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Greenhouse Grown THC Flower vs Outdoor THCA Flower Where To Get Near Me Best Place Lowest Price Coupon Discount Strongest Brand Bloomz

Greenhouse THCA Flower vs Outdoor THCA Flower

As THCA flower becomes increasingly popular, we’re seeing a lot of companies offering it both online and locally.  And, you may think that all THCA flower is created equally, but that’s actually not the case.  There are all kinds of levels of quality out there, with “premium” being the best, and besides that, various cultivation methods and techniques have major influences on the end result, in terms of its flavor, its THCA concentration, and more.

So, by comparing two methods to growing THCA flower: greenhouse growing and growing outdoors, you will get a better idea for which method brings the most to your overall hemp experience in terms of yields and product quality.

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A Quick Overview on THCA Hemp Flower in General

THCA (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid) flower refers to the raw or fresh cannabis flower/bud that contains THCA, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid precursor. When cannabis plants grow, they produce THCA as one of their primary cannabinoids, and it doesn’t have the same mind-altering effects as THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).

When cannabis is heated (e.g., during smoking, vaporizing, or cooking), a process called decarboxylation occurs, converting THCA into the psychoactive THC. This is why consuming raw cannabis, such as in a smoothie or salad, won’t produce the “high” that’s associated with heated forms of the plant.

What is Greenhouse THCA Hemp Flower

Growing THCA Flower or cannabis in a greenhouse essentially solves a lot of problems that cultivators run into when growing their crops outdoors.  A greenhouse is a climate-controlled environment that relies on the power of the sun, rather than expensive equipment, to provide the greenhouse with the ideal conditions for growing the plant.  

Basically, the sun enters through the transparent walls of a greenhouse, and this keeps the greenhouse warm year-round, so that the plants inside are never exposed to cold temperatures that would inhibit growth.  The heat is trapped inside, and this maintains a climate that mimics the warm season, so that plants that ordinarily grow only in warm weather can thrive year-round.

A greenhouse setup can be as rustic or high-tech as the cultivator allows.  Methods can be used to further control the light cycle, with “light dep” (light deprivation) being a popular choice, and also used for outdoor growing.  It involves covering the plants to mimic the reduced sunlight that occurs in fall, as this stimulates the growth of THCA buds that can be harvested.

Key Pros:

  • A low-cost climate-controlled environment, using the sun rather than specialized equipment to maintain the ideal climate.
  • Easy to manipulate life cycles.
  • Year-round yields.
  • Protection against severe/extreme weather.
  • Better protection against disease and pests due to the enclosed environment.

Key Cons:

  • Building a greenhouse is expensive and requires space.
  • Requires careful watering as greenhouses do not see rainfall like plants grown outdoors.

What is Outdoor THCA Hemp Flower? 

Then, there’s outdoor THCA Hemp Flower growing, nicknamed “sungrown”.  This is the natural method of cultivating cannabis, in that it’s the oldest cultivation method there is, and occurs wildly throughout the world.  Growing THCA Flower outdoors doesn’t require any specialized equipment, but that’s as long as you happen to live in the climate that’s ideal for cannabis, and more specifically, the strain(s) you’re growing. 

Otherwise, you won’t get the high levels of cannabinoids and terpenes that you’re aiming for, and in terms of THCA flower specifically, you’ll fail to yield the amount of THCA without some specialized intervention, as growing high-THCA flower buds requires lower temperatures than standard cannabis flower.   

Outdoor flower may or may not be grown with the help of specialized techniques or equipment.  For instance, many of today’s outdoor growers use a technique known as “light dep” (light deprivation), which, again, tricks the plant into thinking that fall is coming by covering the plants with light-blocking tarps earlier and earlier each night.  This initiates the blooming stage early without exposing the plant to cold temperatures that many regions see in autumn.

Key Pros:

  • Ideal for people who live in the ideal climate for growing THCA flower, in the desired strains.
  • More space for higher yields (in most cases).
  • Nature does most of the work for you.

Key Cons:

  • Harder to control the outcome, and guarantee the ideal level of THCA,
  • More susceptible to damage due to extreme/severe weather, pests, and disease,
  • Only a small window for growing and harvesting, while indoor and greenhouse growing can be done throughout the year.

Greenhouse vs. Sungrown THC Hemp Flower: Which Growing Method is Better?

Ultimately, THCA flower can be grown indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse, and each type of growth environment has its own pros and cons.  Both outdoor and greenhouse methods mainly rely on nature rather than technology to cultivate high-quality THCA cannabis.

Greenhouse THCA Flower essentially solves a lot of problems that cultivators run into when growing THCA Flower outdoors. A greenhouse is a climate-controlled environment that relies on the power of the sun, rather than expensive equipment, to provide the greenhouse with the ideal conditions for growing the plant. While outdoor THCA Flower grows freely with possible issues from the environment.

Bloomz THCA Hemp Flower relies on the third option: indoor growing.  While outdoor and greenhouse methods can do the job, we have found that growing our flower indoors gives us the most control over the outcome, overall.  It allows us to use technology to ensure premium flower buds, and our boutique, small-batch approach goes above and beyond to offer what’s truly the best THCA flower on today’s market.

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