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How Long Does Boutique THCA Flower Stay in Your System?

Boutique THCA flower is distinguished by its exceptional cultivation practices that yield high-quality, effective, and deeply flavorful buds.  And, being THCA flower, this product is actually getting you high off of delta 9 THC, as THCA converts into delta 9 THC when it’s heated through the process of smoking, vaping, or cooking/baking.  

Basically, this means that when you use THCA flower, you’re going to be introducing delta 9 THC into the body, and long after the high wears off, there are still traces of this cannabinoid that can, ultimately, be picked up through common drug-testing methods.  Let’s talk about how long THCA flower can actually last in the system, which is especially important to be aware of if you’re going to be drug tested in the near future.

Boutique THCA Flower is a new compound that has been found to stay in your system around 2-17 days in the body before being completely gone. If you are taking a drug test, we recommend refraining use of Boutique THCA Flower products such as vape cartridges, disposables, gummies or tinctures as they will fail a drug test.


How Long Does an Actual Boutique THCA Flower High Last For?

We will be talking about how long delta 9 THC can stay in the body after the high of boutique THCA flower wears off.  But first, we gotta discuss how long the actual effects of THCA flower can last, keeping in mind that the duration time of effects are the same regardless of how the flower was cultivated:

  • If you’re smoking or vaping boutique THCA flower, then you can expect a high that lasts for roughly 2-3 hours, as the delivery method of inhalation has a fast onset and short duration.  
  • If you’re making edibles with your boutique THCA flower, then the effects can last for up to 8 hours, as ingesting the flower introduces an entirely different process of absorption into the bloodstream.

How Long Does it Take for the THCA to Leave the Body?

Now, whenever we consume a THC cannabinoid, like when we use THCA flower, our body converts some of that THC into a metabolite called, “THC-COOH”.  For the initial half hour or so of that THC cannabinoid’s high, 50% of the cannabinoid metabolizes into THC-COOH, and then another 25% after another 30 minutes.  What remains for a much longer period of time is that remaining 25%, which can be detected through various drug-testing methods.

As it turns out though, exactly how long THC-COOH can be detected can vary quite a bit.  You see, it depends on variables like how much boutique THCA flower you’ve consumed, how frequently you consumed it, how much THCA was in that particular strain, and how your unique metabolism functions.  Due to this, THC-COOH can be found in the body for anywhere from a couple of days to a little over a month.

How Might This Apply to Drug-Testing?

As we mentioned, THCA automatically turns into delta 9 THC when it’s heated (like through smoking, vaping, or cooking), and delta 9 THC converts into THC-COOH when it’s absorbed into the system and goes through the body’s process of metabolization. 

THC-COOH is usually what drug tests are looking for, rather than traces of actual marijuana, because THC-COOH lingers in the system for longer, giving a clearer picture of the test recipient’s history of usage.  Let’s now look at the different kinds of drug-testing methods that are used in the United States, which could possibly show that you’ve taken delta 9 THC recently.

Method #1: Urine Tests

Most of the tests administered are urine-based tests, which look for THC-COOH in a person’s urine.  A urine-based test is easy to administer, and it’s inexpensive.  It can show results dating back to a few weeks of previous use.

Method #2: Saliva Tests

A saliva-based test is only going to show whether or not a THCA substance was taken in the last 10 hours.  Often used by law enforcement, it’s the most common test for someone suspected of driving while intoxicated.  

Method #3: Blood Tests

A blood test is used to determine whether or not a person is presently intoxicated, as once the substance leaves the blood, the high is over.  This type of testing method is usually performed in hospitals.

Method #4: Hair Tests

Hair strand tests look for evidence of THCA substance usage, but only 3 months after the substance was last taken, as it can take 90 days for evidence to appear in the hair strands.  It’s a method most often used in autopsies. 

Method #5: Perspiration Tests

A perspiration test involves the application of a patch to the individual’s skin for two weeks, where THC-COOH may be released through a person’s sweat.  It’s a method most often used for clinical research due to its invasive and expensive nature.

What Actually Affects How Long Boutique THCA Flower Can Last in Our System? 

Again, numerous factors affect how long your boutique THCA flower usage can show up on a drug test, in the form of THC-COOH.  Let’s elaborate on what those main factors are now.

Factor #1: How Often You Generally Use Boutique THCA Flower

An important thing to consider is how often you have been partaking in boutique THCA flower, since once again, THC-COOH metabolizes at the same rate no matter how much of it is in your system at any given time.  And, specifically, it’s due to the accumulation of compounds in the body’s fat cells.

  • If you’ve been smoking boutique THCA flower buds 3 times a day for 2 weeks, there’s going to be a backup of THC-COOH in the system that needs, probably, a couple of weeks to clear, at least.  
  • If you’ve taken it one time in the last month, chances are it cleared out of the system a couple days after.

Factor #2: When You Last Took Boutique THCA Flower

Yes, the last time you actually had some THCA hemp flower matters too, regardless of how it was consumed (through vaping, smoking, or ingesting edibles).  Even people who were using it 3 times a day can probably clear it out of the body after a maximum of 6 weeks.  If it’s been over a month since your last flower session, you’re probably all good.

Factor #3: THCA Concentration 

The amount of THCA in the strain you’ve been using will matter as well.  Some strains yield 10% THCA, and some 28%, for example.  The more THCA in the strain you were using, the more that THC-COOH is going to accumulate over time.  Translation: Higher doses and more potent strains of cannabis will typically result in longer detection times.

Factor #4: Your Metabolism

Basically, some people simply metabolize certain substances at a quicker rate than others.  Everything ranging from your hydration levels and diet to your hormones can influence how long THC-COOH is finally fully gone from the body.  For examples, since THC and its precursors are lipophilic (fat-loving), they tend to accumulate in fat cells like we previously said. 

So, people with higher body fat percentages may retain these compounds for longer periods.  Also, age can affect metabolism, and even overall health can impact how quickly the body processes substances like THCA.

In Short… it Really All Depends

Basically, boutique THCA flower can remain in your body for days to weeks, in the form of THC-COOH.  And, as you can see, there are lots of factors that go into determining that length of time.  Now, if you’re not getting drug-tested any time soon, it doesn’t really matter.  So, if you’re not going to be tested any time soon, there’s no reason why you can’t go ahead and enjoy as much boutique THCA Flower from Bloomz as you’d like.


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