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What are the Potential Side Effects of Using THC-P Flower What are the Potential Benefits of Using THC-P Flower What are the Potential Benefits of Using THC-P Flower

7 Severe THC-P Flower Side Effects

THC-P flower is here at last, delivering a more potent form of cannabis flower that just so happens to be federally legal.  Tetrahydrocannabiphorol (THC-P) is 10x times as intoxicating as delta 9 THC, so to say that it packs a serious punch isn’t just hype.  That being said, especially because its effects can be so strong, a lot of people wonder about side effects.  We want to express that THC-P flower is nontoxic, so there’s no major health risk associated with it.  But still, you might notice some mild effects especially as a beginner, so let’s go over those so you know what to expect.

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Are There Any Side Effects of THC-P Flower?

Whether you decide to smoke, vape, or cook/bake with THC-P flower, you may notice some mild, temporary side effects.  In fact, they’re the same side effects associated with delta 9 THC, but because tetrahydrocannabiphorol is more powerful than delta 9, these side effects may be a bit stronger as well, if you go heavy-handed with your flower product.

#1: THC-P May Cause Cottonmouth  

Dry mouth is one of the most common side effects in general with psychoactive cannabinoids.  Aka cottonmouth, it’s not actually a sign that you’re dehydrated, as many mistakenly believe.  In reality, it comes from the interaction between the cannabinoid and cannabinoid receptors that control our salivary glands.  And, fortunately, it is easily remedied with a glass of water.

#2: THC-P May Make Your Eyes Dry and Bloodshot

THC-P also interacts with cannabinoid receptors that regulate eye moisture levels, and so it’s perfectly normal for the eyes to get dry when high on THC cannabinoids, like this one.  Your eyes may look bloodshot (red), and even feel parched whenever you blink.  Some lubricating eye drops can quickly remedy this harmless side effect.

#3: THC-P May Increase Appetite 

THC-P can definitely give you “the munchies” just like delta 9 THC.  Most cannabinoids are known to increase appetite, and this side effect isn’t anything to worry about.  The effect usually starts about halfway through the high and may last for a bit after the high has worn off.

#4: THC-P May Make You Feel Dizzy 

It’s normal for THC-P to cause mild dizziness or lightheadedness if you’ve taken a lot of it.  This can mean feeling unsteady, or even thinking that the room is spinning.  This side effect can be all the more powerful if you’ve also consumed alcohol.  Passing out while high on any cannabinoid is incredibly rare, but if you do feel unstable or weak, just sitting or lying down can help.

#5: THC-P May Make Your Blood Pressure Lower  

Part of the reason why you might feel dizzy is because THC-P can temporarily cause your blood pressure to decrease, not to a concerning amount, but enough for it to be noticeable.  It can also cause your heart to beat faster, which again isn’t a real concern, but may feel particularly unpleasant because of how much being high on THC makes us hyperaware of physical sensations.  Again, you don’t really need to do anything about this but simply wait it out.

#6: THC-P May Make You Anxious or Paranoid if You Take Too Much 

Those who take more THC-P than their tolerance allows often report feeling anxious or paranoid, because of the cerebral effects that can become overwhelming to an intoxicated brain.  Hypervigilance, self-consciousness, and a general sense that something is wrong are all reported when this side effect occurs.  Luckily, these feelings often pass before the high has worn off, once the cerebral effects have peaked.

#7: THC-P May Make You Groggy and Unsteady

Feeling groggy is a common side effect with THC-P and other cannabinoids, which can linger for a couple of hours after the initial high is gone (known as “burnout”).  You might also feel a bit wobbly as you try to walk around.  This is just a normal part of being intoxicated, and thus, will pass.

#8: Inability to Drive

A person should NEVER drive while under the influence of THCA Flower or any other flower THC for that matter.  Any intoxicating substance will impair a person’s driving and is very dangerous.

#9: THC-P Flower Can Cause Drowsiness and Fogginess 

THCA flower is known for its hazy effects when taken in higher doses, and this can make a person feel foggy and spacey, struggling to concentrate or remember things that they were just thinking about moments ago.  It can also cause drowsiness, which can make a person feel either groggy or sleepy.  If you’re experiencing these side effects, simply lay back and relax, rather than forcing yourself to engage in physical or mental activity.

#10: A Failed Drug Test

Yes, THCP flower can lead to a failed drug test, which results from the production of the THC-COOH enzyme in the body that breaks down many intoxicating cannabinoids in the hemp plant.  THC-COOH is the marker in the body that yields a positive test result.

Although THCP Flower is technically a different compound entirely, because of our bodily enzymes they are interpreted the same way and will fail a drug test. However, because of how strong THCP Flower is, the dosage of flower is lower than most other products which might affect drug testing.

#11: Getting “Too High”

Most of us have, at some point or another, bitten off more than we could chew, so to speak, with a psychoactive cannabinoid.  We know that those with a low tolerance, and those who take a very strong dose of a THC compound, can end up getting more intoxicated than they planned for.  Getting too high from THCP flower can lead to a temporary feeling of heightened anxiety and paranoia, which usually wears off before the high itself.

Yes, THC-P Flower May Cause Some Side Effects, But Nothing Serious 

Yes, these side effects may be a bit unnerving or uncomfortable, but fortunately none of them actually point to any danger, and they will pass.  The key is finding THC-P flower that’s high in quality, lab-tested, and free of additives, to avoid any side effects that result from consuming a poorly made product.  Also, make sure that you start slow with your dosing, because THC-P flower is, at the end of the day, a very powerful product that’s best for experienced THC users.

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