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HHC Flower In Kansas

HHC has quickly become one of the most popular products to come out of the hemp industry, and so it’s no surprise that so many Kansans are interested in giving it a try for themselves.  But, as many know, cannabis laws for both hemp and marijuana can be quite complicated, not to mention the fact that they change frequently, meaning that there are lots of Kansas residents who aren’t sure if they can even enjoy HHC flower without breaking the law.

As many of us know that hemp laws in particular have changed so much in the past year on a state level, we want to clear things up about where HHC flower stands in Kansas.  Not only that, but every hemp consumer needs to know what types of retailers more likely than others to deliver fresh, legitimate, high-quality and effective HHC flower, to guarantee satisfaction.


What is HHC Flower?

HHC flower takes the raw, naturally occurring flower buds of the hemp plant (also known as CBD flower), and even infuses them with HHC distillate. HHC distillate is an extract made from hemp, acting as a purified form of psychoactive HHC.  Infusing this into flower provides us with a flower product that can get us high, similarly to marijuana.

HHC flower comes in a large selection of cannabis strains, and that’s one of many reasons why it’s so in-demand.  But perhaps its biggest appeal is its similarity to marijuana flower.  It provides a highly bioavailable product that can be smoked, vaped, or even baked with, being naturally full spectrum and full of terpenes and cannabinoids in their most natural forms – straight from the source, so to speak.  It also looks, smells and tastes just like weed, which certainly plays a role in its popularity as well.

Before we explore Kansas’s laws regarding HHC flower, you’re probably wondering: Is it even legal federally?  The answer, which might be surprising, is yes.  HHC flower is a federally legal product because it completely complies with the 2018 Farm Bill.  The Farm Bill effectively legalized all hemp-derived products, as long as they are shown through third-party lab-testing to contain a maximum of 0.3% delta 9 THC.  Because HHC is an entirely different cannabinoid from delta 9 THC, even while being psychoactive, all HHC products are legal, without any limits on their psychoactive strength, how much can be purchased or how much a person is allowed to possess at any given time.  

Kansas does simply follow the 2018 Farm Bill, and so they are not one of the 18 states that have banned HHC flower and all other HHC product types.  As is the case with the Farm Bill, Kansas law does not restrict how much a person can buy, how much they can possess, or how strong the product may be in terms of its cannabinoid concentration.  This is good news, of course, as it means that you can enjoy this product as much as you’d like, without having to worry about accidentally breaking the law in the process.

But, there is one thing to consider, which is that not everyone in the state is pleased about its legality.  The state’s attorney general declared that psychoactive hemp products are against the law, since hemp products should, according to him, only be legal if they contain a maximum of 0.3% total THC cannabinoids – in other words, combining HHC and delta 9 THC.  But, the attorney general’s viewpoint on HHC is not actually legally binding, so it remains legal – for now.

So, what about marijuana, which remains a federally illegal substance, unlike hemp?  In the state of Kansas, both recreational and medicinal marijuana are strictly prohibited, making Kansas one of the strictest anti-marijuana states in the country.  One exception is that patients who have debilitating, qualifying conditions may obtain hemp-derived products containing a maximum of 5% delta 9 THC.  Otherwise, the rest of the state can only purchase products that, like we said earlier, contain a maximum of 0.3% delta 9 THC.

Possession laws are incredibly harsh, as you may have guessed.  A first offense of possession of 25 grams or less is a misdemeanor, meaning up to 6 months in jail and $1,000 in fines.  The penalties get harsher with each repeated offense.  Distribution penalties are incredibly harsh, with intention to distribute up to 25 grams being worthy of $300,000 in fines and 51 months in jail.

The most recent attempt at legalization was in 2020, when a group of lawmakers hoped to make medical marijuana legal.  But, that bill died on the floor, and there have not been any attempts made since.

Where Can You Buy HHC Flower in Kansas?

Now, let’s get back to HHC flower, which we now know is completely legal for any adult residing in Kansas.  So, where can an adult who lives in Kansas actually purchase HHC flower, and know that they’re getting the best option possible?  As a matter of fact, there are a few different types of retailers that are particularly likely to have HHC flower in stock, and as you’re about to learn, some of them are more worth your time and trust than others.  In fact, some of them should be avoided altogether.  

#1: Online HHC Flower Retailers

Online HHC Flower retailers like Bloomz are always the best choice, not just for HHC flower, but really, for any hemp product.  You can ask pretty much any hemp enthusiast and they’ll agree.  Online hemp retailers have dedicated the entirety of their business to specializing in just hemp products, and so they have to really make sure that they’re carrying the best of the best in order to stay in the game, so to speak.  This is a lot better than buying from a store that specializes in an entirely different industry, as there is less incentive to carry top-shelf HHC flower.

At Bloomz, we promise to provide the cleanest, freshest and highest-quality HHC flower on the market – after all, that’s what we specialize in.  We’re ready to ship our flower to every city and town in Kansas, including Topeka, Wichita, Kansas City, Manhattan, Lawrence, Salina, Olathe, Bonner Springs, and more.  Bloomz flower will show up to your home in just a few days, as we’re known for our extremely fast shipping times.  Besides that, shipping is free, and Bloomz HHC prices are competitive since we do all of the work in-house.

We use organically grown hemp that’s sourced from local farms, and we infuse it with our ultra-pure HHC distillate, which boasts one of the highest purity levels industry-wide.  You can verify that yourself, since we make our third-party lab reports easily accessible.  Meanwhile, you can choose from some of the most in-demand cannabis strains on today’s market, while knowing that you’re getting a super-fresh HHC product thanks to our high turnover rate.

Naturally, buying your flower from Bloomz also means you get to enjoy a more convenient way to shop.  You don’t need to step foot outside your home to treat yourself to the luxury of premium HHC flower, as you can just place your order with us online and allow us to send it straight to your door.

#2: Vape Stores

Maybe you’ve already seen some vape shops in your area selling HHC flower.  Going this route can be very hit or miss, as whether or not the flower is top-quality depends on the business owner’s standards, and interest in hemp.  Because vape stores don’t specialize in hemp, but vaping products, owners don’t need to sell top-shelf HHC quality, since their business doesn’t depend on it.  And, they may or may not know how to be totally sure that what they’re carrying is the most exceptional flower they can get their hands on, as that all depends on how knowledgeable they are when it comes to hemp.

#3: Miscellaneous Local Businesses 

Finally, you may come across some HHC flower while you’re out shopping in your neighborhood.  For instance, there are some convenience stores and gas station stores that carry it.  But, we really, really urge you to avoid buying your hemp products from these types of businesses.  It’s just very unlikely that storeowners are motivated to carry absolutely top-notch HHC product, as they’re more known for selling product cheap and fast.  Besides that, it’s these types of environments where flower can sit on the shelves for several months, losing all of its fresh flavor and potency, since HHC flower is not a highly in-demand product in one of these establishments.

What to Look for in a HHC Flower Product

No matter where you decide to buy your HHC flower from, it’s always important to check keep an eye out for certain factors that have a lot to do with whether or not you’ll end up happy with your purchase.  Not every flower product out there can fully satisfy your needs, since there are a lot of factors that influence the outcome of your experience.  Here are the four main things to pay attention to before you buy.

  • Lab Reports: You should absolutely never buy any HHC flower, or actually any hemp product, without first exploring their third-party lab reports, which a company should make easy to find on their website.  These reports are provided by an unbiased, state-licensed cannabis-testing laboratory, and tell you the purity level of the product, its potency, its cannabinoid and terpene profiles, its compliance with the law, and its safety.  Without these lab reports, it’s hard to know if what you’re getting is actually a high-quality and safe HHC product – or even an authentic one.
  • Fresh HHC Flower and Product: Flower has a shelf life of about 6 months, give or take.  After that time, the compounds start to degrade due to age, and what this does is dramatically decrease the effectiveness of the product, while making its flavor and aroma stale and weak.  Choose a company that has a high product turnover rate – in other words, makes enough sales so that the flower never sits on the shelves for long – to ensure you end up with fresh and potent HHC flower.
  • A Desirable Strain: Of course, you’re going to want to enjoy some “strain-shopping” too.  Different brands and stores offer their own exciting varieties of indica, sativa and hybrid strains, and with so many strains out there on the market today, there’s no reason to settle for anything less than exactly what kind of cultivar you’re seeking out, both for its effects and its terpene profile’s flavor.
  • Organic Hemp: Finally, you really want to choose organic flower – in other words, hemp that was grown organically.  This way, you’re not consuming pesticides and other environmental toxins into your body each time you crave some fresh HHC flower, whether you’re smoking it, vaping it or eating flower-infused edibles.  Flower that’s grown organically is generally better in terms of quality, and more likely to be effective.

Why it’s Better to Buy Your HHC Flower Online, Instead of In-Person

Like we said earlier, it’s always ideal to buy your flower, and all hemp products for that matter, from a reputable online retailer instead of in person from a local store.  Overall, the online hemp marketplace comes with the promise of a more trustworthy experience to customers, since it’s so incredibly competitive, and since demand is much higher online than it is on a local level.  Basically, online companies have gone above and beyond to satisfy a growing number of flower enthusiasts, going above and beyond to provide the most top-notch HHC products that exist in today’s industry.

As you’re about to see below, there are plenty of tangible benefits to buying your flower from a reputable online store as opposed to a local one.

#1: It’s More Convenient

Of course, buying your HHC flower online comes with a lot of convenience, which we touched upon before.  It means that you can leisurely shop for lots of great products while lying comfortably on your couch, and it also means that you don’t need to spend time hunting down a store in your neighborhood that you hope carries this type of product.  All that you need to do is add to cart, checkout, and know that blissful HHC flower is on its way to your front door.

#2: You are Likely to Save Money

By shopping for flower online at Bloomz, you’re probably going to save some money as well.  First off, online stores have a lower overhead than physical stores, so online stores can charge less, while often offering free shipping to boot.  And, online stores are going to hold lots of sales and promotional offers on a regular basis, not to mention offering options to buy your flower in bulk, and grab HHC flower “bundles” – aka multiple flower products sold together at a reduced price per unit.

#3: The HHC Flower is More Likely to Be Fresh

Online HHC Flower stores such as Bloomz are likely to have a much product turnover rate since they see a lot more traffic each day than a local store.  What that means is that the HHC flower that leaves the warehouse is much more likely to be perfectly fresh, making it more potent in its effects as well as more flavorful.  

#4: The HHC Selection is Likely to be Bigger

Because online HHC Flower retailers like Bloomz typically own or rent warehouses for their inventory, they can carry a bigger selection of HHC flower than, say, that local vape store that can only squeeze a couple of flower products on their shelf.  This allows you to choose from a wider variety of strains, amounts of flower (by weight) and more.  

#5: HHC Quality Standards are Usually Much Higher

With the online hemp market being so competitive and so visible to consumers around the world, online companies have to work very hard to appeal to customers and keep them coming back.  As a result, online brands are just a lot more motivated to provide nothing but the absolute best flower possible.  So, you’ll benefit by having access to top-shelf HHC flower when you buy online.

#6: You Can Learn a Lot More About the Product and the Company

Finally, by choosing to buy your flower from an online retailer like Bloomz, you’re able to learn a whole lot about how the product is made, and the various standards and practices of the company you’re buying from.  It’s always helpful to find out where the flower was grown, how the HHC distillate was produced and other relevant details that can really tell you a lot about the quality of what you’re getting.

What Does the Future Hold for HHC Flower in the Sunflower State?

Now, you know that HHC flower is completely legal for adults who reside in Kansas.  Still, we’ve also made it pretty clear that not every HHC flower product is guaranteed to give you the most satisfying high and terpene flavor out there.

Luckily, you can just stick with the HHC flower at Bloomz, since we’re fully prepared to meet all of your needs and expectations. Bloomz flower always shows up fresh thanks to our high product turnover rate, and we offer some absolutely exquisite strains that complement HHC beautifully. Bloomz flower comes from local, organic farms, and our third-party lab reports tell you everything you need to know about our strict quality standards.  Check out our HHC flower and enjoy the convenience of shopping for premium hemp online!


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