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Top 5 THCA Flower Strains of 2024

Indoor THCA flower has been a gamechanger for the industry, allowing cultivators to enjoy the freedom from being restricted when it comes to the strains they can grow.  Growing industrial hemp indoors means being able to create the perfect climate conditions for any strain that exists, and the result is a broader selection of top-tier strains than ever before.  

Now, if you’re craving something new as a hemp enthusiast, perhaps smoking or vaping some sensational THCA flower strains are what you need to try.  And, luckily for you, there are some awesome strains that’re dominating this industry at the moment – all of which happen to be available at Bloomz for your enjoyment.


Why Does the Strain of THCA Flower Matter So Much?

Here’s the thing about strains – lots of people, especially newbies, really underestimate just how much a strain can make all the difference in the world.  You see, there’s no “bad” strain you can encounter, but at the end of the day, each strain can produce wildly different effects, as well as flavor.

The strain of hemp is determined by its terpene profile, and each terpene has its own distinctive properties.  This is why, say for instances, an indica can put you to sleep, while a sativa can give you a burst of euphoric energy.  

Also, different hemp strains contain varying levels of cannabinoids like CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).  Some strains are even bred to have high CBD and low THC levels, making them ideal for non-psychoactive uses.

Plus, different strains may have varying effects when used for medicinal purposes.  Some are better for pain relief, some for anxiety, and others for unique conditions.  The specific cannabinoid and terpene profile have a crucial part in this.

Basically, the strain of hemp matters significantly because it determines the plant’s chemical composition, suitability for various uses, legal status, and cultivation requirements.  So, choosing a strain that’s not compatible with your particular needs then, can mean missing out on full THCA hemp flower satisfaction.

Best Indoor THCA Flower Strains This Year

Time for the fun part, and that’s looking at some amazing indoor THCA hemp flower strains being grown right now, and even give you some better insight into what makes them such immaculate, must-have cultivars on the ever-evolving hemp flower market.

Strain #5: Guava Cookies 

First up, we have Guava Cookies – something of a newcomer that has already taken off.  It’s a 70% sativa-dominant hybrid that yields roughly 20%-22% THC (THCA), and it comes from crossing Girl Scout Cookies (a true legend) with C99 Pineapple Willy.  Flavor-wise, the result of this pairing is a sweet and spicy cookie flavor with rich notes of tropical guava. 

In terms of its effects, you can expect a rush of euphoric joy accompanied by a big burst in energy that becomes headier as time goes on, until you’re in a dreamy state of unfocused haze.  Guava Cookies is a strain that’s certain to knock out any mental activity.

Strain #4: Apple Jack 

A truly beloved 50/50 hybrid, Apple Jack is a crowd-pleasing cultivar that comes from crossing Jack Herer with White Widow.  Its 20% or so THC level gives it a nice punch of psychoactive power, although it’s not the most intoxicating strain out there by far. 

The flavor offers a glorious note of candied apple that alone makes the strain worthwhile, and its balanced and blissful effects always hit the spot, allowing you to feel creative and focused, yet totally relaxed and at peace – all while the body enjoys a feeling of relief from tension in the muscles and joints.  You really can’t go wrong with Apple Jack strain no matter the time of day.

Strain #3: Gelato 

A 55% indica-leaning hybrid, Gelato is one of the best-selling strains of all time.  People can’t get enough of its mouthwatering taste of rich ice cream and fresh, juicy berries, nor can they be mad about its 20% THC level.  Its parents are Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, both of which are renowned for their intoxicating flavor and standout psychoactive effects. 

So, it’s no surprise that the high of Gelato is just as glorious – very heady, offering a euphoric sensation that’s focused and calm, yet totally and unapologetically happy for no reason at all.  The body high is very calming, without leading you into a state of couchlock, so you can sit back on the couch and feel utterly relaxed without being too sedated.

Strain #2: Airheadz

A newer member of the absolutely outstanding Runtz family of strains, Airheadz is another future classic named after a treasured flavor we all know and love.  Its parents are Runtz and Pink Runtz, both of which have done unbelievably well in 2023 and the year prior, and the strain yields about 28%-35% THC, meaning that the psychoactive capabilities of this one are simply out of this world. 

Airheadz has a flavor that’s sugary-sweet & fruity, with hints of tang that instantly draw you in.  The high, meanwhile, is deeply gratifying, and intense, allowing you to find your inner creativity while a sense of peace surrounds you.  Airheadz can bring you into couchlock, so that’s something to be aware of when you take this one.

Strain #1: Ice Cream Cake 

The perfect dessert strain – Ice Cream Cake has really gotten major attention over the last year, and it will certainly be a top seller in 2024.  With THC levels between 20%-25%, this 75% indica-leaning hybrid is the result of crossing Gelato with Wedding Cake, and you can imagine how spectacular it is given its parents are two of the best sellers of all time. 

The flavor lives up to its name to the point of blowing even the most experienced users away, and its high is all about that cerebral buzz of utter joy and contentment, making you feel like you don’t have a care in the world.  Ice Cream Cake is also a very sedating strain, as couchlock gradually sets in to lull you into a state of deep and utter peace.

Try These Awesome Strains and More at Bloomz!

Basically, you can’t go wrong with any of these indoor THCA flower strains, as you can see that each one is truly outstanding in its own special way.  And, we’ve covered all bases here, whether you’re craving a heavier indica, sativa, or balanced hybrid experience.  All that you need to do now is head on over to Bloomz, where you will find these top-tier cultivars and many more to explore, all while knowing that you’re getting the freshest, most effective flower on today’s hemp market.


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