps are inherently more potent than regular flower, and definitely more potent than weed as well.  So, does that mean that there are certain risks to be aware of when partaking?  Allow us to answer that by going over the potential for side effects associated with THCA snow caps.


What are THCA Snow Caps and are They Dangerous?

THCA flower snow caps are pretty new to the market, and they refer to THCA flower buds that are rolled in THCA diamonds that have been ground into a fine powder.  The result is that each bud is covered in an exterior layer of THCA in its purest form.  They get their name from the fact that they look like they’re covered in snow, since THCA diamonds take on a crystal-like structure, and grinding them up gives them a snow-like appearance.

Like we’ve said, THCA snow caps have an incredible concentration of THCA compared to most products on the market.  And, that THCA is actually converting into delta 9 THC as you’re consuming the product, so the high is outstanding.  Still, this is ultimately a product that’s known to be nontoxic, and even in high doses, it’s not associated with major health risks.  

What Side Effects Might I Get from Using THCA Snow Caps?

THCA snow caps aren’t inherently riskier than THCA flower, but the higher potency of the former does mean that the risk of the already-established cannabis-related side effects is higher – especially if you’re someone with a generally low THC tolerance to begin with.  Let’s go over those side effects, which fortunately are extremely unlikely to require any kind of medical attention, as they’re mild, and pass within a few hours at most.

Side Effect #1: Paranoia/Anxiety

Getting too high off of THC can leave you feeling anxious and paranoid, and this is something that’s happened to pretty much everyone at some time or another.  This is way more common among people with a low THC tolerance, such as beginners, as well as people who end up taking way more than they should.  The feeling of uneasiness typically goes away after the high has passed its peak, and the cannabinoid’s effects on CB1 receptors aren’t as strong.  People may feel self-conscious as well during this time, thinking that everyone is judging them – this is actually incredibly common when you’re high.

Side Effect #2: A Drop in Blood Pressure

A lot of people aren’t aware that your blood pressure is lower when you’re high, and that’s why a lot of people get certain side effects like a faster heart rate, a feeling of pins and needles in the arms and legs, and lightheadedness.  Sure, these may be unpleasant, but the good news is that we’ve yet to hear of someone’s blood pressure dropping to dangerously low levels which require urgent medical care.  If you end up feeling faint from taking too much THCA flower snow caps, just lie down for a bit and let the feeling pass on its own.

Side Effect #3: Bloodshot Eyes and Cottonmouth

Two side effects that happen to just about everyone are cottonmouth and bloodshot eyes, both of which are caused by the way in which the cannabinoid interacts with cannabinoid receptors that regulate moisture of our eyes and mouth.  These side effects are more annoying than anything, as they don’t have any real health-related implications.

And, luckily, they’re both pretty easy to remedy.  All that you need to do is have some water and eye drops on-hand, and you should be just fine in no time. 

Side Effect #4: Impairment/Drowsiness

It’s very normal to feel drowsy, foggy and uncoordinated while high.  THC throws off our cognitive balance in ways that can make ordinarily simple tasks far more difficult.  You might notice a loss of balance, difficulty with executive functions like decision-making or short-term memory, or an urge to lay down and go to sleep.  All of this is normal, and thus, can last for a few hours at most.  Keep in mind that the impairment caused by getting too high can lead to difficulty driving, and that’s why driving under the influence is illegal, even despite the product itself being legal.  

Side Effect #5: Nausea

The rarest side effect is the feeling of nausea, which may seem odd considering the fact that so many people turn to cannabis specifically to treat nausea.  We can’t tell you exactly why this occurs, as that remains unknown for the time-being, but we’re pretty sure that it’s associated with taking far more THC than intended, which can lead to disruptions in serotonin-related processes, as nausea is regulated by serotonin receptors.

What to Know About THCA Snow Caps and Drug-Testing

Another thing we want to touch upon is the drug-testing factor.  While this isn’t a health-related side effect, it’s an effect of taking THCA flower snow caps that can have negative consequences on your life.  Again, THCA flower snow caps are actually providing your body with ample amounts of delta 9 THC, which will cause a failed drug test result if you still have traces in your system. 

Just because the product is hemp-derived, federally legal, and labeled as “THCA” rather than “delta 9 THC” does not mean that you’re safe from the implications associated with a positive test result, such as a potential loss of employment, or suspension of your driver’s license.  So, please take THCA flower snow caps responsibly.

THCA Snow Caps May Lead to Certain Side Effects, But Thankfully, Nothing Major  

THCA snow caps are definitely going to give you stronger effects overall than standard THCA flower.  But, does that mean that they’re more dangerous?  No.  Thankfully, cannabis products are generally safe for consumption, assuming you’re buying authentic snow caps that are made by a trustworthy brand like Bloomz

And, while we’ve shown that THCA snow caps can cause certain side effects that are associated with delta 9 THC, none of these are serious, so at the very worst, you can lay down and wait out whatever comes your way.


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