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Strongest THCA Snowballs Online

THCA snowballs are fast-becoming one of the most sought-after hemp products of all time, and we’re starting to see them pop up everywhere that THCA flower is sold.  THCA snowballs offer a high-potency, all-natural form of flower, which delivers an incredible high, due to tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA) becoming delta 9 THC when it has been heated, i.e., smoking or vaping.

That being said, the concentration of THCA can vary from one product to the next, based on both the THCA levels of the flower itself (its strain) and the amount of THCA diamond dust coating each bud.  Because of that, we’re going to take a look at some of the strongest THCA flower snowballs and snow caps you can find on the hemp marketplace, for those who are specifically seeking out a hefty ‘high’.


What are THCA Flower Snowballs?

THCA snowballs are a fairly new product to the market, developed in response to the growing popularity of THCA diamonds.  They get their name from their appearance of flower buds dipped in snow, and they’re also referred to as “snow caps”.

Like we said, THCA snowballs are THCA flower buds that are coated in a layer of fine THCA diamond powder – that is, ground up diamonds.  For those unfamiliar, THCA diamonds are pure THCA crystals, as purifying the THCA cannabinoid naturally converts it into a crystalline consistency rather than an oil.  Grinding up these diamonds creates a fine white powder that is almost 100% pure THCA, so coating each flower bud in this powder creates an outstandingly large concentration of the cannabinoid.

THCA snowballs come in an abundance of strain options, just like regular flower, and are used exactly like standard buds, in that you can smoke them in a pipe, grind them and roll them in paper, put them in a dry herb vaporizer, or even make edibles with them.

What Generally Determines How Strong/Potent THCA Flower Snowballs are?

The potency of THCA flower snowballs or snow caps is influenced by several factors below, as understanding these variables can help consumers and producers alike to gauge and influence the potency of THCA-rich cannabis products:

  1. Strain Genetics: Different cannabis strains have varying genetic predispositions for THCA content.  Strains bred for high THC levels typically also have high levels of THCA, as THCA is the precursor to THC.
  2. Growing Conditions: The environment in which the cannabis is grown can significantly impact its potency.  Factors such as light, temperature, humidity, soil quality, and nutrients all play roles in the development of cannabinoids like THCA.  Optimal growing conditions can enhance the production of cannabinoids, thus increasing the potency.
  3. Harvest Timing: The potency of THCA in the flower can also depend on the harvest time.  Cannabis plants harvested when their trichomes (the tiny, crystal-like structures on the flower) are fully mature tend to have higher levels of cannabinoids, including THCA.
  4. Curing Process: After harvest, the curing process can also affect the potency of THCA in the flower.  Properly curing cannabis helps to preserve the cannabinoids and terpenes, potentially affecting the strength and quality of the final product.
  5. Extraction and Processing Techniques: For products specifically designed to concentrate THCA, such as snowballs or snow caps, the extraction and processing methods used can significantly impact potency.  Methods that effectively concentrate THCA without converting it to THC will result in a more potent product.
  6. Storage Conditions: Exposure to heat, light, and air can degrade THCA over time, converting it to THC and other cannabinoids.  Proper storage can help preserve the potency of THCA products.
  7. Product Formulation: Finally, for snowballs or snow caps, the specific formulation and whether other cannabinoids or terpenes are included can influence the overall experience and perceived potency of the product.

Strongest THCA Flower Snowballs You Can Buy

The moment you’ve been waiting for folks: the strongest THCA snowballs around, determined of course, by the percentage of THCA – again, the combination of THCA in the buds as well as coating them.  Remember, based on the products below, these buds are extremely high in potency, so you should only purchase them if you’ve a high THC tolerance, and can handle their intense psychoactive effects.

#5: Ghost Snowballs THCa Flower 4g

The THCa snowballs from Ghost are a bit different from the rest, consisting of CBG flower (which is nonintoxicating), which has been coated in two layers of THCA distillate before getting rolled in THCA diamond dust.  The result is a dreamy bud that’s outstandingly potent, and even offers a phenomenal concentration of THCA.  It comes in 3 exquisite strains, too: Death Star, Ghost Train Haze, and Phantom Cookies.  The buds are sold nice and fresh, and you can tell by their sticky quality that instantly lets you know you have a product filled with loads of cannabinoids and terpenes.

#4: Bay Smokes THCA Snowballs 

Few are strangers to Bay Smokes, a brand that’s been gratifying customers with high-end hemp products for ages now.  Their THCA snowballs follow the standard formula of THCA flower cultivated indoors with utmost care, coated in a layer of fine THCA diamond dust, for max potency.  The diamonds are 99.99% pure, which is pretty incredible, and the flower is top-shelf in quality, which tells you that you won’t be let down.  Now, keep in mind that Bay Smokes does not disclose the strain, so we can’t tell you what it feels like, and with that being said, there are no strains to choose from.

#3: Gold Spectrum Snowballs THCa Flower 

Then, we have the snowballs from Gold Spectrum, which offer a 63.14% concentration of THCA – that’s about double the amount of THCA found in the most potent strains that exist right now.  Needless to say, this one will get you mega-high, which is good news if that’s what you’re looking for.  Again, the strain is not disclosed here, and there is no list of strains to choose from, so you’re at the mercy of the chosen terpene profile.  Still, that barely matters, since you’ll be so high you may very well be useless for hours.

#2: Good Life Snowcaps THCa Exotic Flower

The THCa snowballs from Good Life offer an even more intense potency of 76% THCA, which is simply out of this world.  In fact, we recommend going easy with this one, because that’s a ton of THCA per hit that you’ll be taking in.  Once again, there is no choice of strains, but these buds are sold in the Ice Cream Cake strain, which is easily one of the most in demand today.  What we can also say is that the flower buds are extraordinarily fragrant, which tells us how fresh and high in quality it is.

#1: Bloomz THCA Snowballs 

Last but certainly not least, we have Bloomz THCA Flower Snowballs, which come in 4 exquisite strains: MAC, Pineapple OG, Sour Diesel, and Mendo Purps.  Our snowballs are derived from organic hemp that has been specially cultivated to yield huge amounts of THCA – just check our lab reports – before being coated in 99% pure THCA diamond dust, in an even layer that really boosts that THCA to an unbelievable level. 

Looking to get high beyond your wildest dreams?  We’ve gotcha covered, all while promising some of the tastiest, freshest, and most gorgeous buds you’ve ever had the pleasure of handling.  In fact, Exotic THCA Flower used with these snowballs are the strongest and best batches of farm-grown THCA Flower around.  Combined with pure THCA Isolate, our Snowball THCA Flower is the best on the market, period.

There Really is Nothing Quite Like THCA Snowballs for a Powerful High

THCA snowballs are destined to be a top-selling product on the hemp market, and while they’re all inherently high in potency, some simply take the cake.  If you’re looking to get your smoke or vape on with as much THCA per puff as possible, Bloomz is ready to satisfy your needs with our top-notch THCA snowballs, grown indoors and covered in some of the purest and most powerful THCA diamonds you will most likely ever encounter.


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