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How Is Infused THCA Flower Made

THCA flower is making a huge splash on the hemp market, offering a product that’s incredibly close to raw marijuana flower.  Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA) converts into delta 9 once it’s heated, as it’s the natural precursor of THC, meaning that flower gives you a delta 9 high while offering a wide selection of must-try strains.


You Came Here to Know How Infused THCA Flower is Made, Right?

Some brands and manufacturers make THCA flower by infusing tetrahydrocannabinolic acid into the flower buds of the hemp plant. This is not the normal method of getting THCA Flower. Usually THCA Flower is grown in the cold and cut early to prevent the THCA from converting. But, in this case some brands infuse Hemp Flower with THCA. This process actually takes a lot more work and skill than you may think.  So, let’s share the process from beginning to end, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Step #1: Sourcing Hemp 

When making any hemp product, the first step is always finding the right hemp farm to get raw plant material from, and this takes a lot of time as well as knowledge of what makes one farm’s hemp harvest better than the others. 

It’s best to choose a farm that’s as local as possible, which plays a big role in the freshness and effectiveness of the THCA product, and they should also be sure that the farm is certified as an organic one, since organically grown hemp is free of environmental toxins like pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and other unwanted growing agents that are chemical-based.

Step #2: Gathering Mature Hemp Flower Buds 

Experienced and reputable hemp farmers know exactly when to pick buds from the hemp plant when harvest time comes around.  There’s a right and a wrong time to pick them, when it comes to the maturity stages of the plant, when the buds happen to have the absolute ideal composition of chemical compounds including the cannabinoids and terpenes that we know and love.  

Once the THCA flower buds have been harvested, it’s time to preserve them using a method known as dry-curing, in which the buds are stored in a dark, cool and dry place for a specific period of time, until they are cured, preventing the growth of mold from destroying them prematurely.

Step #3: Making a THCA Distillate

Now that we have beautiful hemp flower buds dry-cured to perfection, we need to infuse them with THCA.  This requires the use of THCA distillate, which is a pure THCA liquid extract made from hemp, and producing it begins with a process known as isomerization.  The dominant chemical compound in hemp is CBD, accounting for around 15-20% of the plant.  Meanwhile, THCA is a trace compound making up only about 0.3% of the plant, so the process of extracting a meaningful amount hard, not to mention costly.

Isomerization is done by rearranging the molecular structure of cannabidiol (CBD) to convert it into THCA.  This can be done with all cannabinoids, since all cannabinoids in hemp are derived from CBG, the “mother cannabinoid” that precedes every other cannabinoid.  Because all cannabinoids come from cannabigerol (CBG), they all share the same molecular content, in different configurations.

Then, distillation is used to purify the THCA, subjecting the extract to steam at various pressures and temperatures to discard the undesirable compounds through evaporation at their boiling points, until what remains is an extremely pure extract of just THCA.

Step #4: Infusing the Hemp Flower with THCA Distillate 

Next comes the infusion process, which allows hemp flower to become infused THCA flower.  Some manufacturers do this by dipping each flower bud into THCA distillate.  Others spray the flower buds with the distillate.  There’s also a rarer method of crystallizing the distillate and sprinkling it onto the flower, which is known as “dusting.”  Most companies will infuse hemp flower with a THCA amount that matches what exists in its accompanying marijuana strain.

Step #5: Time for Third-Party Testing 

Now, we have infused THCA flower that’s ready to be enjoyed.  But, before it’s ready to hit the shelves, there’s one crucial step that all companies must comply with, which is third-party testing.  This is when a company sends a sample of their THCA flower to a state-licensed third-party testing facility, where it’s analyzed for qualities that are extremely important, such as federal compliance, purity, potency, and any possibility of contamination.  

The lab report detailing all of this information is then sent back to the manufacturer, and the manufacturer has a responsibility to publish the lab report on their website, which gives customers the assurance that the product is legal, safe and high in quality.  

Step #6: Package the Flower for Sale 

Last but not least comes packaging the flower, which is actually incredibly important for a number of reasons.  For one thing, infused THCA flower has a surprisingly short shelf life of about 6 months, because it’s raw.  So, it’s critical that a company makes sure that the flower is packaged in a way that prevents the product from breaking down. 

In other words, the flower must be kept in an airtight container so that it’s not exposed to oxygen during storage and transit, which would make the product expire even sooner.  Of course, the package should also tell you some information like the name of the brand, the name of the strain and anything else that’s relevant to your experience as a user of the THCA product.

From Seed to Sale, Bloomz is Going Above and Beyond!

Infused THCA Flower is one way of making THCA Flower. However, Bloomz hemp grows their THCA flower pure and does not infuse their flower with distillate or crystals. That is how Bloomz stands out among other brands. Infusing is a simple way to get THCA Flower. However, grown THCA flower is the best option you can get.

Bloomz takes each of the above steps very seriously, which’s why our THCA flower is able to provide so much incredible satisfaction.  You can read our comprehensive third-party lab reports on our website.  This way, you know that you’re getting only top-shelf quality, derived from domestic, organic farms, and is not infused with THCA, unlike other brands.


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