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THCA Flower vs. Exotic/Boutique THCA Flower

The world of THCA flower is expanding faster than ever it seems, with all kinds of exciting new cultivation methods offering new and exciting tiers of quality.  In fact, there are a few terms you might be hearing a lot of right now, and those are “indoor”, “boutique”, and “exotic”, all of which refer to how the flower was grown.  

  • Indoor flower is grown, as you may have guessed, indoors, where climate-related variables can be perfectly controlled to yield higher-quality, better-tasting, and more effective flower.  
  • Boutique and exotic flower are basically the same thing, grown under strict standards in which each plant is cared for meticulously, ensuring the best end product imaginable.

Now, the question is, and why you’ve come to this blog in the first place: can you combine indoor THCA flower with exotic/boutique THCA flower, whether in raw/loose buds or pre-roll forms?  Let’s find out.


Is it Safe to Mix and Match THCA Flower Products?

First off, let’s talk about safety.  As you probably guessed, there is basically zero risk of mixing two types of THCA flower products together.  Keep in mind that cannabis is a fully nontoxic substance to the human body, and different cultivation methods don’t interact negatively with each other in the way that, say, certain substances can.  

Now, with that being said, let’s remember that THCA flower isn’t giving you THCA – the raw, nonintoxicating precursor to delta 9 – but rather delta 9 THC, which is the same compound that makes weed intoxicating.  What this means is that taking two THCA flower products together at the same time will get you ‘more high’ than taking a single product, which can matter if your tolerance to THC is low, or if you’re particularly sensitive to certain side effects, such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Grogginess
  • Forgetfulness
  • Nausea
  • Lightheadedness
  • Dry mouth
  • Dry/bloodshot eyes

Of course, this also means that you’re taking a double-dose of THC in a way that can cause impairment, so we urge you, as always, to be cautious about things like driving, lifting heavy objects, and handling sharp objects.

Is it Generally Advisable to Mix & Match with Indoor and Exotic/Boutique THCA Flower?

Overall, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t take two types of THCA flower products together if that’s what you want to do.  Basically, this just means that you’re taking twice the regular dose, unless you want to split the usual dose of each type of flower in half.  There aren’t going to be any real noticeable differences between the two types of flower, except once again, boutique/exotic THCA flower has a tendency to yield more potent effects and a stronger flavor.  

What Should I Know About Mixing & Matching THCA Flower Products?

If you’re going to combine two types of THCA flower products together, there are some key things to consider that don’t have to do with how the flower was actually cultivated, although you do want to ensure that the THCA flowers you’re using are of good quality and free from contaminants, as poor quality or contaminated cannabis can lead to undesirable effects; but instead, the other ways in which the two THCA flower products differ from one another.  Let’s elaborate. 

#1: THCA Flower Dosage is Everything

First off, you want to consider the dosage of each product, especially because both indoor and exotic/boutique THCA flower will get you intoxicated on a fairly strong cannabinoid.  So, make sure to consider how much of each flower product you’re taking as that will directly affect how high you end up.

#2: The THCA Flower Strains Make a Difference 

Naturally, it’s very likely that your indoor THCA flower and your exotic or boutique flower are going to come in two different strains.  And, mixing and matching different strains together will yield different results, as each strain has unique effects.  For example, taking a sativa-heavy strain along with an indica-heavy strain can give you a more balanced effect between the two, that feels a lot like a 50/50 hybrid.

#3: The Delivery Method Matters 

Each delivery method is also going to make a difference.  THCA flower can be vaped, smoked, or used to make edibles.  Smoking or vaping the flower will give you fast-acting effects that last for a couple of hours, as it’s amazingly potent.  Consuming the product means an onset time of 1-2 hours, lasting for up to 8 hours, with somewhat milder effects.  You may choose to take both types of flower through the same method, or you may choose to, say, eat an edible made with indoor THCA flower, and smoke some boutique THCA flower in a pipe.  

#4: THCA Flower Freshness Also Plays a Role

A lot of people underestimate just how important it is that the flower you’re using is fresh, if you want the full effectiveness of what THCA flower has to offer – whether it’s indoor or exotic/boutique.  So, if one flower product is, say, fresher than the other, that can influence the experience you have – mainly, how high you’re going to get, since after several months, hemp flower can start to break down and lose its potency.  It’s also worth noting that THCA flower can lose its potency earlier if it’s not stored properly, so it must be kept in a dark, dry, and cool place, and in an airtight container.

Bottom Line: You Can Enjoy Indoor and Exotic/Boutique THCA Flower Together 

Ultimately, the THCA flower that you purchase can be enjoyed all on its own, but there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy some indoor-grown flower and boutique/exotic flower together if you so choose.  Mixing these two types of THCA products together isn’t going to give you any kind of interaction, but the strain you choose and how much of each you consume is going to play a more important role.  Remember though, everyone’s body chemistry is unique, as variable like individual tolerance, body chemistry, and the specific strains used can all influence the experience  Experiment cautiously and pay attention to how your body responds.

Enjoy indoor-grown and boutique/exotic THCA flower to your heart’s content here at Bloomz.  We supply our flower in an awesome selection of strains so that you can mix & match in a way that results in a totally customized high.  Check out selection today, and then consider mixing & matching as a way to take your hemp routine to the next level of personalized satisfaction.


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