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Best Place To Buy HHC Flower

HHC flower is hugely in demand right now, which means that it’s easier to find than ever as more and more companies are offering it.  But, what makes it such a winner on the ever-growing hemp market?  Well, it turns out that by infusing raw hemp flower, rich in terpenes and CBD, with hexahydrocannabinol distillate, to mimic the effects of delta 9 THC, has proven to be an irresistible combo.

But, as is always the case, not all HHC flower is created equally.  The bottom line is that some products are simply better than others when it comes to factors like freshness, strain options and how likely they are to actually give you the high you’re looking for.  So, with all of that being said, let’s help you find where to buy the best HHC flower that the market has to offer.


Shopping for HHC Flower In-Person

There are really two ways to shop for HHC flower: in person and online.  Shopping for it in a localized setting can come with some of these drawbacks: 

  • Smaller selection of products due to limited storage
  • Higher prices to make up for overhead costs
  • Less-than-fresh flower due to low local demand, leading to products sitting on the shelves for a long time
  • Higher risk of encountering fakes due to businesses that don’t specialize in hemp not knowing any better
  • Having to find a store that even sells HHC flower in your neighborhood

But, if you do want to go the in-person route, let’s break down the most common types of retailers that will carry it: 

  • Gas Stations/Convenience Stores: We really never recommend getting your flower from one of these types of outlets.  These businesses are not known for selling the highest-quality products possible, but more often, the cheapest.  And, since their managers likely aren’t experts in the hemp industry, they can’t tell whether they’re carrying good-quality HHC flower or not.
  • Vape Shops: With vape shops, you’re a little more likely to luck out and find good-quality product.  But, don’t assume, since each shop has different standards, and not all vape shop owners are educated in hemp-related matters.  And, don’t assume all vape shops carry HHC hemp flower, either.

Most importantly, you should completely avoid HHC flower being sold through an unlicensed party, like a flea market vendor, or some random person on Craigslist or Instagram that is trying to meet up in person to sell you fake or low-quality product that hasn’t been third-party-tested.

Why Buying HHC Flower Online is the Way to Go

It’s long been established that buying your flower online is the ideal choice.  Here are the things you can look forward to when choosing to grab your HHC flower from a reputable online retailer that specializes in top-shelf HHC hemp products.

#1: It’s More Convenient 

Of course, it’s nice not having to leave the house, or even the couch, to get some delicious HHC flower.  Buying it online makes your life a whole lot easier, since you can just checkout your cart and wait for the flower to arrive to you within a few days.

#2: The HHC Flower is Fresher

Online retailers have a lot more visibility than local stores, getting probably hundreds more visitors, at least, each day.  What this means is that the product turnover rate of a good online company is really high, so that flower never sits on the shelves for long.  The result?  HHC Flower that’s as fresh as can be, full of potent compounds and flavorful terpenes.

#3: You Will Save Money

With lower overhead costs, online retailers can sell you HHC flower at a much better price than what you’d find in person.  Many of them also offer free shipping, to save you even more money.  And, don’t forget that online businesses typically offer HHC flower bulk-purchase options, like bundles, and hold deals and sales regularly, which is something you almost definitely won’t see in person.

#4: The HHC Quality Standards are Greater

With the local market, quality standards can be a bit shady because of low local demand, which leads to less discerning consumers.  Online retailers know that everyone’s eyes are on them, and so they really need to make a point to carry only the best of the best.  Not only that, but the online hemp market is far more competitive, so companies just really can’t get away with carrying poorly made HHC products.

#5: More HHC Flower Products to Choose From 

Online HHC Flower stores including Bloomz usually have a lot more room for all of their inventory, than, say, a convenience store that’s packed to the brim with stuff already.  What this means is that you can find a lot more options when it comes to HHC flower, like a wider variety of strain choices, as well as different quantities and more.

Bottom Line: Choose Your HHC Flower Wisely 

Basically, when you’re looking for the best HHC flower possible, skip the local stores in your neighborhood and seek out an online retailer that specializes in hemp, and does third-party testing on all products.  Bloomz carries the best flower around, and at incredible prices, while offering comprehensive lab reports, phenomenal strain options, and products that always arrive 100% fresh.


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