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Hand-Trimmed vs. Machine-Trimmed THCA Snowballs: Which is Better?

THCA flower snowballs have taken over the cannabis market, offering an even more potent way to enjoy what we already love about THCA flower buds.  THCA snowballs can be used just like “regular” flower, meaning that you can smoke, vape, or cook/bake with them, and they look, smell, and taste just like traditional buds, except for the fact that they’re coated in a fine powder of THCA diamonds

Now, there are many ways to determine the quality of flower products, including snowballs.  One way is to look at how the buds have been trimmed, which tells you a lot about the amount of care and attention that the particular manufacturer puts into their products.  And, you may not know that there are actually two ways to trim flower buds: by hand or by machine.  By comparing these two trimming methods, you can get a better idea of what that could mean when it comes to the overall quality of your THCA snowballs purchase.


Getting to Quickly Understand THCA Flower Snowballs

Before discussing trimming THCA flower buds that’re used to make snowballs, we need to offer a quick overview of what this product is, for those who don’t know.  THCA snowballs are a fairly new addition to the world of flower products, and it consist of THCA flower buds (hemp flower cultivated in a way that yields high concentrations of tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, which converts into delta 9 THC when heated), which have been rolled in THCA diamond dust.  THCA diamond dust is a pulverized form of pure THCA, which turns into crystals when undergoing an intensive purification process.

Basically, THCA snowballs are unbelievably potent, due to getting a powerful dose of THCA diamonds along with the THCA that’s inherently in the flower buds.  And again, the flower itself is no different from standard THCA flower, which means that it can be held to the same standards for quality, freshness, potency, etc. 

How THCA Snowballs are Made

Creating THCA flower snowballs is an intricate process that combines both the art and science of cannabis product manufacturing.  You see, the process of making THCA flower snowballs is designed to isolate and preserve the tetrahydrocannabinolic acid content in cannabis flowers, resulting in a potent product that requires specific conditions for consumption.

Step #1: Starting Material Selection

The process begins with the selection of high-quality cannabis flowers rich in THCA.  These flowers are typically harvested early to ensure a high THCA content and avoid the conversion of THCA to THC.  The chosen strains are usually those known for their potency and terpenes profile, as these characteristics will significantly influence the final product’s quality.

Step #2: Flash-Freezing

Immediately after harvest, the cannabis flowers are flash-frozen.  This step is crucial as it preserves the plant’s cannabinoids and terpene profile by preventing degradation and the conversion of THCA to THC.  Flash-freezing involves exposing the flowers to very low temperatures (-20°C to -40°C or lower) very quickly.  This method also helps to retain the flower’s natural moisture, essential for the next steps.

Step #3: Agitation

After freezing, the cannabis flowers undergo a gentle agitation process.  This can be done manually or with the help of a machine designed to lightly shake the frozen flowers.  The purpose of agitation is to separate the trichomes (resin glands containing the majority of the plant’s cannabinoids and terpenes) from the flower material without breaking them.  It’s a delicate balance to maintain, as too much force can destroy the trichomes, while too little won’t separate them effectively.

Step #4: Sieving and Collection

The separated trichomes are then passed through a series of sieves or meshes of varying sizes.  This sieving process helps to collect trichome heads of a specific size range, usually the largest and most cannabinoid-rich ones.  The collected material at this stage is often referred to as “kief”.

Step #5: Compression

The collected kief is then subjected to compression.  This step can vary in methodology, from simple manual compression techniques to using hydraulic presses that apply controlled pressure and, in some cases, heat.  The goal is to compact the kief into a dense, cohesive mass without activating the THCA into THC.  Direct control of pressure and temperature is crucial to preserve the THCA content.

Step #6: Shaping

Once compressed, the material is then shaped into snowballs.  This is typically done by hand or with molds to ensure uniform size and appearance.  The snowballs are then stored under controlled conditions to maintain their potency and prevent degradation.

Step #7: Packaging and Storage

The final product is packaged in air-tight, light-proof containers to prevent any exposure to air, moisture, or light, all of which can degrade THCA.  Proper storage is vital to maintaining the snowballs’ integrity and potency until they reach the consumer.

Why Should THCA Flower Snowballs Be Trimmed?

Not all cannabis flower is trimmed, and when we look at the history of cannabis consumption around the world, trimming is a relatively new concept.  After all, it’s not required, as no parts of the buds are actually harmful, and therefore require being discarded.

But, trimmed cannabis buds have become more and more of a standard within the industry, mostly because of the emergence of dispensaries throughout the country, as companies want to offer better quality than what’s available on the black market.  

Trimming cannabis flower buds is done prior to the dry-curing process, immediately following harvesting.  And, trimming offers clear benefits.  One major advantage of trimmed buds is that they are free of stems and leaves, as these components do not serve any purpose, containing none of the cannabinoids and terpenes that customers are looking for.  As cannabis flower is sold by weight, you don’t want stems and leaves making up a chunk of what you’re paying money for, since they’re useless to the consumer.

By trimming cannabis buds, you’re also ensuring that they dry-cure evenly, and you’re creating a uniform shape and size that looks more aesthetically pleasing.  A lot of companies also trim the buds to exaggerate certain qualities distinctive to a strain – like a strain that already has a conical, tree-like shape may get trimmed to have even sharper angles.

THCA Flower Snowballs: Hand-Trimmed vs. Machine-Trimmed

Now, we’re going to compare hand-trimmed vs. machine-trimmed THCA flower buds, that are used to make THCA snowballs.  

Hand-Trimmed THCA Snowballs

“Hand-trimming”, which, as you probably guessed, means trimming each bud by hand.  This is a very labor-intensive process, needless to say, and the average hand trimmer can trim about 1-3 pounds of cannabis buds daily.  While skilled trimmers strive for uniformity, there can still be variation in the final product from time to time, due to human error or differences in judgment. It’s also worth pointing out that hand-trimmed buds are one of the markers of what’s considered “exotic” or “boutique” flower, which’s the highest tier of quality that exists today.


  • A sign of artisanal craftsmanship.
  • Employs people who wish to work in the cannabis industry.
  • Offers more quality control as human eyes are going over each bud.
  • Offers more precision, as machines cut more indiscriminately and can end up lopping off valuable components of the buds as well.
  • Skilled trimmers can reduce waste by carefully removing only the necessary parts of the plant.


  • It’s labor-intensive and requires a lot of time.
  • Lower yield than machine-trimming.
  • It requires paying employees.

The labor-intensive nature of hand-trimming can lead to higher costs for the final product due to the time and skill required as we just mentioned.

Machine-Trimmed THCA Snowballs 

The alternative to hand-trimming is machine-trimming, and it goes without saying that this method is the newer of the two.  Trimming by machine is a way to make each bud more uniform, and there are various types of machines that can do the job of trimming, which means that whether a cultivator has a large or small facility, they can employ machine-trimming equipment to get the job done.

Machine-trimming is generally viewed as the lower-quality option, since it requires less attention to detail.  Still, there’s absolutely nothing “wrong” with choosing machine-trimmed buds, as at the end of the day, it doesn’t negatively impact the quality of the actual flower, in terms of its chemical composition, flavor, aroma, etc.


  • Higher output than hand-trimming, pound for pound.
  • More uniform buds (although that can be a con, as you will see below).
  • Saves cultivators money as they don’t need to employ someone to do the work for them.
  • Takes less time and requires virtually no physical labor.


  • Can leave you with generic-looking buds that don’t highlight the unique characteristics of individual strains.
  • Lower quality control.
  • Machines can end up chopping pieces off of buds that actually have value, in an effort to create a uniform shape and size, as this creates waste.

Grab Some Freshly Hand-Trimmed THCA Snowballs at Bloomz!

When it comes to choosing between hand-trimmed and machine-trimmed THCA flower snowballs or snow caps, it ultimately depends on the priorities of both the producers and consumers.  Those valuing artisanal quality and the preservation of cannabinoids might prefer hand-trimmed, while those prioritizing efficiency and cost may lean towards machine-trimmed options.  Still, no matter how THCA flower buds are trimmed, you can enjoy the satisfying effects and delicious taste of THCA snowballs.  

In fact, Bloomz THCA Flower Snowballs are some of the best on the market – they have been trimmed by hand!  We’re proud to put an artisanal approach to every aspect of the process, including hand-trimming each bud carefully.  We even carry Snowballs that’re boutique in status, and this is just one of many ways in which we go above and beyond to bring our customers nothing but the finest caliber of quality possible.

Trimming THCA flower Snowballs by hand is typically associated with “boutique” THCA flower companies, and thus, gives an artisanal approach to the product. Machine-trimming THCA Flower Snowballs can yield up to 20lbs of trimmed flower per day.  Trimming by machine makes each THCA bud uniform more effectively, and there are various types of machines that can do the job of trimming, so that small and large cultivation facilities can find a system that works for them.  


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