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Exotic THCA Flower vs. Greenhouse Grown THCA Flower

Once upon a time, long before today’s technology existed, it was hard to grow THCA flower if you didn’t live in the ideal climate, in which it could thrive outdoors.  But, things have clearly changed over the years, and now we have all kinds of options that give cultivators far better control over the quality of the buds. 

Two of the most talked-about terms you’ll hear these days are “greenhouse grown” and “exotic.”  They reflect two entirely different sets of methods and standards, and because of that, we want to compare them today.

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A Quick Overview on THCA Hemp Flower in General

THCA (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid) flower refers to the raw cannabis flower that primarily contains tetrahydrocannabinolic acid –  a non-psychoactive cannabinoid precursor to THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).  In the live cannabis plant, the majority of the THC exists as THCA, and it’s only when heated (a process known as decarboxylation), i.e., vaping, smoking, or cooking/baking, that THCA converts to the psychoactive THC compound.  Since THCA is not psychoactive in its raw form, individuals can consume it without experiencing the “high” that’s typically associated with THC.  This makes it useful for those seeking the potential benefits of cannabis without the mind-altering effects.

What is Exotic THCA Flower?

First we want to get into exotic THCA flower, as the term is a lot more recent, and many people aren’t quite sure what it actually means.  Exotic THCA flower is considered the cream of the crop as far as quality is concerned.  Basically, “exotic” means companies that use a small-batch approach, growing it indoors using the most meticulous levels of care possible.  In terms of breeding, the lineages of exotic buds have some of the most prestigious names you’ll find from around the world.  It’s also characterized by its white ash, which indicates absolute purity, and its terpene count is so high that the aroma is out of this world.  

Cultivators aren’t just handed “exotic” status easily, either.  From the time the seeds are acquired and planted, they must adhere to a strict set of standards.  Also, keep in mind that because exotic flower must be grown indoors, you won’t find exotic greenhouse grown flower.

Key Pros:

  • Maximum quality control yields bigger, more flavorful/aromatic, and more potent buds.
  • Impressive purity, as seen in its white ash.
  • Bred from some of the most prestigious strains of all time.

Key Cons:

  • Requires meticulous care and extensive knowledge.
  • Can be less cost-effective as a lot of labor is required. 

What is Greenhouse Grown THCA Hemp Flower?

Let’s move onto greenhouse grown THCA flower.  Growing cannabis in a greenhouse came about as a solution to a lot of the issues common with the more unpredictable nature of outdoor cultivation.  A greenhouse is a contained outdoor structure that acts as a climate-controlled environment, with the sun’s power naturally providing the ideal conditions for growing the plant.  

In a greenhouse, the walls are transparent, allowing sunlight to penetrate the inside, and this keeps the greenhouse warm year-round, so that the plants inside are never exposed to cold temperatures that would inhibit growth.  The heat is trapped inside, and this maintains a climate that mimics the warm season, so that plants that ordinarily grow only in warm weather can thrive throughout the year.

A greenhouse setup can be as low-budget and rustic, or as fancy and high-tech as the cultivator wishes.  Various techniques can be used to further control the light cycle, with “light dep” (light deprivation) being a popular choice, and also used for outdoor growing.  It involves covering the plants to mimic the reduced sunlight that occurs in fall, as this triggers the growth of the plant’s THCA flower buds that can be harvested.

Key Pros:

  • A low-cost climate-controlled environment, using the sun rather than specialized equipment to maintain the ideal climate.
  • Easy to manipulate life cycles.
  • Year-round yields.
  • Protection against severe/extreme weather.
  • Better protection against disease and pests due to the enclosed environment.  

Key Cons:

  • Building a greenhouse is expensive and requires space.
  • Requires careful watering as greenhouses do not see rainfall like plants grown outdoors.

Which Method is Superior?

Overall, both greenhouse grown THCA flower and exotic THCA flower can totally satisfy anyone looking to purchase some high-THCA buds.  But, exotic flower is, by definition, higher in quality, since it achieves its status through a strict series of standards, while “greenhouse grown” simply refers to how the buds are cultivated.  In other words, greenhouse grown flower can vary in quality, while exotic flower must achieve a certain level of quality to receive its classification.

No matter, as Bloomz THCA Hemp Flower is your best source for the highest quality and effective THCA flower around.  In fact, we’re dedicated to providing hemp enthusiasts with THC-infused flower products they can come to know and trust.

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