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What is THC-O Flower?

Did you know that THC-O-Acetate (THC-O) is easily one of the best-selling cannabinoids on the hemp market?  So, it’s safe to say then, that if you haven’t had THC-O in a hemp flower form yet, you don’t know what you’re missing.  THC-O flower is a gamechanger, offering fanatics of the hemp plant a federally legal way to enjoy something very close to marijuana, all while being treated to an intoxicating cannabinoid that’s even more powerful than delta 9 THC

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What is THC-O?

Before we get into THC-O flower, we need to give a quick overview on THC-O.  THC-O, aka THC-O-Acetate, is one of the few cannabinoids on the hemp market that doesn’t naturally occur in the cannabis plant.  Instead, THC-O is a semi-synthesized form of THC.  And, THC-O is not a new creation, either – it was invented back in the 1960s, specifically with the intention of creating a cannabinoid more intoxicating than delta 9.

So, how intoxicating is THC-O-Acetate?  Well, the consensus is that it can get you three times as high.  And, the high is reported to be all about that sweet euphoria that makes the mind feel nothing but pure bliss.  At the same time, THC-O is said to deliver a powerful body high that can help numb any tension in the body, and make the user feel like they’re floating on a cloud.

THC-O Flower 101: What You Need to Know!

Basically, THC-O flower refers to raw hemp flower (aka “CBD flower”) infused with THC-O-Acetate distillate.  This means that you’re getting a naturally full spectrum product with the addition of THC-O.  For those who don’t know, “full spectrum” refers to any cannabis product that maintains the full chemical composition of the plant – all the cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, nutrients and so on – to deliver synergistic benefits as all of these compounds work together to maximize one another’s benefits.

THC-O-Acetate, like we said, is about 3x as intoxicating as delta 9 THC.  So, in all likelihood then, THC-O flower will get you more high than traditional marijuana flower.  And again, you can look forward to an intensely euphoric type of high with a strong potential for couchlock.

So, how is THC-O flower actually made?  

It all begins with the industrial hemp plant.  The buds of the plant are picked at peak maturity, then dry-cured, which is standard amongst all cannabis cultivators, in order to prevent mold and mildew from growing on the flower while in storage.  Next, the flower buds are infused with THC-O distillate, which is an isolate extract of THC-O, made by taking THCA (THC’s precursor cannabinoid in raw hemp) and adding an acetate to it to change its chemical structure.  This leaves you with a purified form of THC-O that’s ready to be infused into any product type, including hemp flower buds.

How much THC-O is added to hemp flower then?  Well, in most cases, it depends on the strain.  The majority of THC-O flower companies try to replicate marijuana as much as they can, so they’ll add the amount of THC-O distillate needed to match the naturally occurring THC levels in the cannabis form of the same strain.  

Take Grape Zkittlez, a more modern-day type of strain with 19.98% THC, naturally, when grown in a marijuana form.  THC-O flower manufacturers will grow Grape Zkittlez industrial hemp, and then infuse the buds with 19.98% THC for a perfect match.

How is THC-O Flower Different from Marijuana?

In terms of its chemical composition, THC-O flower and marijuana flower are extremely similar.  There is a legal distinction, as marijuana is illegal according to federal law, and hemp flower is legal, as hemp naturally yields far lower, nonintoxicating levels of THC.

And, as we’ve already mentioned, THC-O flower is likely to give you a noticeably stronger high than marijuana, since again, THC-O-Acetate is 3x as potent as delta 9 THC, with the latter being the key intoxicant in weed.  On top of that, hemp flower yields high concentrations of CBD, a nonintoxicating, benefit-rich and soothing cannabinoid, so THC-O flower will give you plenty of CBD while marijuana cannot.

THC-O Flower Dosage Guide & Chart

The best dose for THC-O Hemp Flower is usually 1-3 hits, however it may need to be more or less depending on your tolerance to THC, as well as metabolism and other factors such as height and weight. For some with higher tolerance you might need to take 5-7 hits of THCO flower to feel the effects. THC-O is very strong, however depending on your THC usage you might need more or less of it.

Best Brand To Buy THC-O Hemp Flower Online?

THC-O Hemp Flower can be purchased from top products including Bloomz Hemp, who was amazing THCO Flower quality in 4 amazing strains, Apple Fritter, Monster Cookies, Grape Zkittlez and Green Goblin. Bloomz quality is unmatched, and they have fast and free shipping that arrives within 3-6 business days. Their quality and pricing cannot be beat!

At this point, you’re probably wondering how THC-O flower is actually legal, at least federally, given that it’s even more intoxicating than marijuana.  For that, you can thank the 2018 Farm Bill, which states that all hemp products can be sold legally as long as they’re tested to verify that they contain no more than 0.3% delta 9 THC by dry weight.  

While delta 9 is a restricted cannabinoid, THC-O acetate is not mentioned at all, because ultimately, it’s a different compound from delta 9.  So, there really no limit on how much THC-O may be infused into flower, or any product, for that matter.

Although THC-O flower is federally legal, sadly, we have to report that this cannabinoid is currently banned in 18 states.  Actually, no state has banned THC-O explicitly, but has banned all intoxicating hemp-derived cannabinoids, like delta 8, delta 10, and so on.  This means that if you live in one of the states below, unfortunately, you probably won’t be able to enjoy THC-O flower for the time-being: 

  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • Colorado
  • Delaware
  • Hawaii
  • Idaho
  • Iowa
  • Mississippi
  • Montana
  • Nevada
  • New York
  • North Dakota
  • Oregon
  • Rhode Island
  • Utah
  • Vermont
  • Washington

How to Use THC-O Flower

THC-O flower is used just like marijuana.  There’s no unique procedure required in order to enjoy what it has to offer.  That being said, there are three main ways below to use this type of product, for anyone who is new to flower, or simply looking for an additional delivery method: 

  • Smoking: Smoking cannabis dates back thousands of years, and still continues to be the most popular way to enjoy it in raw form.  Some people smoke it in a pipe, and others prefer to roll ground up buds into papers.  Whichever method you decide you prefer, keep in mind that smoking is going to give you the strongest effects out of these three options, so if you’re new to THC entirely, you’ll want to stick to a couple of puffs at a time as a beginner.
  • Vaping: Vaping is a newer alternative to smoking, being a non-combustible means for inhalation.  You can buy vaping devices that are made specially for flower, and also load your buds into the chamber.  From there, the heating element inside uses power from the battery to heat the flower via conduction or convection, resulting in a flow of vapor that’s generally easier on the throat than smoke, and more discreet due to the higher water content of vapor compared to smoke.
  • Making Edibles: Finally, you can use flower to make edibles.  This requires that you first “decarb” (bake) the flower at a low temp, to activate the THC-O.  Then, you infuse the buds in some sort of fat – usually butter – and use your new THC-O-infused butter in place of regular butter in your favorite recipe.

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THC-O flower has arrived, offering a whole new way to experience the cannabinoid’s high, with a full spectrum, ultra-bioavailable method of delivery.  And, of course, it can’t be denied that its similarities to marijuana make it all the more appealing.  Just one thing to keep in mind, however, is that not all THC-O flower is gonna provide that said quality level you so deserve.  It’s critical then, that you look for a reputable company and make sure to read their third-party lab reports, while being sure that they’re using only organic hemp material.

If you’re ready to give THCA flower a try, Bloomz is the place to be, as they only supply the finest THC-O flower available.  Bloomz THC-O Flower comes in several awesome strains and is always sold fresh.  That way, you can count on the potency level you’re looking for.  Scope out our flower today, and also explore our other cannabinoid-infused buds to expand your hemp horizons.

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