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Buy Boutique THCA Flower Online

Boutique THCA flower refers to THCA flower grown in small batches, with high standards for meticulous care on an individual plant level to ensure the highest quality, best flavor, and strongest concentration of THCA possible.  Boutique THCA flower is harder to come by because of the enormous effort required to adhere to these standards, so we’re going to help you score some today.

By and large, it’s always better to buy flower online instead of locally, since online hemp retailers are more dedicated to quality and transparency.  Because of that, let’s talk about where you can find this product to get the very best THCA flower being made right now.

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What to Look for in Boutique THCA Flower Before You Buy

It’s easier than ever nowadays to find companies making THCA flower, with THCA flower products being so sought-after these days.  But, keep in mind that each online retailer has their own standards in terms of how the flower is cultivated, processed, harvested, cured, and packaged, offering a variety of quality levels.  And, for flower to be considered boutique, it has to be grown in small batches, with superior quality in terms of flavor, strength, and effectiveness.  Let’s take a look at the indicators that you’re getting the finest boutique THCA flower possible.

#1: Third-Party Lab Reports

Of course, like all hemp-derived products, you really want to peep those third-party lab reports before buying your flower.  Third-party lab-testing makes it possible for manufacturers give customers a guarantee that their flower meets all necessary safety and quality standards, while looking at things like the potency of THCA in the flower, the safety of the product, and the breakdown of terpenes and cannabinoids found in the THCA flower.  These lab reports should be easy to locate on any company’s website, so really make sure that you read them to know precisely what you’re getting before you add to cart.

#2: Great Strain Options 

Boutique THCA flower come in a variety of strains, just like all flower products.  So, don’t think that you have to settle for strains that doesn’t actually grasp what kind of high you’re looking to achieve.  There’s always another brand out there that’s carrying strains that will capture what it is you’re looking for, in terms of not only effects but flavor.  Shop around until you find exactly what you’re looking for, because it’s out there, with so many companies carrying the product nowadays.

#3: Organic Hemp

One thing that a lot of people don’t even know to look for is whether or not the flower comes from organically grown hemp.  But, we’re sure you don’t want to be consuming pesticides each time you enjoy some fresh THCA bud.  Most companies will happily tell you on their website or not they’re using organic hemp, and you can always contact the company to ask for more verification that this is the case.

#4: Positive Reviews

Even if an online company promises that they’re producing only the finest and freshest THCA flower available, you always want to look for a second opinion, and that’s why reviews are so incredibly valuable.  Look up reviews to learn more about a company from the perspective of consumers.  Of course, if you hear claims that the THCA flower are subpar in any way, consider another option for your retailer.

#5: Boutique THCA Flower Small Batch Production

A staple of boutique THCA flower is that it’s grown in small batches, giving companies the ability to care for each individual plant to ensure the best end result at the time of harvest.  So, look for indicators online that a company does employ small-batch growing techniques, to earn the classification as boutique.

#6: Freshness

Basically, if a company has a low product turnover rate, in which products take a while to sell, that flower may have sat on shelves for a long time, losing its effectiveness.  And, we know that with THCA hemp flower, there’s only really a shelf life of about 6 months, give or take.  After that point, the compounds begin to degrade, which means weaker effects and flavor.

So, always stick with a company that is very reputable, because this means that it’s more likely they’re sending out super-fresh THCA flower at all times thanks to that fast product turnover rate.

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Not all THCA flower is grown under boutique standards, and that means that quality levels can vary quite a bit.  At Bloomz, you’ll find that our boutique-grown THCA flower lives up to the hype, having undergone meticulous care from seed to sale, and grown indoors to perfectly control the conditions for proper cannabinoid and terpene development.  Check out our THCA Hemp Flower – Gold Line today, and discover the difference for yourself.

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