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Vaping vs Smoking vs Baking With Exotic THCA Flower

The Exotic THCA Flower at Bloomz, known as our Gold Line, promises superior quality that rivals all other buds on the market.  For this brand new flower line, we’ve employed a small-batch, artisanal approach to cultivating and processing our THCA flower, which includes meticulous care offered to each and every plant during the vegetation and flowerings stages, for the most potent, flavorful, aromatic, and aesthetically pleasing buds you’ll find anywhere. 

Our hand-trimmed exotic THCA flower is grown indoors, and features impressive lineages behind its phenomenal strain selection, to offer flower that is guaranteed to satisfy even the most experienced enthusiasts.

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A Quick Refresher on THCA Flower

“THCA hemp flower” refers to the raw cannabis buds that have not been decarboxylated.  These buds will contain a high concentration of THCA and lower levels of THC.  Basically, THCA (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid) is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in raw and live cannabis plants.  As the cannabis plant matures, THCA slowly converts to THC, the primary psychoactive compound responsible for thar famous “high”.  However, before the plant is exposed to heat, most of its THC content exists in the form of THCA.

A Brief Insight into Exotic THCA Hemp Flower

Exotic THCA flower isn’t a specific method for growing, but rather refers to flower that adheres to precise standards in quality.  Growers of exotic THCA flower grow small batches of plants at a time, which gives them the ability to meticulously care for each plant on an individual level.  Exotic THCA flower isn’t grown under a specific, strict set of methods, but instead has these key advantages:

  • Higher concentrations of cannabinoids and terpenes (including THCA).
  • More aromatic and flavorful.
  • Larger, more attractive buds.
  • Hand-trimmed for more precision.
  • Clean, white-colored ash, indicating impressive purity.
  • Derived from the most sought-after, prestigious strains in the world.

Exotic flower must be grown indoors, and it’s cultivated through a number of carefully executed methods that aim to bring the best qualities out of the flower buds.  By nature, exotic flower is classified as “premium”, “top-shelf”, or “top-tier”, with all of these terms essentially meaning the same thing.  Exotic flower comes in rare strains as well, bred from some of the most legendary and rare cultivars in history, while offering phenomenal terpene count that instantly lures you in.

What are the 3 Main Ways to Enjoy Exotic THCA Hemp Flower?

Naturally, exotic THCA hemp flower can be enjoyed just like “regular” flower, in that there are a number of ways to actually consume it.  We’re going to look at the three main methods – smoking, vaping, and cooking/baking – and compare them.

Method #1: Smoking

Smoking is perhaps the most popular option of all for THCA flower, and the method that predates all of the others by far.  Smoking has been the default method for consuming cannabis for literally thousands of years, long before vaping technology developed, or before it was standard for people to make cannabutter with which to dose their favorite cookie and brownie recipes.

Smoking is executed through a few different methods.  It’s popular to place the buds in a pipe of some kind, whether it be a small one-hitter or a large bong that uses water filtration.  Alternatively, you can roll the ground up THCA flower buds in papers, or even buy THCA pre-rolls, which have done the grinding and rolling parts for you.

Pros of Smoking THCA Flower:

  • The most potent method of all (smoking is the most bioavailable method as the lungs absorb the compounds efficiently, and the smoke carries a denser concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes than vapor).
  • Fast-acting compared to other delivery methods (onset within minutes, like with vaping).
  • Versatile (various methods to smoke, with a wide variety of pipes and papers available).
  • The “old-school” method that many people favor is out of tradition.

Cons of Smoking THCA Flower:

  • Can cause respiratory effects (coughing, irritation, etc.).
  • Not very travel-friendly (usually requires a grinder, papers/a pipe, and flower, stored separately, and requires that you have a space to roll your joint or pack your pipe).
  • Can’t precisely control the temp that the THCA flower reaches, like you can with vapes.

Method #2: Vaping

Vaping is a new method when compared to smoking, and it requires the use of a dry herb vaporizer – in other words, a vaporizer made specifically for THCA flower, as vaporizers made for vape oils will not work with flower. 

THCA Flower buds have to be ground, just like they do when you’re going to smoke them, but you can place them inside of a vaporizer chamber that gets heat through the battery (conduction or convection), with a variety of presets (output levels) that alter how potent the vapor is, how much vapor is produced, how harsh the inhale is, how strong the flavor is, and more. 

Vaporizers range in size and features, and you can buy anything from a very simple, pocket-friendly device to a desktop vaporizer that comes with loads of features and adjustable settings.

Pros of Vaping THCA Flower:

  • Fast-acting and potent, as inhaling the compounds offers the highest level of bioavailability.
  • Easy to customize in terms of output, airflow, etc.
  • Plenty of devices to choose from to accommodate different needs.
  • More portable and travel-friendly than smoking.
  • Fewer respiratory effects than smoking.

Cons of Vaping THCA Flower:

  • Not as potent as smoking.
  • Requires maintenance as devices need to be cared for.
  • Can malfunction from time to time.

Method #3: Baking/Cooking

Then, there’s the third option, which is baking or cooking with exotic THCA flower to make homemade edibles.  This requires making THCA flower-infused butter, and then using that butter in place of the fat in a recipe.  This offers an entirely different delivery method from smoking or vaping, as you’re ingesting the cannabinoid rather than inhaling it, resulting in the production of 11-hydroxy THC – a cannabinoid metabolite that produces longer-lasting but more gradual effects, and can yield a stronger body high than other product types.

Pros of Baking/Cooking with THCA Flower:

  • Longest-lasting effects (6-8 hours).
  • A stronger body high.
  • A fun new, creative hobby.
  • No respiratory effects.

Cons of Baking/Cooking with THCA Flower:

  • Longer onset time (up to 2 hours).
  • Can cause more drowsiness than other methods.
  • Requires basic culinary skills.
  • Requires making an infused butter, which can take a couple of hours.

Which Method Will You Choose to Enjoy Your Exotic THCA Hemp Flower? 

As you can see, there are all kinds of ways to enjoy our new exotic THCA Hemp Flower, including smoking, vaping, baking, and cooking.  There really is no objectively better method, so it’s all about picking what makes the most sense for you, based on your preferences, and knowing that no matter what, you’re getting some of the finest THCA flower in the world, thanks to our meticulous care.

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