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THCA Snowballs Drug Test: Why You Would Fail

THCA Flower Snowballs have arrived at Bloomz, offering up an even more potent form of THCA flower for those who want a powerful delta 9 THC experience!  By coating THCA flower in THCA diamond dust, you get an even stronger concentration of tetrahydrocannabinolic acid than what you’d get from ordinary flower, with many snowballs topping out at 45% THCA max.

Now, the more THCA, the better, right?  Well, not necessarily, especially if you’ve a drug test coming up.  So, let’s talk about how your drug test might be impacted then, if you’ve been using THCA snowballs, whether you’ve been smoking them, vaping them, baking with them, etc.


The Process of Testing for Cannabis Use 

Before covering whether or not THCA snowballs can impact a drug test, let’s go over the different ways in which people can be tested for cannabis use, overall.  We want to touch upon the most common types of drug tests that are administered across the country, as the test you end up taking can have the most influence of all when it comes to passing or failing.

  • Urine Test: Urine tests are by far the most common type of drug test in the United States, and almost all employers use this type of test when testing employees for drugs.  Urine tests can show evidence of drug use roughly 2-60 days after the last dose, depending on the amount that’s in the body.  They’re reliable, cheap and have a fast turnaround time, making them a highly efficient means for drug-testing.
  • Saliva Test: A saliva test typically detects whether or not certain drugs were taken within the last 10 hours.  And, they’re far more commonly used by law enforcement officers than anyone else, basically to inform them whether or not a person may be intoxicated at the time of the test.  
  • Hair Test: Hair tests usually show evidence of drug use within the last 90 days.  They’re not commonly used for employment, as they’re expensive and have a long turnaround time, not to mention somewhat unreliable, and negated if the person cuts or dyes their hair.  
  • Blood Test: A blood test only shows if a person is actively high on a substance, as for a person to be intoxicated, they must have the substance in their bloodstream.
  • Sweat Test: A sweat test is rarely used for drug-testing, and more associated with clinical trials.  That’s because it’s quite invasive, involving a person attaching an adhesive patch to their skin for 2 weeks, which collects their perspiration.

Can a Drug Test Find THCA?

Now, where does THCA fall into all of this?  Well, as many people already know, THCA (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid) is the raw acidic cannabinoid that acts as the precursor to delta 9 THC.  When THCA is heated, like through smoking, vaping, etc., it becomes delta 9.  Drug tests typically don’t look for THCA left in its raw form, but delta 9 THC, yes.

Still, THCA products like THCA snowballs or snow caps are heated to be consumed.  What this means is that if you’re using THCA snowballs, what you’re actually consuming is delta 9 THC, as the THCA has been converted.  And, as most of us are aware, delta 9 THC, whether it comes from hemp or marijuana, will cause a failed drug test result.  At the same time, THCA snowballs are particularly potent in terms of THCA content, so the risk of that delta 9 usage getting picked up is all the more likely.

Actually, it’s not THC that a drug test is looking for at all.  It’s THC-COOH – an enzyme that the body produces from THC cannabinoids after we take them.  THC-COOH is simply a delta 9 metabolite, which lingers in the body for longer than the ‘high’ itself.  

What is the Likelihood of Failing a Drug Test After Taking THCA Snowballs?

So, are you doomed if you’ve recently partaken in some THCA snowballs?  Not necessarily.  As it turns out, the likelihood of failing a test actually depends on a pretty complex variety of factors, some more predictable than others.  Let’s elaborate.

Reason #1: How Much You Consumed

The amount of THCA you actually consumed prior to your drug test is going to matter.  Taking a few puffs one time off of some snowballs is different from going through an ounce every couple of days.  The more THCA being consumed, the more THC-COOH is in your system, and the longer it will take to break down.  If you took a tiny dose, you may only test positive for a few days, while a heavy dose can linger in the system for weeks.

Reason #2: How Frequently You Consumed It

How often you were taking the flower is also going to matter, for the same reason as above.  Partaking in THCA snowballs each day is not the same as having a little bit once in a while.  The more frequently you took it, the more of a “backlog” of THC-COOH is in your system, and the longer it will take before all of it is gone – in other words, before you’re no longer testing positive.

Reason #3: The Strain You Chose

As you may know, some strains of THCA flower contain higher concentrations of THCA than others, and since what’s being tested for is THC-COOH, a more potent flower strain is going to increase your chance of failing a test.  THCA flower strains can vary in terms of concentration, from roughly 10-30% THCA, which, again, converts into 10-30% THC.  So, that’s something that you may want to consider if you have a test coming up, although snowballs are so potent that the difference in passing or failing because of the strain is not as significant as you may think.

Reason #4: Your Metabolism and Health

Of course, some people just metabolize THC-COOH faster than others due to the state of their metabolism, as well as their health.  For instance, being dehydrated causes a higher concentration of THC-COOH that can be detected in the body, and when we’re sick, our metabolism slows down.

How Long Does it Take for THC to Leave Your Body and Can You Flush It Out Quickly?

Overall, the time it takes for THC to completely leave your body can vary depending on several factors including frequency of use, dosage, metabolism, individual physiology and the drug test being administered.

Flushing THC out of your body quickly is a topic of interest for many people, especially those facing drug tests or wanting to clear their system for other reasons.  Here are some general strategies that are often mentioned, but it’s important to note that effectiveness can vary widely from person to person:

  1. Hydration: Drinking plenty of water is believed to help flush out toxins, including THC.  However, excessive water intake right before a drug test can dilute the urine, which might be flagged as suspicious by testing authorities.
  2. Exercise: THC is stored in fat cells, so activities that help burn fat, like cardiovascular exercises, might theoretically speed up the detox process.  This is more of a long-term strategy and may not be effective in the short term.
  3. Healthy Diet: Eating a diet high in fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins can support the body’s natural detoxification processes.  Avoiding processed foods, sugars, and unhealthy fats is generally advised.
  4. Detox Drinks and Kits: There are various products on the market claiming to cleanse the body of THC rapidly.  Their effectiveness is highly debated, and some might even be harmful or cause you to fail a drug test for tampering.
  5. Saunas and Sweating: Some believe that sweating through exercise or sauna use can help eliminate THC through the skin.  However, there’s limited scientific evidence to support this method as effective for speeding up THC elimination.
  6. Abstinence: Naturally, the most foolproof way to clear THC from your system is to stop consuming it.  The body will gradually break down and eliminate THC, but this process can take weeks to months depending on the factors mentioned above.

Note: Approach any method with caution and be aware of the potential risks and limitations.  None of these methods can guarantee the rapid clearance of THC, especially if facing a drug test on short notice.  Additionally, attempting to cheat or tamper with a drug test can have serious legal and personal consequences.

Bottom Line: You Will Likely Fail a Drug Test if You Take THCA Snowballs 

Basically, taking any form of THCA flower can put you at risk of failing a drug test – as much of a risk as using marijuana.  Because of that, if you are going to be drug-tested soon, we strongly recommend avoiding THCA snowballs until after the drug test has passed.  When it comes to drug-testing, it’s always better to be safe than sorry, especially if something like your job or career is at risk.

THCA Snowballs is a new compound that has been found to stay in your system around 2-18 days in the body before being completely gone. If you are taking a drug test, we recommend refraining use of THCA Snowballs products as they will fail a drug test. This is because THCA is still THC, and very similar chemically to Delta 9 THC.


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