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Using THC-P Flower for Smoking, Vaping, or Cooking Purposes: Which Method Is Best

THC-P flower is beloved for the blissful experience it can provide, bringing together the full spectrum  properties of raw hemp flower with the unbelievably powerful high of THC-P (tetrahydrocannabiphorol).  The three most popular ways to use flower are vaping it, smoking it, or cooking with it.  This means that THC-P flower enthusiasts have to make a choice about what they want to do with their flower once it’s arrived at their door.  These options are very popular, so let’s compare them to one another to help you decide which method will do the trick for you.


Smoking THC-P Flower 

Smoking flower is something that we’ve been partaking in for literally thousands of years, so it’s safe to say that there’s something to it that makes it a fantastic way to enjoy the effects of cannabis.  Smoking THC-P flower can be done with a pipe, or by rolling the ground up flower into paper – both ways are equally popular, and demonstrate the process of combustion, which converts the desired compounds into a thick (and pungent-smelling) smoke.  


  • Smoking Like Offers Enhanced Bioavailability: Many people say that smoking THC-P flower enhances its bioavailability, even more than vaping it.  This is probably because smoke is denser than vapor, and so it can carry a higher concentration of the desirable chemical compounds like cannabinoids and terpenes for stronger effects overall.
  • It’s Reliable: Choosing to smoke THC-P hemp flower means more reliability, since you don’t have to worry about an electronic device that requires regular battery-charging and maintenance, and can malfunction due to things like overheating, getting wet or a component of the device that needs to be replaced.
  • You Can Collect Different Pieces: Pieces, aka beautiful pipes, bongs, etc., can be just as fun to collect as THC-P flower itself.  Vaporizers are fun too, but there’s something special about admiring a collection of gorgeous works of glass art.
  • Stronger Taste and Smell: We said that smoke is thicker than vapor, which can increase its potency and bioavailability.  This also enhances the impact of the THC-P flower’s terpenes, which carry the flavor and aroma of the plant, for a stronger smell and taste when smoking.


  • It’s Not Discreet: If you’re trying to be discreet with your THC-P flower, then smoking may not be the best option, since all of that heavy, thick smoke means that the smell and appearance of clouds will linger much longer.
  • You May End Up Coughing More: Again, since smoke is dense, it can be more irritating than vapor, meaning that if you’re sensitive to coughing when you inhale a cloud, you might cough more than you would when vaping THC-P flower.

Vaping THC-P Flower 

The vaping hardware market offers a wide array of THC-P flower vaporizer devices, which use convection or conduction to heat the flower and convert it into vapor.  You can find user-friendly devices that operate at fixed voltage settings, or ones that let you adjust all kinds of output functions to better customize your experience.  


  • It’s Relatively Discreet: By vaping THC-P flower, you’re less likely to draw attention, because the smell is quite subdued, and the clouds disappear more quickly due to their higher water content.
  • Vaping is Less Likely to Make You Cough: With higher water content, vapor is less harsh than smoke, and as a result you’re less likely to find that your throat is irritated when you take in puffs of vapor.
  • You Can Customize: Like we said, most THC-P flower vaporizer devices offer various settings that you can adjust, like temperature presets, variable voltage, etc., in order to find your “sweet spot” – aka, that ideal configuration of settings that gives you the perfect hit according to your preferences.  
  • It’s Travel-Friendly: THC-P Flower-based vaping setups are much easier to travel with than pipes, bongs, and so on, because the flower is contained within a chamber rather than prone to falling out of a pipe’s bowl.  Also, vaporizers are typically more durable than glass pipes, meaning that you don’t have to be as worried about how you store your setup when traveling.


  • It May Be Less Bioavailable: Some people say that the effects of THC-P flower are slightly milder and shorter-lasting when vaped than when smoked, which is probably because of the lower density of vapor that carries a milder concentration of compounds each time a hit is fired.
  • The Flavor and Aroma are Bit More Subdued: Similarly, people often note that the THC-P flavor and aroma when vaping are a bit milder than when smoking, although some people could see that as a positive if they don’t want as strong of a cannabis taste and smell.
  • Technology Isn’t Perfect: We’ve seen plenty of evidence that today’s THC-P flower vaporizers are extremely advanced and reliable.  But, at the same time, that’s only if you’re maintaining them properly, and keeping the battery fully charged at all times.  Even then, there’s the slight chance of a malfunction due to something like getting the device wet or letting it sit in direct sun for too long.
  • Vaping Requires a Bit More Effort: For someone who isn’t so technology-savvy, vaping THC-P flower can feel like more of an effort than smoking, since vaporizer devices need to be maintained, settings often need to be adjusted and different components may need to be replaced from time to time.

Cooking/Baking with THC-P Flower 

Lastly, we have cooking or baking with THC-P flower, to make edibles.  Ingesting THC-P is an entirely different experience since the cannabinoid absorbs via the liver, rather than through the lungs.  You can find lots of recipes online that will instruct you on how to make THC-P flower-infused butter, which is easy to incorporate into lots of dishes.


  • A Longer-Lasting High: Any time you ingest a cannabinoid, the effects last for much longer – up to 8 hours with THC-P edibles.
  • A Creative Way to Enjoy Your Flower Hobby: Of course, cooking or baking with THC-P flower is a fun way to express your creativity, and come up with new and enjoyable recipes.
  • A Stronger Body High: Typically, ingesting a THC-P cannabinoid means a stronger body high, which can feel intensely relaxing, and soothing to the muscles of the body.


  • More Effort: Naturally, making THC-P flower butter and creating a recipe means more work than simply smoking or vaping flower.
  • A Longer Onset Time: With THC-P edibles, you’re going to have to wait longer for the effects to kick in – up to 2 hours, in fact.
  • Less Bioavailable: Edibles are less bioavailable than inhalation-based products, so the cerebral effects of the high may be a bit more subdued.

Which THC-P Flower Method Will You Choose?

Smoking, vaping, and cooking/baking with THC-P flower all promise a meaningful high that can leave you feeling blissed out for hours.  It’s simply up to you to decide which of these methods above best meets your hemp needs and preferences.  In fact, many people like to enjoy all three methods – for instance, smoking out of a pipe at home, and traveling with a vaporizer device, while saving cooking/baking for the weekends.  

Bloomz THC-P Flower is ready to be enjoyed through all of these methods, guaranteeing nothing but the freshest and most effective flower possible.


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