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Top 5 Exotic THCA Flower Strains

Exotic THCA hemp flower has taken the hemp industry to new heights, with a new method for cultivation according to strict standards, allowing each bud to grow to its fullest potential.  Exotic THCA flower must be grown in small batches, with meticulous attention paid to each and every plant, and above-and-beyond techniques that yield the purest and most effective nugs imaginable.  Besides that, exotic THCA flower comes in the best of the best strains, delivering that “cream of the crop” experience.

So, if you’re in the market for some newly sensational THCA hemp flower strains to try, we’re excited to introduce you to some exceptional cultivars that come in the form of exotic THCA flower buds. The highest percentage Exotic THCA Flower strains are Kush Cake, Cat Piss, Froyo, Violet Fog and Mule Fuel. 30% THCA Exotic THCA Flower, the strongest and best can be found at Bloomz.


How Much Influence Does a THCA Strain Have On Effects?

Here’s the thing about strains – a lot of people, especially beginners, really underestimate just how much a strain can make all the difference in the world.  There is no “bad” strain out there, but at the end of the day, each strain can produce wildly different effects, as well as flavor.

A hemp’s strain is determined by its terpene profile, and every terpene has its own distinctive properties.  This is why, say, an indica can put you to sleep, while a sativa can give you a burst of euphoric energy.  

Also, different hemp strains contain varying levels of cannabinoids like CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).  Some strains are even bred to have high CBD and low THC levels, making them ideal for non-psychoactive uses.

On top of that, different strains may have varying effects when used for medicinal purposes.  Some are better for pain relief, some for anxiety or stress, and others for unique conditions.  The direct cannabinoid and terpene profile have a critical responsibility in this.

Basically, the hemp’s strain matters significantly, since it determines the plant’s chemical composition, suitability for various uses, legal status, and cultivation requirements.  So, selecting a strain that isn’t suited with your specific needs or goals in mind can mean missing out on total THCA flower satisfaction.

Best Exotic THCA Flower Strains at Bloomz

Now, for the fun part – going over some must-try exotic THCA flower strains that each capture what tons of enthusiasts crave, from the mouthwatering and rich flavor of the exquisite terpene concentrations that coat each bud, all the way up to the amazing effects that come from prestigious parents.

Exotic THCA Flower Strain #5: Mule Fuel 

Mule Fuel is a relatively rare strain that really delivers, especially if you’re an indica lover, Being a 90% indica-dominant hybrid, Mule Fuel offers a very generous 25%-30% THC, which is truly outstanding – and intense, so prepare for a high that can really knock you on your feet.  Its sweet, spicy, and herbal flavor shows off its legendary parents, GMO and Lurch, with bold notes that will sweep you away into cannabis bliss. 

The high is fast-acting, offering a substantial body high that can easily lead to couchlock, and cause you to doze off within the hour if you’re already feeling sleepy.  Its euphoric vibes, meanwhile, keep you in a state of utter, relaxed joy.

Exotic THCA Flower Strain #4: Violet Fog 

Another glorious rarity, and once a holy grail of cultivars, Violet Fog is an 80% indica-dominant hybrid that lives up to its name.  It comes from crossing Grape Gasoline with Khalifa Mints, and its prestigious parents explain its “exotic” status.  Its gorgeous violet-hued buds are remarkable, and its flavor of fresh grapes and aromatic spices intrigue even the most experienced palate. 

The THC level is about 29%, so know that you’re going to get really, really high off of this one.  Violet Fog is the ultimate nighttime cultivar, as it can relax you like nothing else, bringing you into a manageably sedated state in which both the mind and body are utterly unbothered.

Exotic THCA Flower #3: Froyo

Next up is a 50/50 hybrid, and one of the most sought-after ones in the world, at that.  Froyo comes from crossing MacMints with Sunset Sherbet, and it’s a strain with a terpene profile that will wow any connoisseur away.  In terms of flavor, it has a super-sweet n’ creamy vanilla taste with notes of bright lemon and juicy fruits.  Yep, it’s that mouthwateringly good. 

The high is just as tasty, thanks in part to its THC level that hovers around 20%-26%.  It’s an uplifting strain that can give a major mood boost, and it can also be superb for socializing, as you will find yourself giggly, chatty, and creative.  Perfect for when you wanna be more upbeat, Froyo provides euphoric joy that lasts for hours on end.

Exotic THCA Flower #2: Cat Piss

Don’t be turned off by the name – Cat Piss is an absolute sensation that can truly take your flower routine to new heights.  The name comes from its strong ammonia-like flavor, with hints of skunk and spices.  With about 11% THC, this balanced hybrid is actually quite tame, and ideal for when you want a moderate high rather than one that knocks you down and leaves you couchlocked. 

Cat Piss has got a euphoric and creative energy to it that lifts your mood from off the ground and inspires you to do something meaningful for a few hours.  Its body high is warm and tingly, leaving you free of tension in the muscles and joints.

Exotic THCA Flower #1: Kush Cake 

Kush Cake is a tantalizing 65% indica / 35% sativa hybrid that comes from crossing two all-time favorites: Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie.  As you can imagine, it’s every bit as yummy as it sounds, offering the taste of rich and sweet fluffy cake soaked in a lemon glaze, with subtler hints of mint, spices, and cherries. 

Kush Cake is a strain that instantly sends you into euphoria, with a 22%-24% THC level to ensure you’re nice and stoned.  You’ll be smiling for hours as nothing can bring you down, and even savor a sense of relaxation that can easily lead you into couchlock territory, especially if you’re smoking or vaping this strain during the later hours.

These Awesome Exotic THCA Hemp Flower Strains are Where it’s At!

It goes without saying that all of these exotic THCA hemp flower strains are worth trying, since each is absolutely outstanding in its own distinctive way.  And, the variety that we offer at Bloomz is guaranteed to satisfy.  These wonderful strains and more are just waiting for your enjoyment, and each is grown under strict standards that’re sold fresh and bursting with tremendous flavor.  Check out all of our THCA Hemp Flower strains!


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