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Is THC-P Flower More Sativa or Indica Acting

THC-P flower has provided a new, dazzling way to experience the ultra-powerful effects of the strongest cannabinoid in cannabis, paired with the properties of full spectrum, raw hemp flower.  THC-P flower comes in a wide range of strains, but THC-P’s unique effects are also going to influence how the high feels.  So, with that being said, does THC-P actually feel more like an indica or a sativa, and how does that affect your flower experience?


Indica vs. Sativa: What Does it Mean?

For those who are generally new to the world of cannabis, let’s quickly talk about these two strain categories.  The strain of cannabis is determined by its distinctive configuration of cannabinoids and terpenes, which’s unique from one cultivar to the next.

  • Indica Strains: Known for their higher level of myrcene, which is a more sedating terpene.  Indicas can deliver a more powerful body high, which can be strong enough to cause couchlock.  They are also generally more sedating, which is why they’re most popular to take at nighttime.
  • Sativa Strains: The opposite of indica strains, loved for their uplifting, focus-enhancing, creativity-boosting, and often energizing effects.  They may produce a body high as well, but it may feel more like a warm and tingly sensation throughout the muscles, rather than a heavy, sedating feeling.  Sativa strains may also make a person feel more sociable, and thus, are generally preferred during the daytime.

Does THC-P Flower Feel More Like a Sativa or an Indica?

At the end of the day, it’s hard to describe THC-P as more sativa-acting or more indica-acting.  That’s because it seems to offer a lot of sativa and indica traits simultaneously, as people describe both euphoric, uplifting effects, and calming, body-high-inducing effects.  And, that’s not surprising, because ultimately, THC-P is sort of like an ultra-potent form of delta 9.  

What Can Influence How THC-P Flower Feels

Ultimately, THC-P can pretty much guarantee a powerful high, but each person’s experience with the cannabinoid can be surprisingly different from another’s.  Let’s elaborate, as you’ll see that there are a number of factors that can influence how this cannabinoid makes you feel.


One thing you might underestimate is just how much their own system can determine how they feel when they’re high on a cannabis derivative.  For instance, our hormones play a big role in how a cannabinoid affects us, determining things like how potently we feel it, and how it affects our mood. 

Besides that, we all have a unique configuration of neurotransmitters in our brains that determine our mental state, and cannabinoids work with these neurotransmitters directly.  This is why we might notice a more euphoric high when we’re already in a good mood, and might get a drowsier high when we’re exhausted.

Anything Else That May Be in Your System

Many other substances in your body can work synergistically with THC-P flower to influence your high.  An example is having THC-P flower with coffee, which can give you more sativa-like effects.  There are also other cannabinoids that can be taken with THC-P that will change the high.  For instance, mixing THC-P with delta 8, a more soothing, indica-like cannabinoid, can make the high lean more indica-like overall.

The Strain of the Flower Buds 

Of course, if you’re buying your flower in, say, a sativa strain, you’re going to have a sativa-like experience, and vice versa with an indica strain.  The strain of the THC-P hemp flower is going to have the biggest affect, on what your high feels like.

When You Take THC-P Flower 

A lot of people find that when they take THC-P matters, since cannabinoids generally work with our innate circadian rhythm.  In other words, taking the cannabinoid in the morning may increase alertness and focus, while taking the same cannabinoid at night could help you feel more prepared for bedtime.

The Way You Use It

Many people say that edibles produce a more indica-like high, since the body high can be very heavy.  So, if you’re cooking or baking with your THC-P flower, as opposed to smoking or vaping it, you might notice more indica effects.

THC-P Flower Can Be More Indica or Sativa-Like Depending on How You Use it 

At the end of the day, your experience with THC-P flower can be very unique, and that’s the beauty of cannabinoids, as we each experience them differently.  But, overall, if we had to choose one type of strain to compare THC-P to, it would have to be a hybrid.  Bloomz THC-P Flower comes in a variety of strains to cater to your most specific needs, so explore our flower today to see how it affects you.


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