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THCA Sunrocks vs THCA Moonrocks: Which Is Better?

A cannabis trend that we’re totally here for is that of “enhanced flower buds”, meaning that you take cannabis flower and enhance it with some type of cannabis byproduct, such as kief, distillate, diamonds, etc.  This way, the product stays all-natural, yet offers far more potency than what ordinary buds can provide, which is ideal for those with a generally high cannabis tolerance.  But what about matchups like sunrocks versus moonrocks?  How do they stack up against one another?  Find out.


The Matchup You’ve Been Waiting For: THCA Sunrocks vs THCA Moonrocks!

THCA flower is particularly popular, since it’s chemically identical to marijuana.  Plus, companies have come up with all kinds of ways to take THCA flower to a whole new level of potency.  Two primary examples are THCA caviar and THCA moonrocks, which are often confused for one another.

Contender #1 Sunrocks

Sunrocks are the result of taking cannabis flower and coating it in a layer of pure cannabinoid distillate, which is the purified extract of a single cannabinoid, which has an oily, sticky consistency.  This gives them a “glistening” appearance that explains the name, and is a play on “moonrocks”, which’re the same thing, except they’re then rolled in kief.

Sunrocks are not specific to any one cannabinoid, either.  You can buy marijuana sunrocks, CBD sunrocks, delta 8 sunrocks, and, yes, THCA sunrocks.  As you can see, they consist of just two components: flower and distillate.  And, they come in the same strains as every other type of flower product.

So, what’s the point of sunrocks, anyway?  Well, as you may have guessed, coating the buds of the hemp plant in a pure cannabinoid distillate amps up the potency of said cannabinoid.  For example, if you’ve delta 8 flower (hemp flower infused with delta 8 THC), and you coat it in a layer of delta 8 distillate, you now got a product with an above-average delta 8 THC concentration.

Sunrocks start out like all types of flower products: industrial hemp is cultivated, the buds are harvested at the precise time when the cannabinoid and terpene concentrations are just right, and then trimmed and cured, with the latter step preserving them so that they don’t develop mold.  Obviously, this is also how snowballs start out, although moonrocks are typically made with THCA flower, which is something that we’ll cover more in the next section.

Creating sunrocks involves a careful balance of selecting the right materials and precisely executing each step to produce a product that is both potent and flavorful.  The exact process is as follows:

  1. Selection of Hemp Flowers: The process begins with the selection of high-quality hemp flowers.  These flowers are chosen for their cannabinoid profiles, terpene content, and overall quality.  The better the starting material, the more potent and flavorful the final product will be.
  2. Coating with Cannabis Extract: Once the hemp flowers are selected, they are coated with a cannabis extract.  This extract can be either a THC or CBD concentrate, depending on the desired effect of the sunrock.  The coating is typically done by gently heating the concentrate to make it more pliable and then evenly applying it over the hemp flower.  This can be done by brushing, drizzling, or dipping the flower into the extract.
  3. Rolling in Kief: After the flowers are coated with the cannabis extract, the next step is to roll them in kief (consists of the trichomes, or resin glands, that have been separated from the rest of the hemp flower).  These trichomes contain a high concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes.  Rolling the coated THCA flowers in kief ensures that they are fully covered and adds an extra layer of potency and flavor.
  4. Curing: After the hemp THCA flowers are coated in the extract and rolled in kief, they are left to cure.  This process allows the flavors to meld together and creates a more cohesive product.  The curing process can vary in length, but it typically lasts for several days to a few weeks.
  5. Final Inspection and Packaging: Once the sunrocks have cured, they undergo a final inspection to ensure quality and consistency.  Any excess kief is gently brushed off, and the sunrocks are weighed and packaged for sale.

One advantage of sunrocks over other types of products, including moonrocks, is that it’s easier to see the actual buds beneath the coating.  The distillate is clear in color, while both diamond powder and kief create an opaque finish.  The result, therefore, is that sunrocks allow you to see the appearance of the flower to get an idea of its color hues, its hairs, and its trichomes, all of which are key indicators into the actual buds’ quality.

Contender #2: THCA Moonrocks

Moonrocks have been on the market for a couple of years now, but they’re really taking off right now as it’s become easier to buy hemp-derived cannabis flower online.  The premise is pretty simple: take cannabis flower, infuse it with a distillate of any cannabinoid, and coat it in kief (a naturally occurring cannabis byproduct that has a powdery texture).  It results from friction between cannabis flower buds, in which the resinous trichomes turn into a dust and fall off.  These trichomes happen to contain the plant’s cannabinoids and terpenes, so this once overlooked byproduct has become extremely valuable.

Moonrocks are naturally going to have higher levels of cannabinoids and terpenes than raw flower.  The distillate, too, gives this cannabinoid a boost of its dominant cannabinoid, whether that be delta 8 THC, CBD, THCA, or other cannabinoid types.  Overall, moonrocks exist to offer a more potent form of a specific type of cannabis flower product.

THCA moonrocks are probably the most popular type of moonrocks you can find today.  THCA moonrocks refer to THCA flower buds that have been infused or coated with THCA distillate, and then coated in a layer of THCA flower kief.  

To make THCA moonrocks, you initially need to grow industrial hemp plants that produce THCA flower buds.  Industrial hemp can naturally yield high amounts of THCA through specific growing practices, in which the conditions to which the plant is exposed are manipulated so that a high amount of THCA ends up in the flower buds.  The flower buds are harvested, and then given the “moonrocks” treatment with the help of distillate and kief.

THCA moonrocks are the top product for anyone search for a a high that’s as close to weed as possible.  In fact, THCA flower is chemically identical to marijuana flower, hence its remarkable popularity.

Advantages Over Sunrocks

Focusing specifically on THCA moonrocks, the advantages over THCA sunrocks primarily stem from their preparation process, potency, and overall user experience.

Higher Potency and THCA Content

THCA moonrocks are designed to maximize the potency of the product.  They start with high-quality cannabis buds rich in THCA, which’re then coated in a high-THCA concentrate and finally rolled in pure THCA kief.  This process significantly amplifies the THCA content, making moonrocks incredibly potent.  So, the higher THCA concentration means that when decarboxylated (heated), moonrocks can produce an exceptionally high THC output, resulting in stronger and more intense effects compared to sunrocks.

Enhanced Flavor and Experience

The combination of premium buds, potent THCA concentrate, and THCA kief in moonrocks offers a unique and enhanced flavor profile.  This complex layering provides a more intense and varied tasting experience, often preferred by connoisseurs and those seeking a richer flavor.  Also, the intense effects and rich flavors make THCA moonrocks particularly appealing to experienced users looking for a powerful and immersive cannabis experience.

Long-lasting Effects

Due to their high potency, the effects of THCA moonrocks are not only more intense but also longer-lasting.  This makes them a popular choice for users seeking extended relief from medical symptoms such as chronic pain, severe anxiety, or insomnia.

Efficiency and Cost-effectiveness

While THCA moonrocks are generally more expensive upfront due to their high-quality ingredients and the labor-intensive process required to make them, they are often more cost-effective in the long run.  A small amount goes a long way due to their potency, meaning users may consume less product over time to achieve the desired effects.

Versatility in Use

Although both moonrocks and sunrocks offer versatility in how they can be consumed (e.g., smoked in a joint, pipe, or vaporizer), the intense potency of THCA moonrocks means they can be used more sparingly in various consumption methods.  This allows for a more controlled and personalized dosing, accommodating users who seek strong effects but want to manage their intake carefully.

The Winner is… THCA Moonrocks!

Overall, THCA moonrocks win the matchup, as the reason is this, although they have some key things in common, the overall strength and better flexibility of moonrocks is prevalent. You can explore Bloomz THCA Moonrocks for yourself, which come in several awesome strains, and provide only the finest, freshest, and most potent hemp derivatives possible: our organic THCA flower, our 99% pure THCA distillate, and freshly harvested kief.


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