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How THCA Snowballs Are Made: What You Must Know

THCA snowballs are trending right now, and it’s safe to say that this is one type of hemp product that’s more than just hype.  THCA snowballs offer a more potent type of flower product, by coating THCA flower buds in pure THCA diamond powder.  Naturally, this means that you’re getting a heavy dose of delta 9 THC with each puff, since THCA turns into delta 9 THC when it’s heated.

Sounds pretty simple, right?  Take some flower buds and cover them in powder, and then enjoy them as you normally would enjoy a flower product.  If you’re thinking about making them yourself, we’ll talk about what that entails, and whether it’s actually preferable to buying pre-made snowballs.


What Exactly are THCA Snowballs?

THCA flower snowballs are a relatively new product on the market, sometimes referred to as “snow caps”.  They’re THCA flower buds that have been rolled in pulverized THCA diamonds, so that the entire exterior of each bud is covered in a layer of pure THCA.  Naturally, this amps up the potency of the product by a whole lot, since tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA), as we all know, becomes delta 9 THC once it’s heated.

THCA flower snowballs smell and taste just like “regular” buds, since cannabinoids have no flavor or aroma qualities to influence the product.  However, as you probably guessed by now, they get their name from the fact that they look like they’re covered in snow, since THCA diamonds are naturally crystalline, and grinding them up gives them a snow-like appearance.

How THCA Snowballs are Made

Now, let’s walk you through the process of making THCA snowballs, to give you a better idea of exactly what it is that you’re getting when you buy this product.

  1. THCA snowballs begin with the cultivation of industrial hemp in order to produce THCA flower buds.  This involves specific breeding and growing practices that create conditions in which the buds of the hemp plant will naturally yield high amounts of THCA (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid).  The buds are harvested once the composition of cannabinoids and terpenes is mature, and they’re dry-cured to preserve them.
  2. Now that you have THCA flower ready to go, you need the second component, which would be THCA diamonds.  A secondary batch of THCA flower buds is administered with a solvent, which separates the desirable and undesirable compounds.  The resulting extract is then purified until the THCA takes on a crystalline form, which indicates that the cannabinoid is as pure as possible.
  3. This crystalline, purified form of THCA is known as THCA diamonds due to its appearance.  The THCA diamonds are pulverized to become a dust, and the flower buds are rolled in this dust.  Now, we have THCA snowballs.

Making DIY THCA Snowballs

So, what about making THCA snowballs on your own?  As you can see, the process of creating them is pretty simple – or so it seems.  Naturally, to do this, you’d need two ingredients: THCA flower, and THCA diamonds.  

THCA diamonds are usually sold whole – in other words, not in powder form.  That means that in order to make your own snowballs, you need to have a means for turning them into powder.  This is, in fact, easier said than done.  Diamonds aren’t like flower, in that they break apart easily.  Throwing them in your grinder probably wouldn’t do a great job, as the bits would get stuck in between the teeth of the grinder, rather than breaking down into a smooth, homogenous, and fine powder consistency.  Instead, you’d probably want to use an herb/coffee grinder.  Then, you’d simply roll each bud in the powder.

But, here’s the thing: THCA diamonds are potent.  After all, they’re just pure THCA.  So, the amount of diamond dust on each bud can really vary from one bud to the next, and this can dramatically affect the ultimate THCA content of the product you intend on using.  One bud could be insanely potent (60% THCA, for instance) while another bud could be far lower, resulting in an inconsistent experience.  This is why a lot of people leave it to the professionals.

Is it Better to Make Your Own, or Buy Them Already Prepared?

Let’s compare some pros and cons of making your own THCA snowballs compared to buying them premade from a company like Bloomz.  

DIY THCA Snowballs


  • Gives you control over the amount of THCA in the product, based on how thick the layer of diamond dust is.
  • Lets you make snowballs in any strain, since you can buy THCA flower in a bigger strain variety than snowballs.
  • Is a great use for leftover THCA diamonds that you may have lying around.


  • Can be hard to get diamonds to the right consistency to coat the buds evenly.
  • Isn’t really less expensive, as it turns out.
  • Can lead to uneven amounts of THCA from one bud to the next.

Buying Premade THCA Snowballs 


  • Requires no effort on your part, since they’re already made.
  • Each bud has roughly an equal amount of THCA.
  • The consistency of the THCA diamond dust is just right.
  • Easy to find nowadays.


  • The strain selection can be fairly limited compared to regular flower buds.

Buying is Always Better, Especially at Bloomz!

Ultimately, we believe that it’s better to buy THCA snowballs already made, since there are clear advantages that outweigh those of making your own.  While it seems simple enough to make them at home – after all, it’s just two ingredients – there are all kinds of other factors to consider that can impact the end product.

At Bloomz, you will find only the finest THCA snowballs, with each indoor-grown THCA flower bud coated in the perfect, even layer of ultra-fine THCA diamonds, to give you a major boost in terms of the high you get from the product.  Bloomz carries our snowballs in 4 fantastic strains, with something for everyone, so that you can be treated to the ‘high’ you’re seeking out, whether it be more uplifting or relaxing.  Rather than go through the trouble of grinding up diamonds and coating your flower buds, grab a jar of Bloomz THCA Flower Snowballs today!


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