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HHC Flower In West Virginia

HHC flower is an extremely popular choice on the ever-growing hemp market, and given its satisfying psychoactive effects, it’s easy to see why so many West Virginians are eager to try it, although they might not be sure where to buy it, or if it’s even a legal product in the state.  After all, it’s clear that cannabis laws, both for hemp and marijuana, can be tough to navigate, and can change quite unexpectedly.  So, of course, this has left many in WV concerned that they can’t even enjoy HHC flower without getting into trouble with the law.

Because we know that hemp laws across the country have been changing so much lately, it’s important to clear things up about where HHC flower stands in West Virginia in terms of legality.  Not only that, but every hemp enthusiast needs to know where to buy it, as not all retailers are guaranteed to offer the best and most effective flower, to guarantee complete HHC satisfaction.


What is HHC Flower?

HHC flower is the result of taking raw hemp flower buds and infusing them with psychoactive HHC in distillate form.  HHC distillate is a distilled extract made from the hemp plant, which offers a highly pure form of the intoxicating cannabinoid, HHC.  Infusing the distillate into flower provides us with a flower product that can get us high, similarly to marijuana.

You can find HHC flower in a huge array of indica, sativa and hybrid strains, and that’s a big reason why it’s such a must-have.  But it’s possible that its biggest appeal is its similarities to marijuana.  It provides a distinctively bioavailable, potent product that can be smoked, vaped, or even used to make homemade edibles, being naturally full spectrum and full of cannabinoids and terpenes in their most natural forms – straight from the source, so to speak.  It also tastes, smells and looks just like weed, which certainly doesn’t make it any less popular.

Before we look at West Virginia’s legal stance on HHC flower, you’re probably wondering: Is it even legal federally?  The answer, as it turns out, is yes.  HHC flower is a totally legal product under federal law because it complies with the 2018 Farm Bill.  The Farm Bill fully legalized all hemp-derived products, as long as they are shown in third-party testing that they contain a maximum of 0.3% delta 9 THC.  Because HHC is ultimately a different plant compound, even though it’s psychoactive, all HHC products are perfectly protected under federal law, with zero restrictions on their strength, how much a person can buy, or how much a person may possess at any given time.  

West Virginia, like most states in the country, simply looks to the Farm Bill, and so the state is not one of a number that have banned HHC entirely.  Like the Farm Bill, West Virginia law does not place limits on how much flower a person can buy, how much they can possess, or how strong the product may be in terms of its cannabinoid concentration.  This is good news, of course, as it means that you’re totally free to buy and explore HHC flower in whatever way you’d like (as long as you’re a legal adult, of course), without having to worry about unintentionally breaking the law along the way.  

However, one attempt was made to ban HHC in 2021, which ultimately failed to pass.  So, while not all lawmakers are thrilled about it, HHC is completely legal.

So, where does that leave marijuana, which remains a federally illegal substance, unlike hemp?  For the time-being at least, only medical marijuana is permitted in the state, as recreational use is still banned.  Medical patients who qualify are legally permitted to purchase up to a 30-day supply of cannabis in just about any product form.  Despite medical marijuana being legalized in 2017, it took a few years for medical dispensaries to actually open up.

Without a medical card, those caught possessing any amount of cannabis can end up paying a $1,000 fine, and spending up to 6 months in jail.  Selling and cultivating cannabis is a felony charge, worthy of a mandatory year behind bars and a fine of up to $15,000.  In 2019, an attempt was made to decriminalize cannabis, but it ultimately failed to pass.

Where Can You Buy HHC Flower in West Virginia?

Getting back to HHC flower, which is a legal product throughout the state, it’s time to discuss where you can actually buy it.  There are a few different types of retailers that are the most likely to carry flower products, and as you’re about to find out, some of them are more trustworthy and reliable than others.  In fact, some of them should be avoided at all costs.  

#1: Online HHC Flower Retailers

Online HHC Flower retailers like Bloomz are the best option of all, not only for HHC flower, but for any type of hemp product.  And, if you ask any hemp enthusiast, they’re probably going to agree.  Online hemp retailers have based their entire business around selling hemp exclusively, and so they have to really go above and beyond to offer to customers the absolute best flower possible in order to be competitive.  This is better than buying from a store that mainly carries in an entirely different type of product, where there is usually less incentive to carry top-shelf HHC flower.

At Bloomz, you can be confident that you’re about to enjoy nothing but the freshest and highest-quality HHC flower on the market.  We’re ready to ship our HHC flower to every city and town in West Virginia, including Morgantown, Huntington, Parkersburg, Beckley, Harpers Ferry, Clarksburg, White Sulphur Springs, Princeton, Bluefield, and more. Bloomz flower will arrive at your home in only a few days, thanks to our very fast shipping, with orders dispatched in 1-2 days after being placed.  On top of that, we offer free shipping, and our HHC flower prices are refreshingly affordable since we do all of the work in our own facility.

We only work with organic hemp flower that’s sourced locally, and we infuse it with our carefully developed HHC distillate, which has one of the highest purity levels industry-wide.  You can verify that info on your own if you’d like, as we make our third-party lab reports easily accessible.  At the same time, you can choose from some of the most beloved cannabis strains on today’s market, while knowing that you’re getting a super-fresh HHC product thanks to our high turnover rate.

Of course, buying flower from Bloomz also means a more convenient way to shop.  After all, you don’t have to step outside your house to be treated to premium HHC flower, as you can just place your order with us online and allow us to send it straight to your door.

#2: Vape Stores

You may have already seen some vape stores in your area carry HHC flower.  But, these types of retailers are known as hit or miss, as whether or not the flower is super high in quality depends on the standards of the business owner.  Because vape stores don’t specialize in hemp products, but rather in nicotine-based vaping products, owners don’t have to rely on offering only the best flower possible.  And, they may or may not know how to ensure that what they’re providing is the very best HHC flower they can find, as that all depends on how educated they are on the hemp industry.  

#3: Miscellaneous Local Businesses 

Finally, you may happen to come across HHC flower while you’re out and about in your area.  As you may have seen for yourself, some convenience stores and gas station stores carry it.  But, we really encourage you to avoid getting your hemp products from these types of businesses.  There’s a low chance that storeowners have the incentive to carry top-shelf HHC product, as they’re all about selling cheap products as fast as they can.  Besides that, it’s these types of establishments in which flower can sit on the shelves for months, losing all of its fresh taste and potency, since HHC flower is not what’s bringing customers to these types of businesses.

What to Look for in a HHC Flower Product

No matter where you end up purchasing HHC flower, it’s always imperative that you check for clear quality indicators beforehand, to have a good idea of whether or not you’ll end up satisfied with your purchase.  Not all flower products are made under the strictest of quality standards, since there are a number of factors that can influence the quality of your experience.  Here are the four key things to be looking for before you buy.

  • Lab Reports: You should never buy HHC flower, or any kind of hemp product, without first looking at third-party lab reports, which should be provided on a brand’s website.  These reports are provided by an unbiased, state-licensed laboratory, and indicate the purity level of the product, its HHC concentration, its cannabinoid and terpene profiles, its legal compliance and its safety.  Without these lab reports, it’s difficult to know if what you’re getting is, in fact, a high-quality and safe, let alone legitimate, HHC product
  • A Fresh HHC Flower Product: Flower is only at its peak effectiveness for about 6 months.  After 6 months have passed, the plant’s compounds start to degrade due to age, and what this does is drastically reduce the effectiveness of the product, while making its flavor and aroma stale and weak.  Choose a company that has a fast product turnover rate – basically, a company that makes enough sales to prevent flower products from sitting on shelves for long – to guarantee that your HHC flower is fresh and effective.
  • Organic Hemp: Finally, always make sure you’re purchasing flower that’s organic – in other words, hemp that was grown using organic methods.  This way, you’re not taking in pesticides and other questionable environmental toxins into your body each time you enjoy some HHC flower, whether you’re smoking it, vaping it or eating flower-infused edibles.  Flower that’s organically grown is generally higher in quality, and more likely to give you the effects you’re hoping for.

Why it’s Better to Buy Your HHC Flower Online, Instead of In-Person

Like we already discussed, it’s far better to buy your HHC flower, and any hemp product for that matter, from a reputable online store rather than a local business.  In general, the online hemp market offers you a more reliable experience since it’s so remarkably competitive, and because demand is a much higher online than it is in a local market.  In other words, hemp retailers have really put in the work to satisfy a fast-growing number of flower lovers, to ensure that they can provide the most exceptional HHC products throughout the industry.

As you’re about to learn, there are a number of undeniable benefits when choose to make your purchases from a reputable online retailer instead of a local one.

#1: It’s More Convenient

Surely, it’s easy to see that buying your HHC flower online means being treated to convenience, which we touched upon earlier.  It makes it possible for you to shop for top-shelf product while enjoying the comfort of your own home, and it also means that you don’t need go on a hunt for a shop in your area that might carry this type of product.  Just add to cart, checkout, and know that HHC flower is going to show up at your doorstep in only a handful of days.

#2: You are Likely to Save Money

By shopping for flower online at Bloomz, you can look forward to saving money.  Of course, online stores have a lower overhead than physical stores, so online stores are able to offer lower prices, not to mention free shipping as a nice added bonus.  And, online stores are far more likely to hold regular clearance sales and promotions for customers, not to mention providing ways to buy in bulk, and purchase HHC flower “bundles” – aka the ability to buy multiple flower products at the same time, at a lower cost per piece.

#3: The HHC Flower Product is More Likely to Be Fresh

Online stores like Bloomz end up having a faster product turnover rate thanks to getting a lot more visitors daily than a local store.  As a result, the HHC flower that is dispatched from their warehouse is almost certain to be perfectly fresh, making it more potent in terms of its effects, and better-tasting thanks to the fresh terpenes.  

#4: The HHC Flower Selection is Likely to be Bigger

Because online HHC companies including Bloomz typically have bigger facilities to store their inventory, they can carry a bigger selection of HHC flower than, say, the local vape shop that can only fit a couple of products on their shelf.  This gives you access to a wider variety of strains, amounts of flower (by weight) and more.  

#5: HHC Quality Standards are Usually Much Higher

With the online hemp market being so competitive and having so much visibility, online hemp retailers have to work extra hard to please customers and keep them coming back for more.  What this means is that the online hemp market will generally be more motivated to offer nothing but the absolute best HHC flower possible.  So, you’ll benefit from having access to superior flower products when you buy online.

#6: You Can Learn a Lot More About the Product and the Company

Finally, by going the online route you can learn a lot more about how that company makes their flower, and the unique standards and practices of the company you’re buying from.  It’s always nice to find out where the flower was actually grown, how the HHC distillate is produced and other little details that can ultimately tell you a lot about the quality of what you’re getting.

What Does the Future Hold for HHC Flower in the Mountain State?

It’s great news that HHC flower is perfectly legal throughout the state of West Virginia, which means that you’re free to purchase it and enjoy it however you so choose for the time-being.  Just remember that the quality of your experience largely depends on where you’re actually going to buy it.

By going with the HHC flower at Bloomz, you can get the quality you deserve, as we’re always here to meet all of your needs and expectations.  Bloomz flower is guaranteed to be fresh thanks to our very fast product turnover rate, and we offer some spectacular strains that complement HHC perfectly. Bloomz flower is sourced from local, organic farms, and our third-party lab reports tell you everything you need to know about our quality and safety standards.  Check out our HHC flower and enjoy the convenience of shopping for premium hemp online!


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