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THC-P Flower Drug Test: Why You Would Fail

THC-P flower offers a federally legal way to enjoy an extremely powerful psychoactive flower product, similar to marijuana but up to 10x as intoxicating.  By infusing THC-P distillate into raw flower buds, we get to smoke, vape, or cook with flower just like we do with cannabis, all while knowing that we’re not breaking the law.

It’s easy to see the appeal in such an intoxicating flower product.  But, there’s one thing that people do need to consider, which is the influence that it can have on a drug test.  Let’s find out if using THC-P flower can cause a failed drug test result.

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How is Cannabis Tested for?

Before we talk about the potential of failing a drug test after taking THC-P, we need to go over the most common types of drug tests that are administered across the country, as the test you end up taking can have the most influence of all when it comes to passing or failing.

  • Urine Test: Urine tests are by far the most common type of drug test in the United States, and almost all employers use this type of test when testing employees for drugs.  Urine tests can show evidence of drug use roughly 2-60 days after the last dose, depending on the amount that’s in the body.  They’re dependable, inexpensive, and have a fast turnaround time, making them a highly efficient means for drug-testing.
  • Saliva Test: A saliva test can determine whether or not certain drugs were taken within the last 10 hours.  And, they’re far more commonly used by law enforcement officers than anyone else, basically to inform them whether or not a person may be intoxicated at the time of the test.  
  • Hair Test: Hair tests usually show evidence of drug use within the last 90 days.  They’re not a popular choice for employment, because they’re expensive and have a long turnaround time, not to mention somewhat unreliable, and negated if the person cuts or dyes their hair.  
  • Blood Test: A blood test only shows if someone is currently high on a substance, as for a person to be intoxicated, they must have the substance in their bloodstream.
  • Sweat Test: A sweat test is rarely used for drug-testing, and more associated with clinical trials.  That’s because it’s quite invasive, involving a person attaching an adhesive patch to their skin for 2 weeks, which collects a sample of their perspiration.

Does THC-P Flower Get Picked Up on a Drug Test?

THC-P, aka tetrahydrocannabiphorol, is a naturally occurring cannabinoid in hemp, and an isomer of delta 9 THCTHC-P/delta 9 THC are not actually responsible for a positive test result, as drug tests are not looking for individual cannabinoids, or samples of the marijuana plant.  What they’re looking for is THC-COOH – an enzyme that the body produces from THC cannabinoids after we take them.  THC-COOH is simply a THC metabolite, which lingers in the body for longer than the high itself.  For how long it can linger, and cause you to test positive, depends on a number of factors.

As it turns out, tetrahydrocannabiphorol is metabolized through the same processes as delta 9 THC.  What this means is that taking THC-P will produce THC-COOH in the body, which can be detected by a drug test as easily as it would be if you had taken marijuana.  So, overall, yes, you can fail a drug test after using THC-P flower.

What’s the Likelihood of Failing a Drug Test Because I Used THC-P Flower?

Now, what if you’ve been using THC-P flower, not knowing that you have a drug test coming up.  Well, the reality is that the likelihood of failing a test actually depends on a pretty complex variety of factors, with some more within our control than others.  Let’s discuss.

#1: How Much You Consumed

The amount of THC-P flower you took before your drug test is going to make a difference.  Taking a few puffs of flower is different from going through 28 grams of flower in a matter of days.  The more THC-P flower you’ve taken, the more THC-COOH is in your system, and the longer it will take to break down.  If you took a tiny dose, you may only test positive for a few days, while a very large dose can stay in the system for weeks.

#2: How Frequently You Consumed It

How often you were taking the flower matters for the same reasons as above.  Enjoying THC-P flower daily is different from having a little bit once in a while.  The more frequently you had it, the more of a traffic jam of THC-COOH is in your system, and the longer it will take before all of it is gone – in other words, before you’re no longer testing positive.

#3: The Strain You Chose

Another thing to consider is that some strains of THC-P flower contain higher concentrations of the cannabinoid than others, and since what’s being tested for is THC-COOH, a more potent flower strain is going to increase your chance of failing a test.  THC-P flower generally has anywhere from 15-28% THC-P, which, again, converts into 15-28% delta 9 THC.  So, that’s something that you may want to consider if you have a test coming up, but keep in mind that honestly, any amount of THC-P puts you at a good risk of failing a drug test.

#4: How You’ve Taken It 

It’s probable that the delivery method you went with makes a difference too.  There is reason to believe that smoking or vaping your flower puts you at higher risk of failing than if you used flower to make homemade edibles.  How come?  Well, because when consuming edibles, we absorb less THC into the system, as a lot of it gets broken down by the liver quickly before entering the bloodstream.  So, the THC-COOH may leave the system faster as there’s less of it.  

#5: Your Metabolism and Health

There’s also the fact that some people just metabolize THC-COOH faster than others due to the state of their metabolism, as well as their health.  For example, being dehydrated causes a higher concentration of THC-COOH that can be detected in the body, and when we’re sick, our metabolism slows down.

The Bottom Line: THC-P Flower is Likely to Make You Fail a Drug Test

What’s important to understand is that if you’re going to use THC-P flower in any way, know that you’re really putting yourself at risk of failing a drug test.  Naturally, if you have a drug test coming up and your job depends on it, the best course of action would be abstaining from THC-P flower, and all intoxicating hemp products, entirely.  When it comes to your chance of failing, THC-P flower is just as likely to cause a positive test as weed, so it’s best to be safe rather than sorry.

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